Sharp Washing Machine Error Codes

Take a look at our breakdown of every Sharp washing machine error code. We have compiled a list of each fault code and some simple repair advice so that you can be on your way to repairing your washing machine.

Sharp washing machine error codes

E01 Sharp washing machine error code (door not locked)

The machine has detected that the door is not closed properly or the door can’t lock. This error code will usually display on the LC shortly after a cycle has been selected.

How to fix the Sharp E01 error code:

  • Make sure that the door is shut properly
  • Check the door hinge has not dropped down
  • Inspect the wiring leading to the door lock
  • Try replacing the door interlock
  • Replace the control module

The most common reason for the Sharp E01 error code is that the door is simply not closed properly, Make sure to fully close and engage the door with the lock. On some older washing machines, it may help to use a bit of force when closing the door.

If the door is closed and the error code still persists, the fault will most likely be with the door interlock or the wires that power the door lock.

The door interlock is located on the right side of the machine and is where the door catch fits into. You can remove the door seal and unscrew the door lock to get a better look. The connector block leading to the lock can sometimes appear to be melted from overheating.

If the wiring that powers the door lock seems to be in good condition, replacing the door interlock is the next logical step. The door interlock is one of the most common parts to fail on a washing machine.

Sharp washing machine spares are usually quite economical so it’s well worth attempting to repair the machine before replacing it.

If all of the above checks and attempts at repairing the machine fail, it’s likely that the printed circuit board (PCB) has failed and will need to be replaced. This can often deem the machine to be beyond economical repair.

E02 Sharp washing machine error code (water pressure)

The machine has detected that the water pressure is too low. This error code will display on the machine when there is not enough water coming into the machine for a wash cycle.

Things to check:

  • Make sure the water inlet tap is turned on
  • Check that the water fill pipe has no kinks or bends
  • Inspect the water inlet valve for blockages

If your washing machine has just been installed, the water fill pipe may have become bent or kinked when the machine was fitted. This can be confirmed by removing the machine and inspecting the fill pipe.

Sometimes when a machine is installed, the installer forgets to turn the water supply valve on and the machine becomes starved of water. This is a simple fix and is usually easy to spot upon inspection.

If the machine has a good supply of water but still seems to be struggling to fill up, then the water solenoid valve could either be blocked or faulty. If the valve is making a humming noise, it’s possible that the valve is blocked and needs to be cleaned.

If the machine has no water supply issues and the solenoid valve is not at fault, then it’s possible that the control module has failed and will need to be replaced. The wiring from the control module and the water valves should also be inspected for breaks and obvious signs of damage.

E03 Sharp washing machine error code (not draining)

The machine has not cleared the water out of the drum within the designated time period. Sharp washing machines will allow around 3 – 5 minutes before giving up on trying to drain the water out of the drum.

When a washing machine is not draining the water away, it’s probably because there is a blockage inside the machine somewhere. You should inspect the machine for blockages and remove any that you find.

Common places a washing machine gets blocked:

  • Check the drain pump filter
  • Inspect the water waste pipe
  • Check the sump pipe between the drum and the drain pump

Most blockages in a washing machine are found in the drain pump filter, which is usually located at the bottom right of the machine. The plastic access panel at the bottom can be removed and the filter can be removed to check for any blockages.

If the machine is free of blockages then the drain pump should be replaced. A good indication that the pump needs to be replaced is that you can hear it humming whilst it attempts to drain the water away but fails to do so.

Sharp washing machine drain pumps are easy to get ahold of and are quite economical.

If the machine has no blockages and the drain pump is not at fault, then the control module has failed or the machine has an electronic wiring fault.

E04 Sharp washing machine error code (water overfill)

The machine detected too much water in the drum. The E04 error code will usually present itself when there is an excessive amount of water in the drum which can be seen through the door.

This error code is usually caused by a problem with the pressure switch. The pressure switch is responsible for regulating the amount of water in the drum.

If the pipe that attaches to the pressure switch has a hole or has become unattached, then the machine will overfill.

If the pressure switch pipe has been inspected and has no obvious problems, then the water inlet valves should be looked at as they can sometimes fail and get stuck in the open position. This will cause the machine to constantly fill with water when powered.

Another reason for the E04 error code is an incorrect plumbing installation. It’s possible that water is travelling back down from the water waste pipe into the drum while the machine is turned off.

A recap of what to check when you have an E04 sharp washing machine fault code:

  • Check the pressure switch and the pressure switch pipe
  • Make sure the water solenoid valve is not faulty
  • Look at the plumbing installation for water backflow

If the error code is displayed on the machine and the drum has no water inside, the problem could lie with the control module, which would need to be replaced.