How to Find the Model Number on a Washing Machine

model number on a washing machine

If you’re trying to repair your washing machine, then you’re probably going to need the model number so you can source spare parts.

Most front-loading washing machines will have a sticker that displays the model number and serial number.

This sticker can be located in different places depending on the manufacturer but is mostly found on the inside of the door.

The model number sticker will also have some other information such as voltage, frequency and where the machine was manufactured.

Let’s take a look at the 5 places you can find your washing machine model number.

1. On the inside of the door

This is where most washing machine manufacturers like to place the model number sticker because of the ease of access.

model number on the inside of the door on a washing machine

You should head over to your machine and open the door and look for a white sticker with black text.

You might have never noticed, but the data sticker will be on the inside of the cabinet above where you put your clothes.

2. On the frame of the door

If the model sticker is not on the inside of the door, it might be on the door frame.

model number on a washing machine door frame

Look on the side door frame where the glass door is sticking out for the sticker.

Manufacturers are less likely to put the sticker here because it can get wet, causing the text to rub off.

3. At the back of the machine

Having no luck on the inside of the door? It’s time to pull the machine out.

model number sticker on the back of a washing machine

Usually, washing machines will have more than one data label.

If the sticker has rubbed away on the front of your machine, then there might be another one at the back.

This is usually located at the bottom of the machine near the water waste pipe.

4. Behind the kickplate at the bottom of the machine

It’s not that common, but on some washers, the model number sticker is behind the kickplate.

model number sticker behind the kickplate at the bottom of washing machine

You can remove the kickplate by levering it off with something flat enough to go in between the grooves.

It’s usually on a white sticker opposite to the drain pump on the left.

If the sticker is here, you might want to remove it and put it somewhere more accessible. Taking a picture is a good idea also.

5. On the side of the machine

Again, it’s less likely but the sticker might be on the side of the machine.

model number data sticker on the side of a washer

It’s not typical for manufacturers to put the data label here but it might have been moved by the supplier for some reason.

You should pull the machine out and take a look. If it is here, taking it off and sticking it on the inside of the door is a good idea.