Are Bosch Washing Machines Good?

figuring out if Bosch washing machines are good

When you’re shopping for a new household appliance, the number of different manufacturers and models can be overwhelming, especially with all of the different features they have.

We will be taking a look at Bosch washing machines and trying to help you figure out if they are any good and more importantly, if you should buy one.

We think that Bosch washing machines are very good appliances and they make great washing machines for families.

Let’s take a look at what makes Bosch washing machines good and some of the bad points.

Why Bosch washing machines are good

You have probably heard of Bosch and seen some of the appliances that they have to offer but you might be wondering why they are so popular.

what makes Bosch washing machines good

It’s because Bosch has been creating quality washing machines since 1958 and are renowned for keeping the high German engineering standard that everybody knows.

Some of the good points about Bosch washing machines:

  • You can usually pick up a Bosch washing machine starting at around £400 – This is a great deal when you consider the excellent build quality
  • If you want a washing machine with a good energy rating, then you can pick up a Bosch A standard washer for around £500
  • Most Bosch washing machines have a minimum spin speed of 1400 RPM – This is more than enough to make sure your clothes come out well spun
  • Even the machines at the lower price point have a good range of cycles and settings that can improve the quality and efficiency of your washes
  • The drain pump filter is at the front of the machine behind a flap on most models – This is good for unblocking your own washing machine and saving some money on future repair bills

What’s bad about Bosch washing machines

Even though Bosch is renowned for producing some of the best quality appliances, they do have some negatives which are worth considering.

the bad points of Bosch washing machines

Some of the negatives of Bosch washing machines:

  • The cheapest washing machines that Bosch manufactures have really low energy ratings – This is bad if you are environmentally conscious and want to save money on electricity
  • It’s common for the machine to display the E18 error code – This is usually because the machine can’t drain the water away and has a blockage or requires a new drain pump
  • If you’re not too bothered about build quality and how long the machine will last, you can often get a washing machine for half the price with another manufacturer – This is because Bosch doesn’t compete very well on price at the lowest end of the market
  • The drum capacity on most Bosch washing machines is around 7kg or 9kg – This is quite small and not great for households with more than a couple of people
  • If you want a machine with anything more than a 2-year guarantee you will probably have to pay well over £1200 – That’s really expensive when you consider what else is on the market

Frequently asked Bosch washing machine questions

common questions about Bosch washing machines

Are Bosch washing machines better than Hotpoint?

Hotpoint washing machines have been one of the most popular appliances on the market for years now. It’s common to compare them to Bosch appliances because they are at a similar price point and have similar features.

We actually wrote an article about Hotpoint washing machines and we rated them as great appliances.

Overall, we think that Bosch washing machines are better than Hotpoint because they have better build quality, and they seem to break down less in the first 10 years.

It’s worth mentioning that Hotpoint offers washing machines that are usually slightly cheaper than Bosch and the build quality reflects this.

Are Bosch washing machines cold fill only?

Most modern washing machines that are produced in Europe and North America are cold fill only appliances.

This means that you can only connect a cold fill water pipe and the water is heated up internally by a heating element during the wash cycle.

From our experience, Bosch washing machines are cold fill only appliances and you will struggle to find a hot and cold-fill Bosch washer.

On the plus side, most Bosch washing machines have good energy ratings which means that they are very efficient even though they are equipped with a heating element that is one of the most power draining parts of a washing machine.

Are Bosch washing machines made in China?

Bosch has recently set up manufacturing plants in China and has been making refrigerators and exporting them from China.

Bosch factory in China shown on a map

Although a lot of Bosch washing machines are made outside of Germany so that they can be easily exported to surrounding countries, they don’t make any washing machines in China.

In the future, we might see Bosch washing machines manufactured in China and exported around the world.

Are Bosch washing machines direct drive?

In the past 15 years, Bosch has been producing both direct drive and belt drive washing machines.

It’s common for the more modern machines that you would buy from a retailer to be direct drive. This means that they don’t have a carbon brush powered motor and don’t need a belt to turn the drum.

If you are thinking about buying a Bosch washing machine, then there is a good chance that it will be a direct drive washer.

Are Bosch washing machines made in Germany?

Bosch has several manufacturing plants across Germany where they assemble and distribute appliances for the European market.

where Bosch washing machines are made shown on a map

Most Bosch washing machines that are manufactured for sale in Europe are made and assembled in Germany. The factories in Germany produce around 8% of all Bosch washing machines.

Bosch also manufactures washing machines in other countries including the USA, Spain, Turkey and many more.

If you are trying to figure out where your washing machine was made, then it depends on which part of the world you live in.

Who makes Bosch washing machines?

Bosch washing machines are made by the Robert Bosch GmbH company which is otherwise known by the brand name Bosch.

The company was founded in 1886 in Stuttgart, Germany. Since then, they have been known for creating the high quality German engineered appliances that millions of people have in their homes today.

Bosch has a headquarters in Gerlingen and has manufacturing plants in over 10 different countries so that they can export appliances to nearby countries.

If you own a Bosch, Siemens or Neff washing machine then you may see similarities because they are all made by the same company.

Are Bosch washing machines stackable?

Most Bosch washing machines are stackable except for the series 2 models. You can usually stack any Bosch washing machine with a Bosch dryer easily.

Bosch washing machine and tumble dryer being stacked on top of each other

It’s important that you remember to use a good stacking kit and anti-slip strips so you can safely install your appliances.

You should also make sure that both the washing machine and tumble dryer are level. If they aren’t even, then your washing machine will be a lot noisier than it should be and it can cause damage to your appliances.

Are Bosch washing machines quiet?

If you’re in the market for a new washing machine, then you are probably looking for a quiet machine that won’t cause too much noise when carrying out a wash cycle.

Bosch washing machines are typically one of the quieter appliances on the market, especially if you choose a model that uses direct drive.

Direct drive washing machines are usually quieter than machines that use carbon brush powered motors.