What is a Low Heat Setting on a Beko Tumble Dryer

Beko tumble dryer low heat setting

Beko tumble dryers are some of the most cost effective and robust machines on the market. They come with many different cycles and settings, which can sometimes be confusing.

We will be going through what the low heat setting means on a Beko tumble dryer.

Before you start to use your new tumble dryer with your clothes, it’s important to know what each cycle means so that you don’t damage any garments.

It’s also useful to know which settings are suitable for clothing that is more delicate and clothes you don’t want to shrink.

What the low heat setting does

Typically, a tumble dryer gets very hot during a drying cycle. This is so your clothes dry as fast as possible without damaging them.

Some tumble dryers are better at looking after your clothes than others, which is why some manufacturers have integrated settings for delicate clothes.

Beko dryer control knob on a low heat setting

The low heat setting on a Beko tumble dryer will dry your clothes with as little heat as possible.

This means that the majority of the cycle will be carried out with cold or warm air. Although this takes longer, it’s better for delicate clothes.

If you put the low heat setting on your dryer and then leave it for 10 minutes, when you return and open the door the air shouldn’t be very hot.

It’s recommended to put expensive clothes or clothes that are very delicate on the lowest heat setting possible in your tumble dryer.

How the low heat setting works

Instead of using the heating element for the majority of the drying cycle, it uses the cold air from the fan to blow around the drum.

clothes inside tumble dryer drum

During the cycle, some warm air will be used by powering the heating element temporarily, but it will be far less cold than it would be on a typical drying cycle.

This takes longer as it’s more similar to air drying but it’s much less likely to damage your clothes.

When some fabrics are exposed to high heat, they will shrink, and they will be permanently damaged.

Before you use this setting, it’s important to make sure that your clothes have spun off properly in the washing machine and that they are not still dripping wet.

If you put extremely wet clothes in the dryer, it can damage the drum and the heating element which ends up breaking the machine.

If you have clothing that you are worried about shrinking, you should give the low heat setting a try.

Does the low heat setting use more electricity?

The low heat setting usually takes much longer to dry your clothes in comparison to a high temperature drying cycle.

electricity usage being monitored whilst using tumble dryer

Even though it takes longer, it doesn’t actually use more electricity. This is because the heating element is used far less on a low heat setting.

The heating element on a tumble dryer is usually rated between 2000w – 3000w. This makes a tumble dryer a high wattage appliance that uses a lot of electricity.

When the low heat setting is switched on, the heating element very rarely comes into action, meaning most of the power consumption is from the motor and the control board.

The low heat setting on a Beko tumble dryer uses less power than a high temperature cycle.