How to Fix the E13 Error Code on a Hoover Washing Machine

Hoover washing machine with the E13 error code on the display

If your Hoover washing machine has stopped working and is displaying the E13 error code, then it usually means that there is a problem with the main printed circuit board.

This is the control board behind the display where the control knob is that you use to set each wash cycle.

It can also be caused by a few other things such as faulty wiring and if your machine also has a drying function then it can indicate a problem with the heating element or the temperature sensor (NTC).

Before you go ahead and try to fix your washing machine you should always make sure that it’s isolated from the electrical supply so that you can work safely.

This is how to fix the E13 error code on a Hoover washing machine:

Try resetting the machine

The first thing that you should do when your Hoover washing machine is displaying the E13 error code is to perform a hard reset.

performing a hard reset on a Hoover washing machine

This will help the circuit board forget about any error codes or faults from previous cycles and will allow the capacitors to discharge.

How to reset your Hoover washing machine:

  1. Turn the control knob to the off position – This is the twelve o’clock position on most washing machines
  2. Unplug the machine from the electrical supply and leave it for around 5 minutes until the capacitors have had time to discharge
  3. Plug the machine back in and then select the shortest cycle available on your machine – This will allow you to test the machine

If the E13 error code is still showing on the front of the machine you should move on to diagnosing individual parts that could be causing this fault.

Inspect the control board and wires

If resetting the machine doesn’t seem to fix the problem, then you should move on to inspecting the control board and all of the cables that are plugged into it.

Hoover washing machine with the control board and wires being shown

If you remove the lid and the fascia of the machine you will be able to gain access to the control board.

What you should be looking out for:

  • Any burn marks or scorch marks that are running across the electrical tracks – These are usually black, and you can’t rub them away
  • Look for any melted electrical cables that need to be repaired or replaced
  • Make sure the capacitors all look good – If a capacitor is bulged or has split then it needs to be replaced
  • Make sure all of the cables are plugged in correctly – If your washing machine has been shaking around a lot recently, they might have come loose

If you think that the control board has failed, then it will need to be replaced or repaired.

Most Hoover washing machine control boards need to be programmed for a specific model which requires specialist equipment.

Sometimes you can buy them programmed from the manufacturer, but they are usually expensive, and some people choose to replace the machine rather than repair it.

Replace the dryer heating element

If your machine is a washer dryer which means that it is capable of both washing and drying your clothes, then the E13 error might indicate a problem with the heating element.

Hoover washer dryer with the dryer heating element shown

It’s important not to confuse the dryer heating element with the wash element which will display the E16 error code when it has failed.

The heating element on a Hoover washer dryer is located in the heating duct which is the big silver ducting at the top of the machine when you remove the lid.

You will have to remove all of the bolts that hold the duct in place to remove it and then split the duct in half so you can gain access to the heating element, the fan, and the thermostats.

If you have access to an electrical multimeter then you can test the electrical continuity and electrical insulation of the heating element.

Sometimes it’s possible to diagnose a faulty heating element by looking at it. If it seems to have split or is crumbling away, then it’s a sure way to know it needs to be replaced.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that all of the cables that power the heating element are in good condition and haven’t melted away.

Replace the temperature sensor

Similar to the heating element, if your machine is a washer dryer then it will be fitted with temperature sensors inside and near the ducting at the top of the machine.

Hoover washer dryer with the thermostat being shown

If you have tested and deemed the heating element to be in working condition, then you can move on to the thermostats.

Hoover washer dryer temperature sensors are known to fail regularly and can usually be purchased economically from online spare parts retailers.

If you have an electrical multimeter then you can test the resistance across the thermostats and compare it to the manufacturer’s specifications on the schematic for your machine.

Most of the time if you have made sure that the control board and the heating element on your machine are in good condition then the E13 error code will be caused by faulty temperature sensors.


That’s everything that you need to know about the E13 error code on a Hoover washing machine.

Here is a quick summary:

  • Start off by resetting the machine so that it clears any error codes or previous faults from the control board – This will allow you to test the machine on a short cycle and rule out any false error codes
  • If resetting the machine doesn’t clear the error code, then you should take a look at the control board and make sure there are no burn marks or melted cables that would be causing any problems on the machine
  • If your machine is a washer dryer, then you should look into testing and replacing the heating element if it’s faulty
  • If the heating element seems to be working, then you should test and replace the temperature sensors if your machine has a dryer duct

As mentioned earlier, if the control board has failed on your machine, then it might not be worth repairing because the cost of repairing your washing machine might be too expensive.

If you need any more help with Hoover washing machine error codes, then you should go and check out our complete guide which lists each of them and what they mean.