Who Makes Zanussi Washing Machines?

finding out who makes Zanussi washing machines

Zanussi washing machines are manufactured by the Electrolux group which is a Swedish company.

In 1946 Zanussi started exporting appliances to all over the world including the UK and has been known for providing quality and stylish home appliances ever since.

In 1984, Electrolux acquired Zanussi and continued to export appliances from Italy.

They also partnered with British retailer John Lewis to provide washing machines and other household appliances so that they could be branded as John Lewis machines.

If you own a John Lewis washing machine, there’s a good chance that it was manufactured by Zanussi and all of the parts used will be found in other Zanussi machines.

The History of Zanussi

Zanussi was founded by Antonio Zanussi in 1916 and primarily manufactured home stoves and wood burning ovens.

In 1946 Antonio Zanussi died and the company was then run by his sons. In 1958, Zanussi started to manufacture washing machines and by the late 60s had a 25% market share in Italy.

In 1984 the Swedish company Electrolux acquired Zanussi and continued to manufacture home appliances under the brand.

The Electrolux group are also known for manufacturing AEG, Electrolux, and Westinghouse amongst others.

Are Zanussi washing machines repairable?

Zanussi washing machines are very repairable and are actually one of the washing machine manufacturers that supply spare parts for their machines.

Zanussi washing machine parts are usually reasonably priced and the machines are very good to work on.

The only drawback to Zanussi washing machines is that in recent years, they have started to produce sealed washing machine drums. This means that the bearings cannot be replaced, and the full drum has to be swapped.

Replacing the bearings in a washing machine is one of the factors that can extend the life of a washing machine past 15 years, making it a real negative for consumers that are looking for extremely repairable machines.

Are Zanussi washing machines any good?

Zanussi washing machines are generally very good and last a long time. They are known for producing family friendly appliances that are repairable and stylish.

stylish washing machine in wash room

If you’re thinking about buying a Zanussi washing machine, there’s a good chance that you can find one for under £500.

It’s also worth considering buying a John Lewis washing machine if you can find one cheaper than a Zanussi branded washer. They are both manufactured by the same company and some models are identical to each other.

Most of the reviews from people that have bought a Zanussi washing machine are positive and they are known for having good customer service.

The only real drawback with Zanussi washers is that they have welded drums, bringing down the repairability slightly. This is something to look out for when buying a washing machine in general.

They also have a few problems with the door lock, which is usually indicated by the E40 error code that most customers end up seeing in the lifetime of their Zanussi washing machine.

Luckily most door lock faults don’t mean the end of the life of the machine and can be repaired for less than £30.

If you are someone who likes to save money while washing, then you’ll enjoy the benefits of the AutoAdjust feature that Zanussi has released on their machines.

This that the washer will only take in enough water and use the right amount of energy for the weight of the wash load.

Who makes John Lewis washing machines?

As we discussed earlier, Zanussi washing machines are also badged by the British retailer John Lewis.

white washing machine with laundry basket

This means that if you own a John Lewis washing machine, it was probably manufactured by Zanussi.

Most John Lewis washing machine models are nearly identical to some Zanussi washers and you will often find that the replacement parts are all available from Zanussi.

If you are thinking of buying a John Lewis washing machine, you should consider that you’re essentially buying a Zanussi washing machine and compare the prices at the time.

If you’re going to buy a Zanussi washing machine, sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a John Lewis machine depending on the time and you can often get a great deal from John Lewis at a better price as long as you don’t mind the badge.

The deal that John Lewis and Zanussi have has been going on for a while now and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be changing any time soon.