How to Fix the OE Error Code on a Samsung Washing Machine

Samsung washing machine with the OE error code on the display

The OE error code on a Samsung washing machine means that there is an overflow of water, and the cycle can not progress until the machine has been drained.

This is usually caused by an overflow of detergent from the soap drawer because too much washing soap has been used or a backup of water from the drain pipe.

A symptom that there is too much water inside the drum during the cycle is if the pump is attempting to drain away the water when the OE error is on the display.

Before you go ahead and investigate or try to fix your machine it’s important that you isolate it from the electrical supply so you can safely work on it.

Let’s take a look at everything that causes the OE error code on a Samsung washer:

Make sure the correct amount of detergent is being used

The most likely cause of the OE error code is that you’re using too much detergent in the soap drawer, or the quality of the soap is bad.

fabric conditioner being poured into a Samsung washing machine

If you put too much soap powder in the drawer, then it may foam up during the washing cycle which can trigger the sensors inside the machine and cause the fault code.

It’s also important that you use soap that’s manufactured to be used inside a washing machine because using other things like dish soap inside your washer can cause excessive foaming.

The next time you use your washer you should try using the recommended amount of powder from the manufacturer or switch over to using washing machine pods which don’t cause foaming.

It’s fairly common for cheap washing machine detergent to foam up very easily and people usually use too much powder during a cycle.

You also have to watch out for the correct compartment in the soap drawer to put the powder in. Using the wrong compartment can mean the powder is being put into the drum at the wrong time during the cycle.

If you need more information about how much soap to use and which of the three compartments to put the powder in, you can go check out our guide.

Check the installation for drainage problems

Another reason that your Samsung washer might be displaying the OE error code is that the water from the drain pipe is backing up and going into the drum.

how a washing machine drain pipe should be installed

This is usually because the drain pipe has been fitted on an angle that allows gravity to push the water back down the pipe.

The best thing to do to solve this problem is to pull the machine out and check if the installation is correct.

A washing machine drain pipe should have enough length to dip down and then back up to the plumbing under your sink or where the water is carried away.

If the pipe is over-extended, then there’s a good chance that your washer will have drainage problems and it might even cause the water to come back inside the machine. This is usually displayed as the SC error code on a Samsung washer.

If you are unsure of how a washing machine should be installed correctly then you can go and check out our in-depth guide.


That’s everything that you need to know about the OE error code on a Samsung washing machine. Here is a quick run-through of everything:

  • Start off by making sure you’re not putting too much washing machine detergent inside the drawer before starting a wash cycle – Too much soap can cause excess suds and foaming inside the drum whilst the temperature of the water inside the machine increases
  • Check the drain pipe and make sure that the installation is correct so that the water can be drained away without the water backing up after the cycle – If the water is coming back down the drain pipe, then the drum will fill up with water too much whilst a cycle is running

It’s important to remember that the OE error code will usually be accompanied by the drain pump running in the background to try and clear the excess water.

If you can’t hear the humming of the drain pump trying to clear the water away from the drum then it might indicate a more serious problem such as the control board malfunctioning or failing.