LG Washing Machine Error Codes

Find out what your LG washing machine error codes mean, the possible faults that cause them and also what you can do to repair your LG washing machine.

LG washing machine error codes

Below is a list of error codes that you would find on both LG washing machines and LG washer dryers with a digital display.

IE LG error code (water inlet error)

There is a problem with the water supply. The machine is not receiving enough water within the allotted time to fill the machine ready for a cycle.

You can fix the IE error by checking that the water supply taps are open and that water is able to pass through to the hose.

If the water supply is available, check for kinks and bends in the water fill pipe. Sometimes the filter at the end of the water inlet pipe that attaches to the inlet valve on the machine becomes blocked.

If that does not repair the fault the water inlet valve (solenoid) may be faulty. A good indication of a broken inlet valve is that it will buzz and not let any water in even though the water supply is available.

DE LG error code (water not draining away)

LG washing machines allow 5 minutes for the water to be drained away from the drum. If the water does not drain away, the DE code will display on the LCD.

The most common cause for this error code is that the drain pump filter is blocked. The drain pump filter is usually on the bottom right of the machine behind a flap and can be unscrewed to check for blockages.

Other blockages include the drain pipe and the sump hose. It is common for socks to get stuck in the sump filter, meaning the machine will drain very slowly.

If no blockages are present, the drain pump may be faulty and will need to be replaced.

UE LG error code (drum not balanced)

During the load balancing phase of a wash cycle, the drum will turn clockwise and counter clockwise to try and even out the load of the wash.

If the machine cannot balance out the load ready for a spin cycle, the UE error code will display.

Most washing machines will have problems with load balancing and the usual fix is to either make the load lighter by removing some clothes or make the load heavier if only a couple of items are in the drum.

If the load is balanced and the fault code persists, the problem will be with the motor. The tachometer on the motor is responsible for load balancing and sometimes will become faulty.

dE LG error code (door not locked)

The door lock was not able to engage before the start of the cycle. This can mean that the door is open or the door lock is faulty.

Make sure that the door is fully closed before selecting the cycle and pressing start. If the door latch is broken and has dropped, the door will not close.

If the door is fully shut and the dE code is displaying on the LCD, the door interlock is faulty and will need replacing.

Sometimes, this error code can be caused by the wiring leading up to the door lock. The wiring can burn and then the door lock will have no power to engage.

If all of the above problems are not present, the printed circuit board (PCB) will need to be replaced.

tE LG error code (thermistor fault)

The thermistor that regulates the heating cycle is faulty. This can also be represented with TE1, TE2, TE3 and TE4 error codes.

If there is a blockage in the heating element duct then the temperature may rise and the thermistor will stop the cycle from continuing.

If no blockage is present, the tE fault will usually be fixed by replacing the faulty thermistor. Some machines may have multiple thermistors which means the faulty one will need to be located.

FE LG error code (water overflow fault)

During the filling stage of the cycle, too much water has been detected in the drum. You would usually see much more water than usual in the drum with the FE error.

The water inlet valve (solenoid) will need to be replaced to fix this fault. In rarer cases, water may be travelling back into the drum from the drain fault, which would be clearly visible when the machine is turned off.

PE LG error code (pressure switch fault)

Similar to the FE error code, the machine has detected a problem with the sensor that regulates the amount of water to intake.

The PE fault can be fixed by replacing the faulty pressure switch and in some cases, the printed circuit board (PCB).

CE LG error code (motor overload)

The machine has detected that the motor cannot produce enough power to turn the drum. You may notice that the drum does not turn during the cycle or it turns very slowly.

Make sure that the load inside the drum is not too heavy, which is usually the case with the CE error code.

The next thing that should be checked is the motor, which may have become faulty. Some machines use induction motors, which are more prone to this error.

If the motor is not faulty then it is usually the printed circuit board (PCB) which will need to be replaced.

LE LG error code (motor lock fault)

The motor has detected an error and cannot turn due to the load of the clothing being too heavy.

Turning the machine off and back on again will usually clear the LE error code. Make sure to reduce the load on the next wash cycle.

If the problem persists, the motor could be faulty and may not be able to produce enough power to turn the drum.

PF LG error code (power failure)

The machine has detected a power failure. The PF error code will usually present itself the next time the machine is turned on.

Try removing the machine from the power supply for 5 minutes and then reconnecting it. If the problem persists, check the power supply and test it in a different power outlet.

Check the power cable for any breaks or kinks.

The printed circuit board (PCB) may need to be replaced if no other problems are present and the PF error code persists.

dHE LG error code (heating element fault)

The machine has detected that the heating element is faulty. You may find that your clothes are not being dried properly before the dHE code is displayed.

Try removing the machine from the power supply and reconnecting it after 5 minutes.

The heating element may need to be replaced if it has become ‘open circuit’ or has low insulation.

The thermistors or thermal overload cut out (TOC) may need to be replaced if the heating element is not faulty.

Blockages in the drying duct can cause the temperature to rise and trigger the thermal overload cut out, presenting the fault code. The blockage will need to be removed and sometimes the TOC will need replacing.

AE LG error code (flood protection)

The machine has detected water in the base of the machine. The AE error code is specific to machines that have a base and an anti-flood device.

Check the base of the machine for water and then locate the leak. If the machine has a leak, it will need to be repaired and then the water will need to be removed.

If no water is present in the base, try clicking the float on the anti-flood device in and out to make sure it’s not stuck shut.

The anti-flood device may need replacing, and in some cases, the printed circuit board (PCB) will need to be replaced.