What the E20 Error Code Means on a Hoover Washing Machine

Hoover washing machine with the E20 error code displayed

The E20 error code on a Hoover washing machine means that the water can’t be drained away from the drum.

This fault code can be caused by a blockage in the machine or a problem with the drain pump.

We will be going through every reason that your washing machine has an E20 fault code.

Look inside the drain pump filter

When a washing machine isn’t draining, the first place to look is always the drain pump filter.

If you forget to empty your pockets before a wash, items can make their way through the machine and end up getting stuck in the filter.

This stops the drain pump impeller from turning which means the pump can’t remove the water from the machine.

It’s common to find coins and small objects stuck in the filter and is probably to most common repair that an engineer carries out.

Inspect the water waste pipe

Sometimes the drain pump filter will not catch everything and then objects will often get stuck in the water waste pipe.

You can inspect the pipe from both the end that connects to the washer and the end that connects under your sink.

The pipe is just about big enough for coins to get stuck and create a butterfly valve, which causes intermittent drain faults.

Check the sump hose for a blockage

If you think that the washing machine is draining very slowly, it might be because something is stuck in the sump pipe.

The sump pipe has a ball filter at the top where it connects to the drum and is a common place to find socks that have been lost in the wash.

A good indication that there is a blockage in the sump hose, is when you check the filter and don’t find any water in the pump housing. This is because the water can’t make it through to the pump.

Replace the drain pump

If the drain pump had to deal with a blockage, it could have permanently damaged the impeller.

This means that the drain pump needs to be replaced. Luckily, Hoover drain pumps are usually cheap to buy, and you can often repair your machine for around £10.

Replacing the drain pump is fairly straightforward. Here’s a quick guide on swapping a drain pump:

  1. Remove all the water from the drum and isolate the machine from the power.
  2. Lean the machine back so that you can put a bowl or bucket under the drain pump filter.
  3. Remove the drain pump filter and drain off any excess water. Once it’s drained off you can unscrew the drain pump housing, which is usually held in by 3 screws.
  4. Let the drain pump drop down so you can work under the machine. Remove the power cable and then unscrew the pump from the housing, The screws are at the back of the drain pump and then it will let you twist the pump off.
  5. Fit the new pump and make sure it’s sealed correctly. Screw the pump to the housing and then refit the cables.
  6. Screw the pump housing back into the cabinet and refit the filter.

It’s important that when you’ve swapped the pump, you test the machine for leaks.

Final thoughts

The E20 error is very similar to the E03 error code although different models will display different error codes depending on how they are programmed.

Most of the time, it’s a fairly simple fix that won’t need you to replace any parts. Sometimes if the machine has had to clear a blockage, you’ll need to replace the pump which isn’t the most expensive repair.

Just to recap, here’s a rundown of everything to look for when your washer has an E20 error code:

  • Look for any blockages in the drain pump filter and the water waste pipe.
  • Take the sump pipe off and check for anything that might have gotten lost in the wash and is causing a blockage.
  • Try replacing the drain pump if your machine doesn’t have a blockage but will not drain the water away.

Hopefully, by now you have fixed your washing machine and if you need any more information on Hoover washing machine error codes you can go and check out our guide.