What the E08 Error Code Means on a Hoover Washing Machine

E08 error code being-displayed on a Hoover washing machine

The E08 error code is very common on Hoover washing machines and usually indicates a problem with the motor.

There are a few other reasons that cause this error which we will be discussing, and sometimes it can be solved without replacing any parts.

We are going to be taking a look at everything you can do to get your washing machine fixed and back to spinning again.

Make sure the wash load is balanced

We often talk about making sure that the washing load is balanced because it can cause a whole range of faults and error codes.

washing machine full of clothes with the door open

Before your washing machine goes into the final spin, it has to be able to balance out the load to stop the drum from shaking around.

If the wash load is way too heavy for the motor to handle, then it won’t be able to balance the load or spin.

As a rule of thumb, make sure that the clothes inside the drum are filled to around halfway up the glass door.

Also, don’t just do a wash full of bath towels or stick a single item in on its own.

Take a look at the carbon brushes

Whenever a washing machine is experiencing a problem with the motor, you should always be looking at the carbon brushes as the main suspect.

Carbon brushes are like brake pads on a car, it’s normal for them to wear down over time because that’s how they are designed.

carbon brushes for a washing machine motor

When you buy a washing machine, they often don’t tell you that at some point the carbon brushes will need to be replaced.

You can access the brushes by taking the motor off and unscrewing them on either side. You need to be looking out for a carbon brush that looks really short in length.

If they are low, it means the motor won’t be receiving any power.

Check for blockages in the machine

Although the E08 fault code mainly points towards a problem with the motor, it can also be caused by a drain problem.

This is because before your washer starts to spin, it needs to be able to drain the water out of the drum.

If for some reason your washing machine is not draining, then the machine will eventually give up and display an error code.

The E03 error code is the one that’s displayed for a drain fault normally, but it can sometimes decide to put the E08 code on the display instead.

Try replacing the motor

So, you have checked the carbon brushes and made sure the machine is able to drain, what’s next?

washing machine motor being tested

Well, unfortunately, it might be that you need to replace the motor. The motor is the most common reason for this fault code.

Hoover washing machine motors are usually around £65 – £100 new, so you should consider if it’s worth repairing your machine.

Luckily, you can find second-hand motors that have been stripped from machines with other faults for around £20 – £30 online.

If the motor has been sparking or making strange noises recently, it’s all the more reason to think this is the problem with your washing machine.

Inspect the printed circuit board

It’s actually pretty uncommon for the circuit board to be the main reason for the E08 error. This doesn’t mean that the motor hasn’t blown the board on its way out though.

washing machine motor  being tested

Hoover washing machines are notorious for having motor and control board problems. This is because when a part fails on the machine, it often causes a short circuit which then damages the board.

You should be looking out for any burn or scorch marks that would indicate that the board has blown.

Unfortunately, if your washing needs a new control board, you’re looking at over £75 for just the part alone.

Also, it will then need to be programmed for your exact model, which isn’t always possible unless you have the right equipment.

Final thoughts

Just to sum it up, here’s what you should be looking for if your washing machine has an E08 error:

  • Make sure that the washing in the drum is balanced and not too heavy to spin.
  • Check the carbon brushes because they might need replacing.
  • Check for any blockages that would stop the machine from draining.
  • Try replacing the drive motor.
  • Inspect the control board for any evidence of damage and replace it if necessary.

If you any more information on Hoover washer error codes, you can go and take a look at our comprehensive list.