How to Fix the SC Error Code on a Samsung Washing Machine

Samsung washing machine with the SC error code on the display

If your Samsung washing machine is displaying the SC error code on the display it indicates that there is a drain issue, and the machine hasn’t been able to clear the water in the machine within 5 minutes of trying.

It can be frustrating when your washing machine gives up during the cycle, but the SC error code can normally be fixed quite easily. It’s often caused by a blockage inside the machine or a faulty drain pump.

Let’s go through everything you need to do to fix the Samsung SC fault code. Before you do go ahead and inspect or try to repair your machine it’s important that you isolate it from the electrical supply.

What the SC error code means

The SC error code on a Samsung washing machine means that the water hasn’t been drained away from the drum in the allotted time.

Most washing machines have a built-in function that stops the machine from trying to drain the water away after 5 – 10 minutes to protect the drain pump from overheating.

This can mean that the drain pump has failed or that the machine has a blockage. It’s common for small items that you’ve forgotten to take out of your pockets to block the drain pump filter and the drain pump.

Try unblocking the drain pump filter

The first thing that you should do is check the drain pump filter as this is the most common place that you will find any trapped items that are blocking your washing machine.

Samsung washing machine pump blocked and not draining

We go into more depth about how to drain a washing machine that’s full of water and the best way to unblock your washing machine in our guide but it’s fairly straightforward.

This is how to unblock your washing machine filter:

  1. Make sure that you have some towels and a dish bowl that you can catch some water with
  2. Lean the machine back so that you can fit the bowl underneath the filter flap at the front of the machine – This is so you can catch any water that comes out of the pump
  3. Start to slowly unscrew the drain pump filter by turning it anticlockwise and let the water go into the bowl – You can tighten up the filter if you need to empty the bowl
  4. Once the water flow has slowed down you can remove the filter and check for any objects that might be stuck in there – Once you are done you can put the filter back in and put the machine back into place then test the machine

It’s important that you don’t overtighten the filter when you put it back in or the seal might get damaged, and it will cause your washing machine to leak water.

Check the machine for common blockages

If the drain pump filter is free of any blockages, then you should move on to some other common areas where you might find an obstruction.

items that block a washing machine and stop it draining the water

Here are the most common places to find a blockage inside a washing machine:

  • The sump pipe – This is the pipe that connects the drum to the drain pump housing, and you can remove it on both sides to check for blockages
  • The drain pipe – It’s common for coins to get stuck into the drain pipe and stop the water from emptying from the machine
  • Check the spigot where the drain pump connects – This is an area that food from your sink will back up and cause a blockage

It’s important to make sure that if you do remove the sump pipe, you fit it back correctly. If it’s loose on any side your machine will leak.

Make sure the machine is installed properly

If your washing machine has recently been installed, then there might be some problems with the installation.

It’s common for the plug to be left in the spigot under your sink which means that the water won’t be able to drain away. You can take the drain pipe off and remove the plug.

Another problem that can happen with newly installed washing machines is that the drain pipe gets caught and kinked behind the machine when it’s pushed up against a wall.

You should take the machine out and make sure that the drain pipe is not bent, and the water can flow freely.

If you used a drain pipe extension kit, it could be stopping the machine from draining because the pipes are too long. You should consider removing the extension and testing if the machine can drain into a bucket which will help in narrowing down the problem.

Test and replace the drain pump

If your machine is free of any blockages, then you should move on to testing and replacing the drain pump.

drain cycle on a Samsung washing machine

If the pump has had to clear any blockages in the past, then it might have overheated and worn down. It’s common for the drain pump on older machines to fail.

You should also check the wires that power the pump because they can melt away or snap if the machine has been shaking around a lot.

If you set the machine to a drain cycle and listen carefully you should be able to hear the drain pump working and making a humming noise. If you can’t then it’s a good indication the pump has failed.

You can usually find the correct drain pump for the model of your washer by using an online spare parts retail website.

Replacing the drain pump is normally a straightforward repair and it’s one of the common fixes for a washing machine that has stopped draining the water away.


That’s everything you need to know about fixing the SC error code on a Samsung washing machine.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • The first thing you should do is check the drain pump filter for any blockages – This is a really common area for any small items that you have left in your pockets to get stuck
  • If there are no objects in the filter, then you should move on to other common blockage areas – Check the drain sump pipe and the drain pipe and remove anything that could be stopping the water from draining
  • Make sure that the installation of the washer is correct and that the drain pipe isn’t kinked or trapped behind the machine
  • If you can’t find any blockages and the installation is correct, then you should move on to testing and replacing the drain pump – It is also a good idea to check that the wires that power the pump are in good condition

If you want to avoid this problem in the future, then you should always make sure that you check your pockets before you load your machine before a wash cycle. The number one cause of blockage in a washing machine is leaving coins in your pockets.