Whirlpool Washing Machine Error Codes

Read through our explanation of the Whirlpool washing machine error codes. Get advice on what to do if your machine has an error and how to fix your washing machine.

Whirlpool also manufactures Hotpoint washing machines, meaning many of the error codes you see in this list share similarities with those on our Hotpoint washing machine error code guide.

Whirlpool washing machine error codes

F01 Whirlpool washing machine error code (control board failure)

The machine is experiencing an electronic control board fault. This error code can often be rectified by unplugging the machine from the power supply for 5 minutes.

If disconnecting the machine from the power supply does not solve the problem, then further inspection of the control board and the wiring should be made.

Check the wiring from the control board leading around the machine and make sure no cables have come loose. Sometimes if the machine has been recently inspected or repaired, wires can become trapped In the lid.

If the machine has had to deal with an unbalanced load, then the spin cycle may have pulled some of the cables loose.

The control board will need to be replaced if no wires are faulty. Washing machine control modules can experience a short circuit if another part of the machine has failed. If this is the case, the part will need to be located and replaced alongside the control board.

F03 Whirlpool washing machine error code (temperature sensor)

The temperature sensor is faulty. This error code can mean the water is not being heated up or the drying cycle has no heat.

What you should check:

  • Check the temperature sensor is still connected.
  • Make sure the wash heating element is in good working condition.
  • Check the heater element is functional if the machine has a drying setting.

If the above checks don’t help, the faulty temperature sensor will need to be located and replaced. The most likely sensor that causes this fault is the NTC on the wash heater.

The wash heater is located at the back of the machine and can be accessed by removing the metal panel at the rear. The NTC is located in the wash heater and can be pulled out if the wash heater is loosened off.

F05 Whirlpool washing machine error code (not draining)

The machine has detected that the water cant be drained away from the drum during the cycle. If the machine fails to drain the water away within 2 – 5 minutes then it will stop the cycle and display the F05 error code on the display.

This fault code is very common on Whirlpool washing machines and can be solved by removing a blockage or replacing the drain pump.

Common problems that cause the Whirlpool F05 error code:

  • Check the drain pump filter for any blockages. The drain pump will often become blocked with coins, hair clips, socks and other items that you may find in pockets.
  • Inspect the waste pipe for blockages. If the waste pipe is blocked, it’s likely to be at the end where it connects to your plumbing.
  • Remove any blockages from the sump pipe. The pipe between the drum and the drum is the sump pipe and has a filter to stop small items of clothing from going through to the pump. It’s common to find small socks and other items of clothing here.

If you can’t find a blockage in the machine and the F05 fault code is still displayed on the machine, the drain pump should be replaced.

A good indication that the pump has failed is if the machine is not making a humming noise when it’s attempting to drain. This indicates that the pump is dead and the impeller is not turning.

F06 Whirlpool washing machine error code (door lock)

The machine has detected that the door cant be locked before the cycle has started or unlocked at the end of the cycle.

If your machine will not lock at the start of the cycle try the following:

  • Make sure the door is fully closed.
  • Check the door catch has not broken and is fully engaging with the door interlock.
  • Check the connector block that leads to the door lock for obvious signs of burning.
  • Try replacing the door interlock.

If your machine is not unlocking at the end of the cycle try the following:

  • Make sure that the door hand has not snapped, which will be indicated by a loose handle.
  • Try replacing the door interlock.
  • Replace the control module.

The door interlock is a common part to fail on a washing machine and Whirlpool supplies the locks at a reasonable rate. The F06 error code should be repaired instead of replacing the machine in most cases.

F07 Whirlpool washing machine error code (heating circuit)

The machine is experiencing a faulty heating circuit. This is a none specific error code that only indicates that the drying cycle is at fault.

The first thing that you should check is that the heating duct is not blocked up with lint. If there is a blockage then the warm air rises in the duct causing it to overheat.

If no blockage is present then try the following:

  • Make sure that the drying fan is turning and blowing air through the duct.
  • Check that all the wiring supplying the parts in the heating duct is in good condition.
  • Try replacing the thermostat and the thermal overload cutouts.
  • Replace the heating element if it has an open circuit or low insulation.

If no fault can be found with any part of the drying unit, the control module will need to be replaced with a new one.

F08 Whirlpool washing machine error code (heater fault)

The washing machine heating element has failed and needs to be replaced. The F08 error code indicates that the heating element that is located at the rear of the machine inside the drum has failed.

There are only usually two reasons that this error code presents itself.

If the wash heater has an open circuit then the water will not be heated inside the drum. The wash heater will need to be replaced to fix this fault.

The NTC that is located on the wash heater can also fail, meaning that false readings are being supplied to the control module. If this is the case then the NTC needs to be replaced.

On some Whirlpool washing machine models the heating element and the NTC are supplied together so it’s possible to replace both parts at the same time to cover both faults.

F09 Whirlpool washing machine error code (software error)

The machine has indicated that there is a problem with the software. The control module can become faulty and will need to be updated or replaced to fix this fault.

Most of the time, the F09 error will go away if the machine is disconnected from the power supply and then reset.

If powering down the machine and isolation git from the supply does not fix the error, the control board will need a software update or the replacing.

Replacing the control module on a washing machine can sometimes be uneconomical, meaning that the machine will need to be exchanged for a new one.

F11 Whirlpool washing machine error code (pump failure)

The machine has detected that the pump circuit has failed. This fault code can point towards a problem with the wiring or the pump.

What to check:

  • Check the wiring leading from the control board down to the drain pump. Look for obvious breaks, kinks or burn marks on the wiring.
  • Make sure the connectors that plug into the pump are in good condition.
  • Try replacing the drain pump if the wiring is not at fault.

The final reason for this error code is a faulty printed circuit board (PCB), which will need replacing for a new one.

F12 Whirlpool washing machine error code (electronic control fault)

The machine has an electronic control failure. This error code will usually be displayed immediately after selecting the cycle and will mean that the washing machine will not start the cycle.

The first thing to do is to isolate the machine from the power and then try to reset the cycle. If the machine then works then it may be a false positive and the machine will be good to continue washing.

If the error code persists then the control board may have failed. Washing machine control modules are prone to electronic failure and often need to be repaired.

F13 Whirlpool washing machine error code (drying temperature sensor)

The machine has detected that the dryer temperature sensor has failed. This error code is exclusive to washer dryers and will display on the machine during the drying cycle.

What to check:

  • Make sure the wires from the control module leaving to the dryer sensor are intact.
  • Check that the sensor hasn’t been covered with lint and fluff, causing it to give a bad reading.
  • Try replacing the drying temperature sensor.

Often, this fault is caused by a build-up of fluff inside the dryer heater duct. The blockage can be removed and the sensor can be cleaned up so that it can continue to give readings during the heating cycle.

F15 Whirlpool washing machine error code (heater control fault)

The machine has a problem with heating the water during the cycle or drying the clothes during a dry cycle.

The F15 error code is not specific on the exact problem and can be caused by the wash cycle or the dry cycle.

The first thing to check is if the heating element that is responsible for heating the water is still working. Replacing both the element and the NTC is a good idea and will fix the error code most of the time.

If the problem is not with the wash cycle, then the dryer duct and the associated parts will need to be inspected.

What to check in the dryer duct:

  • Look for blockages in the duct.
  • Check that the fan is not faulty.
  • Check the heating element for obvious damage and that it doesn’t have an open circuit.
  • Test and replace the thermostats.

Fluff and lint buildup in the duct can cause different problems including a seized fan, an overworked and broken heating element and the safety thermostats cutting out.

F18 Whirlpool washing machine error code (data error)

The machine has a problem with the control board. The control module is reporting that there is an internal data error that needs to be reprogrammed.

Washing machine control boards a prone to failure due to electronic and programming failures.

To clear the F18 error code first try to isolate the machine from the power supply for 10 minutes and then reconnect and test.

If the problem persists, the control module will either need to be reprogrammed by a repairer or replaced to fix the error.

F19 Whirlpool washing machine error code (fan motor failure)

The machines experiencing a problem with the heating fan motor or a general heating fault. This error code will only display on Whirlpool washer dryers.

The fan motor is located inside the dryer heater duct and is responsible for both creating good airflow and cooling the duct down.

Over time the fan can get blocked up with the fluff that circulates inside the duct and will eventually turn slowly or seize up. If the fan is not responsible for the F19 error code, then it could be a number of other problems with the heating cycle.

What you should do:

  • Check the heating duct fan for a blockage or fluff build-up.
  • Try replacing the fan if it has become damaged or has seized up.
  • Check that the heating element has a closed circuit and is capable of heating up.
  • Try replacing the heating element if no warm air is produced during the cycle.
  • Replace the temperature sensors inside the dryer duct.

If none of the above checks helps in repairing the fault code, then the problem may be with the control module The F19 error code is none specific and can often be difficult to diagnose.