What the E40 Error Code Means on a Zanussi Washing Machine

Zanussi washing machine with E40 error code displayed

The Zanussi E40 error code means that the machine has detected a problem with the door lock. This can indicate a problem with the door interlock, the wiring, or the control module.

If your washing machine is displaying the E40 fault code, it’s usually something that you can easily fix.

The error code will usually display at the start of a wash cycle as that’s when the machine tries to engage the door lock.

We are going to be walking through each of the problems that your machine might be experiencing and what you can do to fix them.

Check that the door is closed properly

It may seem obvious, but if the door on your washing machine is not closed properly, the door lock won’t be able to engage with the door and start the cycle.

When you go to close the door, does it feel like something is stopping it from shutting? This might mean that something from the previous wash has got stuck in the door seal.

It’s also fairly common for older machines to have door hinges that have dropped down, meaning that the door catch can’t make good contact with the lock.

Try shutting the door properly and giving it a little more force than you usually would, but not too much as you may break the door.

If your machine is still showing the E40 error after you have properly closed the door, it might indicate an electrical problem.

Inspect the door lock wires

If the wires that power the door lock have come loose or have broken, then the door lock won’t be able to close.

If you remove the front of the rubber door seal, it will give you access to the back of the door lock where the wires are.

You should keep an eye out for any cables that have come away or any evidence of burning or melting.

If you find that the connector block has burned, then the door interlock and the wiring will both need to be replaced.

It’s also a good idea to check that the wires and cables going to the control module are all intact and have no open circuits.

Replace the door interlock

The most common reason for the E40 Zanussi fault code is that the door interlock needs to be replaced.

Door interlocks are usually one of the cheaper parts that you can buy for a washing machine and a Zanussi door lock shouldn’t cost more than £20.

Fitting a new door lock is quite straightforward. Here’s a quick run-through:

  • Isolate the machine from the power.
  • Remove the front of the rubber door seal so you can access the door lock from the back.
  • Unscrew the door lock or use the release clips to remove it from the cabinet.
  • Swap the wiring block over from the old door lock to the new one.
  • Screw the new door lock into the cabinet and refit the door seal.

The only problem you might have when fitting a new door lock is reattaching the door seal as they can be quite tricky.

Fitting a new door lock can be done without the need of removing the seal but will need you to take the lid off the machine and reach down to remove the lock.

Repair the control board

Sometimes when you get the E40 error it can be because the control board is faulty. This might be because the door lock has shorted the circuit board and caused it to blow.

If you visually inspect the PCB, you might be able to see some burn marks which would confirm this fault.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that all the wires are in good condition and have not come loose.

You can either have the circuit board repaired by a specialist company or you can replace the control module.

Replacing the control board is one of the most expensive repairs you can carry out on a washer and does not always guarantee that the life of the washing machine will be extended.

Zanussi washing machine control boards are generally quite expensive and you can expect to pay upwards of £100 for a control board.

You should consider if the value of the repair is justified and if it might be a better idea to replace the washing machine.