Hoover Washing Machine Error Codes

When your washing machine displays a fault code on the LCD, it’s difficult to know exactly what it means. Take a look at these Hoover washing machine error codes and the meaning behind them.

Hoover washing machine error codes

The list below shows all of the Hoover error codes that you will find on a machine with a digital display.

E01 Hoover error code (door lock fault)

The washing machine has detected a fault with the door interlock. The door is not able to lock to begin the cycle.

You can fix this problem by making sure that the door is completely shut before attempting to start a wash cycle.

If the door is fully engaged and the E01 code is still on the display, the door interlock will usually need to be replaced.

Sometimes the wiring that goes from the control board down to the door interlock can burn, meaning the door lock has no power supply. This would usually be visible on inspection.

The printed circuit board would be the last point of call and would need to be replaced if the door lock and wiring are not at fault.

We have a full guide on what to do when your Hoover washing machine is displaying the E01 error code which you might find helpful.

E02 Hoover error code (water supply)

The machine has detected that not enough water is coming into the drum to start a wash cycle.

This fault is usually caused by a kink in the fill hose, which will need to be adjusted so the water can flow into the machine.

If the machine has just been installed, make sure that the water supply tap is in the on position. New plumbing installations will often have the water supply tap turned off to stop leaks.

Sometimes the water inlet valve can become blocked or will be faulty, meaning that the water is stuck before the inlet valve. If this is the case, the solenoid valve will need to be replaced.

For more information on how to fix the E02 error on your Hoover washing machine, you can go and read our full guide.

E03 Hoover error code (drain pump)

The machine has detected that the water in the drum has not drained away fast enough. Hoover washing machines will attempt to drain the water away for 5 minutes before giving up.

The most common reason for the E03 error code is that the drain pump filter has a blockage. You can check for blockages in the filter by unscrewing the filter cap behind the flap at the bottom right of the machine.

If the filter is not blocked, check for blockages in the drain pipe. Coins can often become stuck in the pipe and will intermittently cause the machine not to drain the water away.

If no blockages are found in the machine, the drain pump will most likely need to be replaced. Previous blockages in the machine can damage the pump and cause it to lose power.

Occasionally, the printed circuit board (PCB) will fail and not send power down to the drain pump, meaning the PCB will need to be replaced.

E04 Hoover error code (water overload)

Hoover washing machines have a water pressure switch, which monitors the water level in the drum by measuring the air pressure.

If the pressure switch detects too much water in the drum, the E04 code will display on the machine.

You can usually fix this error code by inspecting the pressure switch and checking that the rubber pipe has not detached from the switch or from the drum.

If the pressure switch pipe is intact and the water in the drum has not overflown, the diaphragm pressure switch will most likely have become stuck in the closed position, giving a false positive.

E05 Hoover error code (thermistor fault)

The E05 error code relates to the NTC thermistor which is situated on the water heating element inside the drum.

The thermistor can be accessed at the bottom rear of the machine by removing the back panel. Sometimes the plug that powers the NTC will have disconnected if the drum has moved around too much on a spin cycle.

The most likely fix for this error code is to replace the NTC by loosening the heating element seal and pulling the thermistor out.

In rarer cases, the printed circuit board will cause this error code, meaning the PCB will need to be replaced.

E06 Hoover error code (load unbalanced)

The machine has detected that the load is unbalanced before the spin cycle.

Having a load of washing that is either too heavy or too light will cause the machine to display the E06 fault code.

Try stopping the cycle and balancing out the wash load before starting the next wash cycle.

E07 Hoover error code (motor failure)

The machine has detected that the motor has failed. This is a common error code to receive on Hoover washing machines.

The easiest fix for this error is to check that the carbon brushes on the motor have not worn down. The carbon brushes are responsible for supplying power to the motor and allowing it to turn. If the brushes are too low then the machine will detect an open circuit.

If the carbon brushes still have good length on them, the fault will likely be with the motor and it will need to be replaced.

We have a full guide on how to fix the Hoover E07 error code which goes into detail on what causes this fault.

E08 Hoover error code (motor fault)

Similar to the E07 fault code, the machine has detected that the motor is not able to function and can not turn.

Common faults that cause the Hoover E08 washing machine error code:

  • The carbon brushes have worn down
  • The motor is faulty and needs to be replaced
  • The printed circuit board is not supplying power to the motor
  • The washing is too heavy and the motor can’t balance the load

The first thing to check is the carbon brushes. It’s a common fault and is usually economical to repair.

E09 Hoover error code (PCB error)

The machine has detected that there is a fault with the printed circuit board (PCB).

You should inspect the control board for obvious signs of damage. If the control board has had a short circuit, you will be able to see burn marks on the control board.

Most of the time, if the control board has failed and signs of a short circuit have been found, another problem in the machine has caused the control board to fail.

Control boards can often be expensive to replace and Hoover washing machines will need to have the PCB programmed for the specific model of the machine before installation.

E10 Hoover error code (drum sensor)

The machine has detected a problem with the drum sensor.

Make sure that the weight of the wash load is not too heavy before the next cycle. If the error code reappears then the motor may need to be replaced.

The control board can sometimes be a problem when the E10 error code is displayed on the machine.

E11 Hoover error code (drying sensor)

The machine has detected that the drying sensor has failed. The E11 Hoover error code is exclusive to washer dryers.

During the drying cycle, the drying sensor will measure the moisture level inside the drum to detect if the clothes are still wet.

If the sensor fails, the machine will display the fault code, meaning that the sensor will need to be replaced to fix the error.

Sometimes, visually inspecting the sensor can be helpful. If the sensor is covered with fluff, it will struggle to get an accurate reading and can cause the fault code to appear.

E12 Hoover error code (control board communication error)

The machine has detected a communication error. The main control board can not communicate with the LCD control board.

  • Check the wiring between the main control board and LCD
  • Check the LCD control board for burn marks
  • Check the main control board for burn marks

If a control board has visible signs of burn marks, it will need to be replaced.