How to Fix the E02 Error Code on a Hoover Washing Machine

Hoover washing machine with the E02 error code displaying on the front

The E02 Hoover error code means that the machine has a poor water supply and can’t fill the drum up with water ready for a wash cycle.

This error can be caused by a few things including a faulty water inlet valve, a blockage in the machine or a poor supply of water from the building.

You can often diagnose the fault fairly quickly and if you have just installed the machine for the first time then it’s probably because the water supply tap is turned off or the fill hose is kinked.

We will be going through everything you can do to fix the E02 fault code and get your washer back up and running.

It’s important to remember to isolate your appliance from the electrical supply before you carry out any inspections or try to repair your machine.

Check the water supply tap

The water supply tap should be close to your washing machine and is what the cold fill hose connects to.

washing machine water supply taps turned off

If you have recently installed your machine or you have had to turn the water off in your home recently, the water supply tap might be turned off.

It will usually have a blue cap on top of it so you can identify it as the cold water fill tap. The top should be turned in the on position which is usually when the tap head is in the same direction as the copper pipe.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that the cold fill hose is not bent or kinked anywhere in between the tap and the inlet valve. This will be common on machines that have just been installed for the first time.

Make sure the water inlet valve is working

The electronic solenoid valve will be located at the back of the machine near the top corner. It’s where the fill pipe connects to and is responsible for opening and closing to let water inside the drawer.

You should make sure that the inlet valve is functioning properly and if you can’t hear the valve making a humming noise when the machine is trying to fill with water it’s a good sign that it’s broken.

Make sure that the wires that power the valve are still attached and that there are no breaks and kinks in the cables.

If you have access to an electrical multimeter you can test the valves for an open circuit. It’s also a good idea to test the wiring for any open circuits also.

Look for a blockage in the drawer

If you can see water entering the machine but it looks like it’s slow moving, then your washing machine might have a blockage that’s preventing the machine from filling.

washing machine soap drawer blocked and dirty

The most common place where you will find a blockage that stops the water from coming into the drum is inside the soap drawer.

The soap drawer is where you put your washing detergent and over time the soap powder can get blocked up in the soap dispenser pipe.

It’s also really common to find socks and other small items of clothing in the soap dispenser pipe and this is one of the reasons that your washing machine will leak.

Make sure that the soap drawer, dispenser, and dispenser pipe are clear of any obstructions.

Inspect the main control board

If you have inspected the water supply tap, the inlet valve and you can’t find any blockages that are stopping the water from coming into the machine then you should move onto inspecting the printed circuit board.

Hoover washing machine printed circuit board

The circuit board sends power to the solenoid valve so that it can open and close to let water inside. If it stops sending the power, then the machine won’t fill.

If you take the lid off of the machine and then remove the circuit board, you can search for any indication that it might have failed.

You’re looking for any burning or scorch marks that look like the circuit board might have had a short circuit. You should also be looking out for any capacitors that have budged or look damaged.

If the control board has failed it is possible to repair them sometimes although most of the time it will need to be replaced.


Just to go over what we have talked about so you can recap, here is everything you should do when your Hoover washing machine is displaying the E02 error code:

  • Make sure that the water supply tap is turned on – This will usually be close to the machine and is where the cold fill hose connects to
  • Look for any blockages on the water inlet that could be stopping the machine from filling up with water – The most common area to find a blockage that stops water from coming into the machine is inside the soap dispenser draw
  • Inspect and test the water inlet valve and make sure that it’s allowing water to enter the machine – If you think that the valve might be faulty then it’s best to order a new one and replace it
  • If you can’t find any problems with the water supply and there are no blockages present, then it’s probably best to make sure that the control board is functioning correctly – If you find any marks that look like evidence of burning on the boar then it probably needs to be replaced for a new one

Unfortunately, if you find that the printed circuit board (PCB) has failed and needs to be replaced it can be very expensive.

You might be better off finding a second hand replacement or just replacing the machine altogether. Hoover PCBs are not interchangeable and need to be programmed for the specific model of your washing machine.

If you’re looking for some more information about Hoover washing machine error codes or just Hoover washing machines in general, then you can go and take a look at our helpful guides.