Why Your Washing Machine is Beeping During the Cycle

washing machine beeping while being used

If your washing machine has just started beeping at you it can often be confusing, but it’s usually something simple to fix.

Most of the time it’s because the controls have been pressed during the wash cycle and some washing machine controls can be more sensitive than others.

We are going to be going through all the things that you should check when your washer is making a beeping noise.

The machine is displaying an error code

If your washing machine has a fault, then it might display an error code on the front of the machine. This is to help you identify a fault your machine is having.

washing machine displaying an error code on the front

When the error code is triggered, your machine will usually make a beeping noise. Sometimes you might even see flashing lights on the display.

A common error code that is displayed is if your washing machine is not draining or if the door can’t lock at the start of the cycle.

If you do find that your machine has an error code, you can search it online or look in the manual so you can find out what it means.

Some washing machines don’t display the error code as letters and numbers but will instead use the lights on the front to flash in a combination.

You will need to take note of the combination that is flashing so you can find out what the error code means. A good example of this would be Indesit washing machines.

Indesit washing machines will often stop the cycle and all the lights will flash on the front of the machine, meaning that it is trying to give you an error code combination.

You have pressed the controls

Although it’s not that common, some washing machines will make a beeping noise if you accidentally touch any of the buttons on the display.

If your washing machine is in a kitchen, it’s normal for people to be walking past the machine while it’s in use. People will often brush up against the machine when walking past.

You should also make sure that one of the control knobs or buttons hasn’t become stuck. If the button is stuck it might confuse the control board and could result in a beeping noise because the machine thinks you’re trying to change the cycle.

Changing the cycle while a wash cycle is progressing will also cause a beeping noise to let you know that a cycle has already been chosen.

The door is not locking

At the start of a wash cycle, you will have to select your programme and then click start.

washing machine with the door unlocked

If you click start on the machine, it will first try to attempt to lock the door. If the door fails to lock, some machines will beep to let you know that it’s failing to progress the cycle.

If the door interlock is faulty on your machine, you will experience different problems including error codes, beeping and other noises and the cycle will not start or end.

If you need to replace the door interlock on your machine, you can usually find a replacement online for around £10 – £20 depending on the make and model of your washer.

Lack of water when filling

If your washing machine is not filling with water at the start or during the cycle, you might hear a beeping noise coming from your machine.

When your washing machine is starved of water, it can’t carry out the wash cycle properly and the machine will usually come to a stop.

Common reasons that your washing machine is starved of water:

  • The water supply tap is closed
  • The water fill pipe is kinked or trapped behind the machine
  • The solenoid valve is jammed or blocked
  • The control board has failed

If you suspect that your machine is not filling, you should start by pulling the machine out and check the fill pipes.

The cycle has ended

If you have recently purchased your washing machine, you might not know that it beeps at the end of a cycle.

a person removing clothes from a washing machine at the of a wash cycle

It’s fairly common on modern washing machines for them to have a buzzer or alarm that signals the end of a wash cycle.

On some models, you can turn this off if you find it annoying, which can be useful for people that like to leave clothes in the drum for a while after the wash has ended.

We would recommend that you leave the beeping because removing the clothes from the drum is better for your washing machine and your clothes.

Bosch washing machines will often beep twice every 10 – 15 seconds after a cycle has ended until you turn the knob to the off position.


Just to sum it up, this is everything you should check when your washing machine is beeping:

  • Make sure you’re not pressing any of the buttons during the cycle
  • Check if the machine is displaying any error codes that could indicate a fault
  • Take a look at the door and make sure that it is locked before the cycle
  • Look in the machine and see if there is water inside the drum – if the machine doesn’t have any water supply it can cause it to beep

If you’re ever confused about operating your machine correctly, you should check out the manual that is provided when you buy the machine. It can give helpful advice about the specific model.