What the 9c8 Error Message Means on a Samsung Washer

Samsung washing machine with the 9c8 error message on the front

If your Samsung washing machine has started to display the 9c8 error code, then it means that the software needs to be updated or the machine won’t be able to continue to function.

It can be frustrating if your washer starts to show an error message but don’t worry, we will be explaining how you can clear the 9c8 error message by updating the firmware on your washer.

How to update your Samsung washing machine

So that you can clear the 9c8 error message you will need to run a software update. You can do this in different ways depending on the model number of your washing machine.

Use the SmartThings application for Wi-Fi enabled machines

The quickest and easiest way to update the firmware on your Samsung washing machine is by using the SmartThings application. This is an app that you can add to your smartphone in order to use your washing machine.

If you have already added your washing machine to the SmartThings app then your machine should have already run the latest update. You can check this by viewing your device on the application.

Here is how to manually update your washing machine on the Samsung SmartThings app:

  1. Go onto the app and find your washing machine from the list of appliances and click on the information tab on the dropdown menu – You can access this from the three dots at the top
  2. If there is an update that can be installed to your washing machine you will see a firmware update button that you can tap – Click the update now button on the popup and your machine will start to run the update
  3. Once the update has finished you can reset your washing machine and select a new cycle to see if the 9c8 error code has been fixed

For models that don’t have Wi-Fi enabled

If your washing machine is not a Wi-Fi enabled appliance, then it’s much trickier to run a software update.

According to Samsung its actually quite rare for machines without Wi-Fi to need a software update although there were some models produced between 2021 – 2022 that needed an update.

If your washing machine is displaying the 9c8 error code and you can’t access the SmartThings application, then you should get in touch with Samsung, and they will send you out a dongle that you can plug into your machine to run the latest software update.

Even though this problem isn’t as serious as some other faults like the UR error code, if your machine is under warranty, then they might even send out a technician to come and solve the problem for you.


So just to wrap it up, if your Samsung washing machine is displaying the 9c8 error code you don’t have to worry because its usually solved fairly easily by running an update on your machine.

If your machine is compatible with the SmartThings application, then you should add your machine and run a firmware update. For machines that were made between 2021 – 2022 and are not compatible with the application you should reach out to Samsung so they can send you the correct equipment or book you in for a service call.