How to Fix the UR Error Code on a Samsung Washing Machine

Samsung washing machine with UR error code on the display

The UR error code on a Samsung washing machine means that the drum is unbalanced, and the machine can’t progress to the spin cycle.

This error code can be caused by a few different things but is usually the result of an underloaded or overloaded drum. If you don’t fill the drum with the correct amount of clothes the UR fault code with, be displayed on the machine.

We will be taking a look at all of the reasons that your Samsung washing machine will be showing the UR error code on the display.

It’s important that you make sure that the machine is isolated from the power supply before you attempt any repairs or inspect the machine.

Make sure the drum is not overloaded with clothes

The most common reason that a Samsung washing machine will display the UR error code is because there are too many items of clothing inside the drum and the motor can’t balance out the load.

Samsung washing machine being overloaded before a wash cycle

If your machine has stopped mid-cycle and can’t spin, then you should pause the cycle and try to balance out the load.

As a good rule of thumb, you shouldn’t put clothes above the halfway point of the glass door if your machine is a front loader.

It’s also fairly common for washing machines to struggle to spin if you only fill the drum up with bath towels or bedding because when they’re wet, they become extremely heavy and unbalanced.

Check that there is enough in the drum to start a cycle

Another reason that your washer might be showing the UR error code is that you haven’t put enough clothing in the drum for the machine to spin.

So that your washing machine can run efficiently you shouldn’t put a couple of items in on a wash cycle. If you put only a couple of t-shirts and a pair of jeans in the drum it’s likely that the load won’t be heavy enough to balance out and won’t spin.

It’s also a bad idea to put big single items in the drum like a duvet or a dog’s bed because not only will your machine struggle to spin it’s probably not the best way to clean them.

A common reason for both the UR and the DC error code on a Samsung washer is that there are not enough clothes inside the drum to spin.

Make sure the washing machine is even

When you’re installing a washing machine it’s important that you choose a level and even floor so that the washing machine will be balanced.

showing a level surface for a washing machine with a spirit level

If the machine is off balance on the surface it sits on, then the drum might have more movement than usual which will mean that the drum won’t be able to balance out the load.

If you need to balance out your washing machine you can use the adjustable feet on the bottom and turn them anticlockwise, so they move upwards or turn them clockwise to lower the machine.

You shouldn’t be able to move the machine around by using your hand to push it off balance. It might also be a good idea to make sure that there is nothing on top of the machine that could throw it off balance.

Inspect the machine for bearing failure

When a washing machine is experiencing bearing failure, it can cause the drum to start to wobble around which means it will struggle to spin properly.

When your washer needs the bearings replaced it will usually start to sound really noisy whilst it’s spinning and it might even start to ruin your clothes.

It’s important that if the bearings have failed on your machine you either replace the bearing or replace the entire drum. If you wait for the bearings to collapse it might damage your clothes and the machine could flood your home.

Check the motor and the tachometer

The drive motor is located at the back of your washing machine and turns the drum during a wash cycle.

removing and checking a washing machine motor

On the motor is a tachometer which sends feedback to the control board about the weight of the machine so it can decide how much power to send to the motor to turn or spin the drum.

If the motor or the tachometer has a fault, then the control board won’t be able to power the motor correctly and the clothes inside the drum might be out of balance.

You should inspect the motor and look for any obvious signs of fault and it might even be a good idea to replace the motor if you think that the UR error code is being displayed when the drum is loaded properly.

Inspect the control board

The final reason that a Samsung washing machine would display the UR error code is that the control board has failed.

Samsung washing machine control board being repaired

You should check out the control board and look for any signs that the board has failed. This includes signs of burning and any scorch marks on the electrical tracks.

If the printed circuit board has failed, then it might be a good idea to look into a control board repair or replace the machine.

Control boards on Samsung washing machines can be expensive depending on the model number of your washing machine and sometimes it might be better to replace the machine.

It’s worth noting that it’s unlikely that the control board has failed and most of the time the problem is that the machine is unbalanced and too many clothes have been put in the drum.


That’s everything you need to know about the UR error code on a Samsung washing machine.

Just to sum up everything that we have discussed here’s a summary of everything you can do to fix this fault:

  • The most likely problem when the UR error code is on the display is that the machine is either overloaded or underloaded with clothes – You should stop the cycle and try to balance out the clothes
  • Make sure that the machine is installed correctly and is in an even position – It’s common for some homes to have uneven floors which means that your washing machine might be unbalanced
  • If you can’t find any problems with the clothes being unbalanced you should make sure that your machine doesn’t have bearing failure – Signs of this include plastic in the drum, poor spin cycles and a really noisy washing machine
  • Inspect the motor and make sure that there aren’t any obvious signs of failure – The tachometer on the motor is responsible for balancing out the load inside the drum and sends feedback to the control board
  • Check the control board for any burn or scorch marks – If the control board has failed then the motor might not be operating correctly and it’s common for spurious error codes to be shown on the display

You should always look into trying to balance out the clothes in the machine better because most of the time the UR error code is caused by an imbalance of clothing inside the drum.