How to Fix the 4c Error Code on a Samsung Washing Machine

Samsung washing machine with the 4c error code on the display

The 4c error code on a Samsung washing machine means that the water is not entering the machine and that the cycle can’t start.

This error code is usually an indication of a problem with the plumbing in your home or a fault with the installation such as a kinked pipe or a blockage.

It’s important that before you try and fix your washing machine or carry out any inspections you make sure that the machine is disconnected from the power supply.

Let’s take a look at the most common reasons a Samsung washer will display the 4c error code and what you can do about it.

Check the water supply tap is turned on

If your washing machine is struggling to fill with water before a wash cycle, then it’s probably because the water supply tap is turned off.

washing machine cold water supply tap being turned on

This is really common after you have installed the machine and tried a wash cycle for the first time. It’s also common after you have had some plumbing work done in your home.

The water supply tap should be close to the end of the fill pipe and should have a valve that you can turn to open and close the pipe.

If you have a cold-water fill washing machine, then the tap might be blue, and you should have it set in the direction that the pipe flows.

When you turn the tap into the open position you should hear the water start to flow through the pipe.

Make sure the pipes are properly connected

It might seem obvious but if the water pipe is not connected properly or there are any kinks or bends then it won’t be able to carry the water into the machine.

washing machine cold water fill pipe being removed for inspection

If the machine has been pushed up against a wall, then it might have trapped the pipe and the machine will be starved of water.

If you can then you should pull the machine out and investigate the back where the pipe connects to the inlet valve. Make sure that the pipe isn’t damaged and that the water can run freely through the pipe.

It’s also common for your machine to make a humming noise when it’s being starved of water because the water is turned off or the pipe is kinked.

Look for a blockage

Blockages can cause havoc for your washing machine and can lead to your machine struggling to fill with water and they can also make it harder for your washer to drain the water away.

blockage being removed from a washing machine to fix a drain fault

It’s also a good idea to remember that Samsung washing machines will display the SC error code if the machine is not draining the water away. This can help in diagnosing simple blockages in the future.

The most common place to find a blockage on a washing machine that’s not filling with water is at the end of the cold fill pipe where it connects to the inlet valve.

If you remove it whilst your water supply is turned off, you might find a buildup of dirt which is stopping the water from entering the machine.

It’s also common to find a blockage behind the soap drawer where you put the detergent. The pipe that connects the detergent box to the drum is the right size for a sock to get stuck inside the machine.

It’s important that if you do find a blockage inside the water pipes you reconnect them properly because if you don’t it can cause your washing machine to leak.

Investigate the water valve

If you can’t find a blockage inside the machine and the plumbing and installation seem to be correct, then you should move on to possible electrical problems.

The first thing that you should look at is the water inlet valve which is where the cold water pipe connects to.

When a washing machine needs to fill with water the control board will send power down to the solenoid valve which opens and closes the valve. If the valve is faulty then it won’t open and the machine won’t fill.

If your machine is not filling with water and you can’t hear a buzzing noise when the machine should be filling, then it might be because the valve is not receiving power.

The water valve is simple to replace, and you can even use an electrical multimeter to test if it has an open circuit before you buy a new one.


That’s everything that you need to know about the 4c error code on a Samsung washing machine.

This is a list of everything you should do to fix it:

  • Start off by making sure that the water supply tap is turned on – Recent plumbing work or a newly installed washing machine with a water filling problem will usually be fixed by turning the water supply tap on
  • Check that the fill pipe is not obstructed and that there are no bends or kinks that would stop the water from flowing into the machine – Try pulling the machine out and checking the installation at the back
  • Look for a blockage that could stop the drum from filling with water – The two main places for a blockage to cause the 4c error code is at the end of the cold water fill pipe or inside the pipe that connects the drum to the soap drawer
  • Lastly, you should make sure that the water inlet solenoid valve is operating correctly – If the machine is not making a buzzing noise when it should be filling, and no water is entering the machine then it might indicate a problem with the solenoid valve

Most of the time it’s a simple plumbing problem that you resolve quickly. In rarer cases, the water solenoid valve will need to be replaced with a new one to fix the error code.