What the 56y Code Means on a Hoover Washing Machine

Hoover washing machine with 56y code on the display

The 56y code on a Hoover washing machine means that the machine is in standby mode and is waiting for a cycle to be selected or the machine to be reset.

This usually just means that the cycle has ended, or the machine has been left idle for a long period of time while being turned on.

You will usually find the 56y code on the front display panel when you have the machine set to a program, but you haven’t pressed the cycle start button.

If you leave the machine in standby mode for a long time it can sometimes get stuck, and the machine will need to be reset.

Because Candy washing machines are made by the same company that manufactures Hoover washing machines, the Candy 56y code is exactly the same and you can follow this guide for Candy machines.

How to clear the 56y code

If you are unsure about what to do if your machine has a strange code on the front, then it’s usually best to change the cycle settings or turn it off.

To clear the 56y code on a Hoover washer you need to change the program and start a cycle.

If you’re not ready to wash your clothes, then you can simply turn the machine off by the control knob or isolate it from the electrical supply by unplugging it from the socket.

If you have tried to select a new cycle and the 56y code won’t go away, then you might need to perform a hard reset on the machine. You can find details of this below.

What the sby code means on a Hoover washing machine

The sby code on a Hoover washing machine is exactly the same as the 56y code.

The machine is not actually displaying sby but it just looks similar and is open to interpretation.

To get rid of the sby code you can follow the exact same steps above and below. It’s usually just a case of changing the machine from standby mode to an active cycle.

Further information

If a Hoover washing machine breaks down at some point, it will most likely display an error code on the front screen.

The 56y code does not indicate an error but if you are interested in reading more about Hoover washing machine error codes you can go and check out our entire list.

If you do get any other symbols or codes on the display of the machine, you can always try a hard reset.

To reset your washer, do the following:

  1. Disconnect the machine from the power supply by unplugging it
  2. Wait for around 5 – 10 minutes so that the capacitors that are on the control board discharge all of the power
  3. Plug the machine back in and put it on a test cycle – This should be the shortest wash available on your machine

For more information on your washer, you can go to our in-depth review of Hoover washing machines.

It’s probably a good idea to not let your machine go onto standby mode because washing machines will use electricity while on standby.