How to Fix the E43 Error Code on a Bosch Washing Machine

Bosch washing machine with the E43 error code on the display

If your Bosch washing machine is displaying the E43 error code on the front of the machine it is indicating that there is a problem with the motor which is usually a result of the carbon brushes being worn.

One of the main causes of the E43 error code is the carbon brushes on the motor. They wear down over time and will eventually need to be replaced.

When the carbon brushes get too low, they create an open circuit on the motor which then alerts the control board.

Other reasons for this fault include a faulty motor, blockages that are stopping the machine from draining before the spin cycle and problems with the control board.

Before you try to fix your washing machine you should make sure that it’s isolated from the electrical supply so that you can carry out any work safely.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is the same as the Bosch F43 error code and depending on the model number of your washing machine you will get one of the two fault codes.

This is what you should do if your washing machine has the E43 error code:

Check the carbon brushes

A common problem with Bosch washing machines is that the carbon brushes will eventually wear down over time and cause an open circuit in the motor.

Bosch washing machine with the carbon brushes being shown

When a Bosch washing machine detects an open circuit on the motor it will display an error code which will either be the E43 error or the F43 error code depending on which model you have.

One of the first things you should do is remove the motor which is located at the back of the machine behind a metal cover.

Once you have the motor removed you can take out the carbon brushes and check to see if they are really short.

There will be two carbon brushes on either side of the motor, and you can often remove them by unclipping the end of each of the electrical connectors.

If you look at the brushes and they are significantly shorter than a new set or you can see the electrical wiring through the end of the brush, then you should replace them.

Other signs that the carbon brushes have failed:

  • There is a lot of black dust underneath or behind the washing machine
  • Your machine has been sparking during a spin cycle
  • Your machine has been spinning slower than usual over the past few washes

Luckily Bosch washing machine carbon brushes are one of the cheapest parts to replace and you can often find the correct replacements online.

Replacing them can be a little tricky depending on the model because the motor has to be unbolted from the drum so that it can be removed. This can be difficult because the working area is quite tight.

Inspect the motor

If you have inspected the carbon brushes and they seem to be a good length, then you should move on to the drive motor.

broken Bosch washing machine motor being shown

Whilst you have the motor out from the machine you should be looking for any signs that the motor has failed.

What to look for:

  • Check the motor cable block – Make sure that it has not come away from the motor and that all of the wires are intact
  • Spin the motor by hand and listen out for the bearings – If it sounds rough or is making a metal grinding sounds then the bearings have probably failed

Mostly you’re looking out for any electrical cable problems that would stop the motor from receiving power and cause the control board to detect an open circuit.

Check the cables

As we mentioned when talking about the drive motor, you should be looking for any breaks in the cables that would cause a loss of power to the motor.

This can be near the motor, or it might be a problem with the cables that plug into the control board.

Your washing machine will have a connection block that runs all the way from the drive motor to the circuit board.

If your machine has been banging around a lot and moving around recently then the cables might have become unplugged.

Check the cables that go to the printed circuit board and make sure that they are still plugged in correctly.

Make sure the machine is not blocked

Another reason that a Bosch washing machine will display the E43 error code is that the pump is blocked.

Items that can get stuck in a Bosch washing machine being shown

If there is a blockage inside of the machine, then it won’t be able to progress through to the spin cycle which can confuse the machine and cause it to think there is a spin fault.

You might have recently seen the E18 error code displayed on the front of your machine which means that there has been a blockage at some point.

We have a full guide on how to unblock a washing machine which you might find helpful. It goes into detail on where to look for blockages and how to avoid water spills.

Common areas to find a blockage on a Bosch washing machine:

  • The drain pump filter – You can usually remove the filter by unscrewing it and it’s located behind the plastic panel at the bottom of the machine
  • The water waste pipe – This is the pipe that comes out of the back of the machine and takes the water away
  • The sump pipe – This is the pipe that connects the drum to the pump

If you do find a blockage inside the machine you should remove it and run a short test cycle to see if it has cleared the E43 error code.

Make sure the bearings haven’t failed

When the bearings start to fail on a washing machine the drum will struggle to turn at full speed and then eventually the bearings will collapse.

When the bearings collapse the drum won’t be able to turn and the belt might even fall off of the motor.

If the bearings fail, then the motor might report back to the control board that there is a problem being able to turn the drum.

This can cause the machine to display the E43 or the F43 error code because it’s related to a motor problem.

Signs that the bearings are failing on a washing machine:

  • The drum is noisy to turn by hand and makes a whirring noise
  • The machine has been noisy recently on spin cycles
  • Your clothes have been coming out of the machine more wet than usual

If you turn the drum by hand and it feels loose or is making a grinding noise, then there is a good chance that the bearings have failed.

Inspect the circuit board

The final thing that you should do if your machine is displaying the E43 error and you have checked all of the above is to inspect the control board.

faulty printed circuit board from Bosch washing machine

The control board is where the motor is powered from and if has failed it will no longer send power to the motor.

You should remove the lid from the machine and take a look at both sides of the circuit board.

What to look out for:

  • Any burn marks that would indicate an electrical short circuit
  • Bulging capacitors are a sign that they have failed and need to be replaced
  • Any signs of water damage – This is more common if your machine is located near a water source such as a sink

If you find any problems with the control board then you should look into how much a replacement one will cost.

More often than not the control board is one of the most expensive parts of a washing machine and it might be cheaper to replace the machine.

It’s also common for a washing machine to need other replacement parts when the control board fails because something usually causes the failure.

If the circuit board has failed and the machine is showing E43 on the display, then the motor might also need to be replaced.


That’s everything you need to know about the E43 error code on a Bosch washing machine.

Here is a quick summary:

  • Start off by checking the carbon brushes on the motor – Over time they will wear down and will eventually need to be replaced
  • Check the motor for any electrical or mechanical problems such as a broken electrical connection block or bearing failure
  • Follow the cables from the motor all the way up to the control board and looks for any signs of damage that would stop power from going to the motor
  • Check the machine for any blockages – If the machine has a blockage, then it won’t be able to spin which can cause the E43 error code
  • Make sure that the bearings in the drum haven’t failed – When the bearings eventually collapse it will make it difficult for the motor to turn the drum
  • Inspect the printed circuit board for any signs of electrical failure – Any black marks or scorch marks indicate that there has been a short circuit and the control board will need to be replaced

If you need any more information on Bosch washing machine error codes, then you can take a look at our full guide on each error code and what they mean.