How to Fix the E41 Error Code on a Zanussi Washing Machine

Zanussi washing machine with the E41 error code on the display

The E41 error code on a Zanussi washing machine means that there is a problem with the door lock and the machine has detected that the door is not locked before the wash cycle starts.

Most of the time this would mean that the door interlock is faulty and needs to be replaced. Sometimes it can also mean that the wiring that powers the door lock is damaged, or the printed circuit board is faulty.

Both the E41 error code and the E40 error code on a Zanussi washing machine indicate a problem with the door locking and your machine is likely to show a different one depending on the model.

Before you try to inspect or repair your washing machine it’s important that you isolate it from the electrical supply so you can work safely.

This is what you should do if your washing machine is displaying the E41 error code:

Make sure that the door is closing properly

When a washing machine is struggling to lock the door it might be because there is something blocking it from shutting.

making sure the door is closed on a Zanussi washing machine

You should make sure that the door is closing properly and look out for any of the following:

  • Make sure nothing is wedged in between the door and the door seal that would stop the door from closing
  • Check that the door is in the correct position and that the door hinge has not dropped down
  • Make sure that the door catch is securely going into the door interlock, and it’s not misaligned and getting stuck on the bottom part of the door lock

It’s common for older washing machines to have problems with the door hinge and it might just be a case of it needing to be tightened up.

You should also test the door handle and make sure that it has enough tension. If the door handle has snapped then the door catch may have sprung out of place which makes it hard for the door to lock.

Test the wires that power the door lock

If you have been through the checklist above and you have made sure that the door can close properly then you should start to test the door lock wires.

Zanussi washing machine the the door lock wires shown

Washing machines will usually have two or three wires that go from the printed circuit board down to the door lock.

These wires give power to the door lock so that it can engage the door catch and keep it securely locked into place until the cycle has ended.

If there is a problem with the wires, then the door lock might not be receiving power which can cause the E41 error code.

If you have an electrical multimeter you can check for continuity from both ends of the wires which helps to diagnose problems with door interlock receiving power.

A visual check is also important because it helps to see any physical signs of failure such as melted or burned wiring.

If you identify any problems with the wiring, then you can either repair the cables which is usually when they have suffered from burning or you can replace the entire wiring loom from the control board to the door lock.

Try replacing the door interlock

The final thing that you should do is replace the door interlock. This will usually clear the E41 error code and fix your washing machine.

Zanussi washing machine with the E41 error code and the door lock shown

Zanussi washing machines are well built but they do suffer from door lock problems from time to time.

You can often find the correct door interlock for your washing machine by using the model number on a spare parts website to be matched with the correct one.

Replacing the door lock is usually straightforward and the easiest way to do it is by removing the front of the door seal.

Once you have removed the door seal you can then unscrew or unclip the door interlock and feed it through to the front of the machine so you can work on it.

You have to remove the wiring connector block from the old lock and then fit it into the new one. You can then screw the new door lock in and refit the door seal.

If you do replace the door interlock and it doesn’t seem to fix the fault, then it might be because there is a problem with the control board. This is both a rarer fault and a more expensive fault to repair.


That pretty much sums up everything that you would need to know about fixing your Zanussi washing machine when it has the E41 error code on the display.

This is a summary of everything we have covered:

  • Start by making sure that the door on your washing machine can close properly – If there’s something blocking the door, or the door has dropped down then the lock won’t be able to secure the door in place and start the wash cycle
  • If the door is closing correctly then you should move on to taking a look at the wires that give power to the door lock – Make sure that you can’t see any evidence of burning and that there are no melted connections
  • The door interlock is usually what causes the E41 error code on a Zanussi washing machine – You should replace it with a new one and then test the machine again

If you go ahead and replace the door interlock and it doesn’t seem to fix the problem, then it might be caused by a failed printed circuit board.

If the circuit board has failed on your washing machine you might be able to see evidence of this in the form of burn or scorch marks across the electrical tracks on the circuit board.

You should consider the cost of fixing a broken washing machine control board because more often than not it can be really expensive and sometimes it is cheaper to buy a new washing machine.

If you need any more help with Zanussi washing machine error codes, then you can go ahead and check out our full guide which goes into detail about what each of them means and what you can do to fix them.