How to Fix the SUD Error Code on a Samsung Washing Machine

Samsung washing machine with the SUD error code displayed

The SUD error code on a Samsung washing machine means that the washer has detected too many suds inside the drum and has ended the cycle.

The SUD error code might also look like the 5UD error code which is the same thing on Samsung washing machine.

This is usually because there is too much detergent inside the machine which is foaming up on a hot wash cycle. It can also be caused by poor-quality detergent.

We actually wrote about if too much detergent can cause a washing machine to leak, and the answer is yes. This is because the suds can foam up and end up coming out of the door and the soap drawer.

Samsung washing machines have a suds sensor which stops the cycle and displays the SUD error code to stop the machine from overflowing and causing a leak.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to reduce the amount of suds in your Samsung washer.

How to stop the SUD error code on a Samsung washer

There are a few things that you can do to stop the SUD error from displaying on your machine. It’s important that you continue to do these things after the code goes away to stop it from reoccurring in the future.

Reduce the amount of detergent you are using

The most common reason that this fault will occur is because you’re using too much detergent for the amount of clothes that you’re washing.

washing machine detergent being poured into washer

If you take a look at the container or the box that your detergent comes in it will give detailed instructions on the amount that you should be using for a wash load.

If you don’t have any instructions, then a good rule of thumb for an average-sized wash load is 2 tablespoons of washing powder.

It’s also a good idea to use washing pods if you’re struggling to get the amount of detergent right. Washing pods won’t cause any suds or foaming during a wash cycle.

Use better quality washing detergents

Another problem that might be causing your machine to foam up and trigger the SUD code is that the quality of your washing detergent is poor.

Cheaper washing machine powders are known to be less kind on your clothes and also your washing machine. If you’re using the cheapest washing machine detergent, then it might be time to make a switch.

As we mentioned earlier, it might also be a good idea to buy a more expensive alternative which is washing pods. They come in a box and even though they are more expensive than some powders you won’t have any foaming problems.

It’s also common for people to make DIY detergents for their washing but this is another reason that your machine might be foaming up. If the balance of surfactants in the powder is not right, then on higher temperature washes the powder will start to foam up.

Make sure the machine is not underloaded

The final thing you can do to get rid of the SUD error code is to make sure that there are enough items of clothing in the washer during a cycle.

underloaded washing machine drum

This is because the ratio of detergents to clothes might be off which means that there is too much soap in the machine and it’s not getting absorbed by your clothes.

This is really common when people only wash a couple of items but put enough washing machine detergent in for a full wash load.

It’s also a reason that your washing machine might struggle to spin which causes the UR error code on Samsung washing machines.

On the next cycle, make sure that you put a full load of washing in and use the right amount of high-quality detergents.

Problems with the foam level sensor

Although the majority of the time this error is caused by bad washing habits, it can also be an indication of a problem with the foam level sensor.

washing machine foaming up during wash cycle

Depending on the model of your machine, the foam level sensor or the water pressure sensor will monitor the amount of soap and suds inside the machine and trigger the error code if it detects too much.

A good way to figure out if it’s an electrical problem is to watch the machine fill up with water at the start of a cycle. If the error code occurs whilst the machine is filling, then it’s probably a problem with the sensor.

If you want to test the sensor with an electrical multimeter then you can remove the lid and take a look at it. It’s usually located at the top of the drum and has a thin black rubber pipe connected to it.

It’s important to remember that you should isolate the machine from the electrical supply before you carry out any inspections or repairs for safety reasons.

You can test the resistance of the sensor by putting the multimeter probes on both of the electrical contacts where the electrical plug connects to the sensor. If you blow down the pipe and the resistance doesn’t change then the sensor is defective.


That’s all the information that you need about the USD or the 5UD error code on a Samsung washing machine.

Here is a quick breakdown of everything we discussed:

  • You should try to reduce the amount of detergent that you are using – The SUD error is usually caused by putting too much detergent in the soap drawer before a wash cycle
  • Make sure that your using high-quality washing machine detergents – Poor quality soaps and homemade detergents can cause an excessive amount of foaming and can lead to your washing machine leaking
  • Always put enough clothes in the machine for a wash cycle – If you are only washing a few items and you are using enough detergent for a full wash load then there’s a good chance that it will foam up and cause the SUD error code
  • If you are making sure the detergent and the wash load are correct and the error code is still being displayed, then it might indicate a problem with the foam level sensor – This should be investigated and replaced if it’s faulty

If you find that your washing machine is overflowing because of the suds then it might start to display the OE error code which we have discussed in another guide. You can go and check it out if you need help with that fault.