How to Fix the E01 Error Code on a Hoover Washing Machine

Hoover washing machine with the E01 error code on the display

One of the most common problems on a Hoover washing machine is the E01 error code. If your machine is displaying this fault code, it means that there is a problem with the door lock that engages the door on your machine.

Sometimes it can also indicate a problem with the wiring that sends power to the door lock which can burn out and in rarer cases, it might mean there is an issue with the main control board.

Before you carry out any inspections or try to repair your washing machine you should make sure that it is isolated from the power so you can work safely.

This is what you should do if your washing machine has the E01 fault code:

Make sure that the door is closed shut

If the door on your washing machine is not closed properly then the door lock won’t be able to secure the door catch so that the cycle can start.

making sure the door is closed on a Hoover washing machine

As your washing machine gets older the door lock may start to fail to lock the door as easily as a new machine would.

You should try pressing start on the cycle and then pushing the door more firmly than you usually would and see if the door locks.

Sometimes you can try to lightly bang the door on the side of the lock and it might help the door interlock make a good connection with the door catch.

If you successfully get the door to lock, then you should hear the door lock click when it successfully engages the door catch.

Another reason that the door might not be locking properly is because the door handle has snapped. This is usually easy to diagnose by checking the handle.

If the door handle has snapped then there will be no tension on the door catch which means that the catch won’t go into the door interlock properly.

Check the wires that power the door interlock

If you have made sure that the door is closed properly, and the door handle seems to be working correctly then you should move on to inspecting the wires that power the door lock.

Hoover washing machine with the door interlock cable shown

When the cables can’t supply power to the door interlock it will fail to engage the door catch which causes the machine to display the E01 error code.

If you remove the front half of the door seal, then you should be able to remove the door lock and pull it through to the front of the machine.

With the door lock and the wires on show, you will be able to see any problems with the wires such as melting or burn marks.

The most common place that the wires will melt is at the end of the connection block. This will usually be black, and the wires might have even broken away.

If the ends on the cables seem to be in good condition, then you should follow them all the way up to the control board and look out for any breaks or kinks that would stop power from travelling through them.

If your washing machine has recently had a repair, then the chances that the wires are damaged are increased. This is because the repairer might have got them trapped whilst working on the machine.

If you have access to an electrical multimeter then you can check the continuity from both ends of the wires. If any of the wires have no continuity, then it means that power can’t travel through them.

Try replacing the door interlock

The next thing that you should do if your washing machine is displaying the E01 error code and you have ruled out faulty wiring is to replace the door interlock.

door interlock being shown on a Hoover washing machine

Replacing the door interlock on a Hoover washing machine is usually quite a straightforward repair and will most likely fix the error code.

You can usually find the correct door interlock for your washing machine by using the model number of your machine on a spare parts website.

When you have a new door lock you can then remove the front of the door seal on your machine and unscrew the door lock so that it can be pulled to the front of the machine.

With the door lock at the front of the machine, you can then swap over the cables and then refit the new door lock.

It’s important to note that a possible fault that Hoover washing machines develop when the door lock fails is control board failure.

This is because when the door interlock fails it causes an electrical short circuit on the control board and burns the electrical tracks.

If you fit a new door interlock to your machine and the E01 error code is still present on the display, then you should investigate the control board and look for any signs of failure.

If the control board has failed, then you should look into replacing it along with the door interlock at the same time. You might even see your machine display the E13 error code which indicates control board failure with this fault.

Replacing the control board on a Hoover washing machine can prove costly due to the price of the replacement part and the fact that they need to be programmed for your washing machine.


That’s all you need to know about repairing the E01 error code on a Hoover washing machine.

Here is a summary of everything we have covered:

  • Start off by making sure that the door is closed properly and try shutting the door more firmly before the cycle starts – If the door handle has snapped then the door catch won’t engage with the door interlock
  • Check the wires that power the door interlock – If you remove the door seal then you can gain access to the door interlock wires and make sure that they aren’t burned or melted
  • Try replacing the door interlock if the door is closing properly and the wires are in good condition – Sometimes the control board might have failed at the same time meaning they both will need to be replaced

As mentioned earlier, if the control board has failed then you should consider if it’s worth repairing the machine. Hoover washing machine control boards can be expensive and it might not be worth carrying out the repair on the machine.

If you need any more information on Hoover washing machine error codes, you can go and see our complete guide which has every error and what you can do to fix each of them.