Are Whirlpool Washing Machines Good Appliances?

figuring out if Whirlpool washing machines are good appliances

If you’re searching for your next washing machine you might have realized the overwhelming number of brands that there are.

We will be taking a look at Whirlpool washing machines and helping you figure out if they are worth buying for your home.

Before we go any further, we would like to say that we think Whirlpool washing machines are good appliances and that they are best suited for small families on a budget.

Why Whirlpool washing machines are good

Whirlpool is the same manufacturer that produces Hotpoint washing machines meaning that they share very similar features and design characteristics.

energy efficiency rating on a Whirlpool washing machine

This means that you should be able to find a Whirlpool washing machine in white, black and graphite for your kitchen which is always a bonus.

What we like about Whirlpool washing machines:

  • You can typically pick up a Whirlpool washing machine from around £399 which is a good price for families that are on a budget.
  • All of the machines that are currently available on the UK market start with a drum capacity of 9kg or above – This is more than enough for most homes.
  • Whirlpool washing machines usually have an energy rating of A or above – This is good in comparison to other budget washing machines.
  • The drain pump filter is located at the front of the machine behind a plastic panel – This makes it easy to unblock the machine and save money on repair bills in the future.

What makes Whirlpool washing machines bad

Although we think that Whirlpool washing machines are a good appliance for most homes, that doesn’t mean they don’t have some negatives.

What makes Whirlpool washers bad:

  • Most of the drums are sealed – This makes replacing the bearings inside the drum impossible and you have to buy a new drum when the bearings eventually fail
  • The control boards are prone to failing – This is a problem because the cost of a new control board is often very expensive and sometimes it’s not worth repairing the machine
  • They don’t deal with blockages very well and will often display an error code that is related to a blockage in the drain pump filter – This can however be avoided by checking your pockets before a wash cycle

It’s important to point out that most of these bad points are common amongst a lot of different washing machine brands and models, especially at the lower end of the price range.

Where are Whirlpool washing machines made?

Whirlpool has 37 manufacturing plants all around the world including the United States of America, India, Mexico, Italy and many more.

Showing where Whirlpool washing machines are made on the map

The country where Whirlpool has the most factories is the USA. There are currently 12 manufacturing facilities that Whirlpool operates from in the USA.

If you’re trying to figure out where your washing machine was made, then there’s a good chance that it will be at the manufacturing facility that is closest to your country.

For machines purchased in Europe, the manufacturing plant is most likely in Italy, Poland, or the UK.

Are Whirlpool washing machines made in the USA?

Whirlpool washing machines are made in the USA. This is true for appliances that are bought in the USA and neighbouring countries.

The majority of Whirlpools manufacturing plants are in the USA and all of the Whirlpool washing machines that are bought by American consumers are made in the USA.

If you look at the data sticker that is on your washing machine, you will most likely be able to identify the origin of where it was made. If you bought your washer in the USA, then it will probably say made in the USA.

Common Whirlpool washing machine faults

common Whirlpool washing machine faults

1. The pump gets blocked and the machine won’t drain

A common problem that you might face with a Whirlpool washing machine is when it stops draining.

This is because the pump gets blocked up with items that you forget to take out of your pockets.

It seems that both Whirlpool and Hotpoint washing machines (which are made by the same company) are not great at dealing with blockages.

Some manufacturers such as Zanussi have a better system of filtering out objects by having a longer filter that can be removed more easily.

2. Noisy due to drum bearing failure

All washing machines are susceptible to suffering from drum bearing failure at some point in their lifetime.

Whirlpool washing machines seem to suffer bearing failure at an earlier point which can be problematic due to the high repair costs associated with replacing the bearings in a washing machine.

It’s also common for Whirlpool washing machines to have a sealed drum which means that you can’t just swap the bearing, but you have to replace the entire drum in the machine.

3. Control board failure

One of the last problems that you want to face with a washing machine is control board failure.

This is because the control board on a washing machine is very expensive to replace and they are also difficult to repair.

Repair engineers often find themselves encountering control board faults on Whirlpool washing machines more often than other appliance manufacturers.

It’s worth mentioning that control board failure is common on most washing machine models regardless of the manufacturer.

You should consider the cost of a new control board before purchasing the machine or consider an extended warranty if you want to get the most out of your appliance.

How to reset a Whirlpool washing machine

Knowing how to reset your washing machine can be really useful especially when there’s an error code on the display that you’re trying to clear.

resetting a Whirlpool washing machine

Whirlpool washing machines do not have a programmatic reset function which means that they have to be hard reset.

This is usually a combination of powering the machine down and letting the capacitors discharge on the control board.

How to reset a Whirlpool washing machine:

  1. Adjust the control knob on the front of the machine to the off position – This is the 12 o’clock position which is at the top of the dial and will usually turn the display off of the machine
  2. Unplug the machine and isolate it from the electricity so that the capacitors can discharge – This usually takes around 5 – 10 minutes and ensures that the control board forgets the last cycle and any error codes
  3. Plug the machine back in and then select a short test cycle – A quick wash is usually best for this and will allow you to make sure the machine is working correctly

If you have been experiencing a fault with your machine that is related to the control board then a hard reset should clear any issues and will help you narrow down the problem.

Common Whirlpool washing machine questions

common questions about Whirlpool washing machines

How long do Whirlpool washing machines last?

A modern Whirlpool washing machine should last at least 5 – 7 years even if it is used every day.

If you only use your washing machine a couple of times a week, then a Whirlpool washing machine should be lasting over 10 years although you might encounter a few small faults along the way.

If you want to know how to extend the life of a washing machine you can go ahead and check out our complete guide.

The main reasons that a Whirlpool washing machine will need to be replaced is because of bearing failure and control board failure.

These two faults are usually quite expensive to repair, and most people decide to replace the appliance.

Are Whirlpool washing machines noisy?

Whirlpool washing machines are average when it comes to being noisy. Although they’re not the quietest machines they’re also not the loudest that we have seen.

A contributing factor to the noise level of a washing machine is if they have a super silent motor which uses magnets instead of carbon brushes.

If you are looking for a noise free washing machine, then you should make sure that it doesn’t have a carbon brush powered motor because they are responsible for the whining noise whilst spinning.

It’s worth mentioning that carbon brush powered motors are typically more reliable and more reliable in the long run.

Are Whirlpool washing machines reliable?

Whirlpool washing machines are considered to be quite reliable although they do have some common problems.                                                          

One problem that they have is that they are vulnerable to getting blocked in the drain pump which results in the F05 error code being displayed.

This can be avoided by making sure that you check your pockets and don’t let any small objects go into your washing machine.

This is something that we have talked about in our guide on how to recover lost items from your washing machine.

It’s also fairly typical for the bearings to fail after around 7 – 10 years of hard use. This is average for a washing machine and can only be avoided by reducing the number of cycles the machine carries out.

Where is the filter on a Whirlpool washing machine?

The drain pump filter is located at the bottom right on a front-loading Whirlpool washing machine.

Most machines will have a plastic panel at the bottom right which has a flap. If you drop the flap down, you will be able to see the drain pump filter.

This is a common place to find lost items such as socks and coins that have come out of your pockets during a wash cycle.

Knowing this can make it really handy if you’re trying to remove a blockage so that you can fix drainage faults.

Where is the model number on a Whirlpool washing machine?

The model number sticker will be located in one of three places on modern Whirlpool washing machines.

Where to find the model number:

  • On the inside of the door – This sticker will usually be at the top but sometimes will have faded away on older machines
  • Behind the kickplate at the bottom of the machine – You will have to remove the plastic panel to reveal the data sticker
  • Behind the machine – This should be a larger sticker with all of the machines model information on it

We go more into depth about these common areas of where to find your washing machine model number and some other areas that are rare but you might still find the model number in our full guide.


Overall Whirlpool makes good washing machines that are decently priced for small to medium-sized families.

They do have some common problems but without spending a huge amount of money it’s difficult to find a washing machine that won’t have many issues in the first 10 years of its life.

Both Hotpoint and Whirlpool washing machines are manufactured by the same company so if you have owned a Hotpoint washing machine in the last 5 years then you may have experienced some of the same problems.

Before you go ahead and buy a washing machine, you should always research the type of drum that’s fitted in the machine because welded drums can’t have the bearings replaced which significantly increases the cost of a common repair.

If you’re looking for a fairly priced washing machine with a good energy rating that will look stylish in your kitchen, then a Whirlpool washing machine might be for you.