How to Fix the UE Error Code on an LG Washing Machine

LG washing machine with the UE error code on the display

The UE error code on an LG washing machine indicates that the load is unbalanced meaning that the machine hasn’t been able to balance the load before a spin cycle.

This is most likely because the amount of clothes inside the drum is too little or too much. When the drum can’t even out the clothes before a spin cycle then the wash will stop to protect the machine.

If a machine starts to spin with an uneven wash load it can cause damage to the drum and break the machine. Removing or adding some clothes is a quick fix for this error.

It’s important that before you carry out any repairs or inspections on your washing machine you isolate it from the electrical supply.

Let’s take a look at everything that causes the UE error code on an LG washing machine:

Try balancing out the wash load

The most common reason that your Samsung washing machine is showing the UE error code on the display is that the wash load is too heavy.

a washing machine that has been overloaded with clothes

You should always be careful when loading up a washer because if the machine is underloaded or overloaded then the machine won’t be able to complete the spin cycle.

This is because washing machines are fitted with sensors that can detect how heavy the wash load is. They work by detecting how much power is required to turn the drum clockwise and counterclockwise.

Feedback is sent from the motor to the control board so the machine can predict the amount of power needed to send down to the motor to efficiently spin the drum.

As a rule of thumb, you should be loading the machine up so that it sits halfway up the door glass on a front loader machine.

LG washing machine with the correct amount of clothes in the drum

It’s also important that you don’t wash single items or anything the machine might struggle to spin.

If you wash a single T-shirt or a pair of trainers, then there’s a good chance that the machine won’t be able to balance out and spin. It’s also common for washing machines to have problems when they are loaded with large duvets or a dog’s bed.

A quick fix for the UE error code is to turn your machine off then try removing or adding some clothes and then put the machine on another cycle so you can see if it has fixed the fault.

Inspect the suspension legs

The suspension legs or the shock absorbers as some people may know them are attached to the drum and make sure that the drum is fixed to the cabinet and provide the machine a way of moving around during the cycle.

This helps the drum to spin and agitate so that your clothes are cleaned efficiently during a cycle. Over time they may wear down and allow the drum to move around more than it should.

If your washing machine has been noisy recently or you have noticed that the drum is a little springier than it should be then the shock absorbers might need to be replaced.

When the shock absorbers wear down it’s also common for the machine to struggle with load balancing. This is because the drum moves around more than it should so it can’t accurately balance out the clothes.

Check the motor is working correctly

The motor is responsible for turning the pulley which then turns the drum on your washing machine.

washing machine drive motor and belt

It’s also how your washing machine figures out how to balance out a wash load. When the machine is slowly turning clockwise and then counterclockwise before a spin so it can figure out how much power to send to the motor.

This is a way for your washing machine to weigh the load and make sure that it is balanced. If the motor is faulty then it won’t be able to balance out the load.

You should check for any obvious signs of failure such as burn wires or cables near the motor and make sure that the motor is properly connected to the wiring connector block.

If you suspect that the motor has failed, then you should replace it with a new one.

Here are some other common signs of motor failure:

  • The motor has been sparking recently and you can smell signs of burning when the drum is spinning at a high RPM
  • The motor is struggling to turn the drum even when it’s not spinning at high speeds – This usually means that the motor is not receiving enough power, or the motor is failing to distribute the power properly
  • The clothes have been coming out of the drum more wet than usual – This is because the machine is not spinning correctly because of motor failure, or the bearings are starting to fail which is another reason for load balancing problems
  • Your washing machine has tripped the electricity – This might be because the motor has low electrical insulation meaning that electricity is leaking from the motor and touching the cabinet

Investigate the control board

If you have made sure that the load is balanced, and the motor is in good condition then you should move on to checking the control board.

selecting a cycle on a washing machine control panel

The control board is responsible for sending power down to the motor and makes decisions on how much power to send to the motor. If the control board has failed, then it might not be powering the motor sufficiently.

You should visually inspect the control board and look for any signs of damage like burn marks or scorch marks across the electrical tracks.

If the circuit board has suffered an electrical short, then it might have damaged the tracks on the board which can lead to communication and power problems.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that the wires going to the control board are connected properly and they haven’t come loose during a wash cycle.


That’s everything that you need to know about the UE error code on an LG washing machine.

Here is a shortened checklist of everything you should be looking out for:

  • The first thing you should do is make sure that the drum is not overloaded or underloaded – This is the most common reason that an LG washing machine will display the UE error code
  • Check the shock absorbers because they might have worn down which can make the drum move around more during a wash cycle – This means that the motor will struggle to balance out the load before it spins
  • If the shock absorbers are in good condition, then you should move on to inspecting the motor – The drive motor is responsible for turning the drum and plays a big part in making sure the drum is balanced before your washing machine spins
  • The last thing you should take a look at is the control board – If the control board has failed then it might not be sending enough power down to the motor and it might be struggling to communicate with the motor whilst trying to balance out the wash load

If you need any more information on LG washing machine error codes, then you can go and check out our in-depth guide that lists all of the codes and what you can o to fix each of them.