How to Fix the E17 Error Code on a Bosch Washing Machine

Bosch washing machine with the E17 error code

If your Bosch washing machine is displaying the E17 error code on the front it means that the water can not enter the machine and the cycle can’t be started. This fault is usually related to the machine being starved of water.

If the water supply time is exceeded most Bosch washing machines will give up and stop the cycle. This fault can usually be fixed easily and is most likely caused by a problem with the installation.

Before you go ahead and try to fix your washing machine its important that you isolate it from the electrical supply so that you can safely investigate the machine.

Let’s take a look at the most common reasons a Bosch washing machine will display the E17 fault code.

Check the supply tap is turned on

The most common reasons that your washing machine is not filling with water is that the water supply tap is turned off.

washing machine water supply tap

The water supply tap is usually under your kitchen sink if your machine is installed close by. It might also be located behind the machine but the easiest way to find it is to follow the cold fill pipe.

The supply tap should be turned in the direction that the pipe flows so if it’s turned off you can turn it anticlockwise to let the water flow through.

This is a common problem in homes that have had recent plumbing work or when the machine has just been installed for the first time.

Investigate the installation

When a washing machine is installed its common for the water supply pipe and the drain pipe to get trapped and sometimes, they can get kinked and tangled.

You might need to pull the machine out to take a look at the back and unkink the pipes. You should look out for any splits in the pipes if they have been bent because it can lead to the machine leaking.

Its also common for washing machines that have been fitted with fill pipe extension kits to get bent and stop filling up. If your washing machine is far away from the supply tap, then you should make sure that the fill pipe is as extended as it can be.

If the machine has been filling up with water very slowly then it’s a good sign that there is a problem with the water supply pipe. Even if the machine is filling up with some water the E17 error code can still show on the LCD.

Check the water inlet solenoid valve

The water inlet valve is what the cold water fill pipe connects to at the top of your washing machine. It can sometimes fail, and it will occasionally get blocked up with dirt.

Bosch washing machine solenoid valve

You should listen out for the valve trying to fill the machine up with water when your start a wash cycle. If you can’t hear noise coming from the valve, then there’s a good chance that the valve has no power, or it has failed and needs to be replaced.

Its also a good idea to make sure that the wires that power the solenoid valve are not damaged and they have not become unplugged.

If you find that the valve is dead and is not allowing the water to fill into the machine, then you should replace it. You can usually find the correct part by using the model number of your washer on a spare parts retail website.

Its also worth mentioning that before you go ahead and replace the valve it might be worth checking for anything that might be blocking the valve. You might find a blockage in the valve where you connect the cold water pipe.

Inspect the control module

The last thing that you should check if the installation is correct, and the water inlet valve is fine is the control module.

The control module is responsible for sending power to the water inlet valve and if it’s failed then it might not be supplying the power. This is common if the control module has experienced an electrical short circuit.

You should take a look at the control board and look for any signs of damage such as burn marks. If you see any black dust on the control module that can’t be wiped away, then it might be evidence that the control board has failed.

If you think that the control board might have failed, then you should consider if the cost of the repair is worth it. Bosch washing machine control boards are usually quite expensive and can sometimes outweigh the cost of a new washing machine.


That’s everything that you should check if your Bosch washing machine has the E17 error code. Here is a shortened breakdown of everything:

  • The first thing you should look for is any problems with the water supply tap – Its common for the tap to be turned off especially if you have recently had any plumbing work done in your home
  • You should then move onto any problems with the installation such as a kinked water fill pipe or the machine trapping the pipe because it’s been pushed up against the wall – If the pipe is kinked then the water won’t be able to travel through the pipe and fill the machine
  • If the installation is fine, then you should take a look at the water solenoid valve and check for any blockages– Its also a good idea to make sure the wires that power the valve are in good condition
  • The final thing to look out for is any problems with the control module – If the control board has experienced an electrical short then it won’t send any power to the water inlet valve

If you need any more information about Bosch washing machine error codes, then you can go and check out our breakdown of every error code and what you can do to fix each of them.