Toshiba Washing Machine Error Codes

Toshiba washing machine error codes

Take a look at every Toshiba washing machine error code and what each of them means. We have put together some diagnosis and repair advice for every fault code so you can figure out why your Toshiba washing machine is broken.

In total, there are 6 main error codes on Toshiba washing machines and they range from water drainage problems to door interlock faults.

E01 Toshiba washing machine error code (water supply)

The E01 error code on a Toshiba washing machine indicates that there is a problem with the water supply and the machine can’t fill the drum with water before a wash cycle.

What you should check:

  • Check that the water supply tap is turned to the on position – The tap is where the end of the water fill pipe connects to
  • Make sure that the water fill pipe is not kinked or bent behind the machine – This is a common problem on newly installed machines
  • Investigate the water inlet valve and replace it if you think its broken – If the machine is not making a humming noise and there is no water coming into the machine then the valve may be faulty

This fault can also be caused by a faulty printed circuit board. If the control board is not supplying power to the water inlet valve, then it won’t open so allow the water to come into the machine.

E02 Toshiba washing machine error code (drain error)

The E02 error means that the water can’t be drained away during or at the end of the wash cycle.

When your washing machine displays the E02 error code you will usually be able to see that the water has stayed in the drum after a cycle.

This is what you should do:

  • Check the drain pump filter for any blockages – It’s really common for a washing machine to stop draining when there is something stuck in the pump that stops the drain pump impeller from turning
  • Make sure that the water waste pipe is clear of any obstructions – Similar to the filter the drain pipe can get blocked up with small coins and other objects that stop the water from draining
  • Look inside the sump pipe for any blockages – This is the pipe that connects the drum to the drain pump and is a place where larger items like socks get stuck inside your machine
  • Replace the drain pump if your washer doesn’t have a blockage – The drain pump can fail and on older washing machines its really common for the drain pump to stop working

If your washing machine has had a blockage in the past, then the chances of the drain pump failing and needing to be replaced are increased.

This is because the drain pump impeller can get damaged from coming into contact with small coins and other objects like hair clips.

It’s also common for the wires that power the drain pump to get damaged and sometimes they can even burn away.

If you put your machine onto a drain cycle and you can’t hear the drain pump working or making a humming noise then there’s a good chance that the drain pump is not receiving power.

E03 Toshiba washing machine error code (door interlock)

If your washing machine is displaying the E03 error code on the front it means that there is a problem with the door lock, or the door is open.

The first thing that you should do is make sure that the door is closed properly before you press the start button on the machine.

Most of the time you will get the E03 fault at the start of a cycle just after you try to begin the wash cycle.

If the door is closed properly and the E03 error is still displayed, then you should try this:

  • Check the wires that give power to the door lock – The wiring can sometimes overheat and melt away which should be visibly clear
  • Try replacing the door interlock if the wiring is in good condition – The door lock is one of the easiest parts to replace on a washing machine and they don’t often cost too much

Sometimes if the printed circuit board is faulty, it can cause this error code. If the control board has had an electrical short circuit and has blown the circuit board won’t send power down to the door lock.

It’s also worth mentioning that when a door lock starts to fail you can often get the door to engage by shutting or slamming it shut firmly.

If you are able to get the door to engage by shutting it harder than you usually would then it means that the door lock needs to be replaced.

E04 Toshiba washing machine error code (overloaded drum)

The E04 error code means that the machine has detected that the weight of the drum is overloaded. This is usually because there are too many clothes inside the drum.

To fix this fault you should stop the wash cycle and remove some of the clothes inside.

A good rule of thumb for how much washing you should put inside your machine is to fill it up to about halfway up the door glass on a front-loading washing machine.

It’s important to remember that the weight of the clothes significantly increases when they are wet so your machine will most likely struggle to spin if you overfill the drum.

If the machine is not overloaded but you’re still getting the E04 error code, then it might be because there is a problem with the drive motor.

The drive motor on your washing machine is what calculates the weight of the load by spinning the drum clockwise and counterclockwise and measuring the amount of power needed to do so.

If the motor is faulty then it might be miscalculating the weight of the load inside the drum. It might be worth replacing the motor on your machine if you’re experiencing this problem.

E05 Toshiba washing machine error code (drum unbalanced)

The E05 error code means that the drum is unbalanced and is either overloaded or underloaded.

The E05 error is similar to the E04 fault code although this error covers both underloading and overloading.

Here is what you should do:

  • Make sure that the drum is not overloaded with clothes – If the clothes inside the machine are too heavy then the machine will not be able to spin during the cycle
  • Try not to wash one or two items at a time – If there are only a couple of things inside the drum then the machine will struggle to balance out the load
  • Remove any single large items from the machine – Big and heavy items like duvets, large towels and bath mats are all difficult to spin for washing machines and they don’t wash very well on their own because they cause the drum to become unbalanced
  • When you’re loading up the machine only fill the drum halfway – As mentioned for the E04 error code a good rule of thumb is to fill the drum so that the clothes go halfway up the door glass

If you’re struggling to figure out what exactly is causing the drum to be unbalanced, then you should always start by removing large items that absorb a lot of water.

Items like large bath towels and duvets will soak up lots of water and become very heavy which makes them hard to spin.

If you think that the drum is evenly balanced and you’re still getting the E05 fault code then it might be an indication of a faulty motor or printed circuit board.

E06 Toshiba washing machine error code (drive motor error)

If your Toshiba washing machine is displaying the E06 error code it means there has been a problem with the drive motor.

The motor is located at the back of the machine and turns the drive belt so the drum can turn during the wash cycle.

There are a few reasons why a drive motor will fail including:

  • The carbon brushes have worn down – When the carbon brushes fail on a washing machine the motor can no longer conduct power meaning it won’t turn and the machine will detect an open circuit
  • The wiring has burned away – This is something you can check by visually inspecting the motor block and looking for any signs of burning which would cause the motor to fail
  • The printed circuit board has failed – If there has been an electrical short circuit on the control board then it might have blown meaning that power is not been sent down to the motor

The most common problem that a washing machine motor will develop is when the carbon brushes become worn.

You should remove the carbon brushes from the motor and compare them to a new set to see if they are much shorter meaning they have worn down.

Luckily if the carbon brushes need to be replaced on a washing machine it usually isn’t an expensive repair.

It’s also worth making sure that the wash load isn’t too heavy because sometimes if the motor is struggling to turn the drum it will display the E06 error code instead of the E04 error.