Montpellier Washing Machine Error Codes

Get information on every Montpellier washing machine error code and what they mean. Our fault code walkthrough will help you figure out the problem with your washing machine.

Montpellier washing machine error codes

E01 Montpellier washing machine error code (door not locked)

The machine has detected that the door is not locked before the cycle started. The E01 fault code will usually happen at the start of a wash cycle.

If your machine has an E01 error code you should:

  • Make sure the door is securely closed shut
  • Check that the door hinge has not dropped down stopping the door from latching
  • Check the wiring going to the door interlock
  • Check the door handle has not snapped

If the above checks are not what’s causing the error code, the most likely problem is a faulty door interlock.

The door lock will attempt to engage with the door catch at the start of a cycle and can become faulty, meaning it will either not lock the door or will refuse to unlock after a wash.

The door interlock is a straightforward repair. You can usually remove the right side of the door seal and then unscrew the door lock from the front. The door interlock will have a cable block that will need to be switched over to the new lock.

If the door interlock is not faulty, the only other cause of the E01 error code is a broken control module.

Err 02 Montpellier washing machine error code (drain problem)

The machine has indicated that the water can not be drained away from the drum. The Err 02 code is the most common fault code that you will see on a Montpellier washing machine.

To fix the error code you should:

  • Check for blockages in the pump filter
  • Check the water waste pipe for blockages
  • Inspect the sump pipe for any obstructions
  • Make sure there are no kinks in the waste pipe

If the machine has no visible blockages then it’s likely that the drain pump is faulty and will need to be replaced. Before replacing the drain pump it’s worth checking if the wiring to the drain pump has come away or burnt out.

The drain pump is located at the bottom right of the machine and can be accessed by leaning the machine back with the bottom panel removed.

If you can hear the drain pump working when the machine is trying to drain, the pump has most likely had an obstruction in the past that has damaged the impeller.

Montpellier washing machine drain pumps are quite economical and it’s worth getting the machine fixed.

Err 03 Montpellier washing machine error code (water pressure)

The machine has detected a low water pressure. The Err 03 fault code will display on the LCD of the machine during a cycle if the water supply is not enough to fill up the machine in time.

The most common reason for this error code is that the water supply tap is shut off. Check behind the machine where the water fill pipe is connected to and make sure the tap is in the on position.

Other reasons for the Err 03 fault code:

  • The water pressure is too low
  • The water inlet solenoid valve is faulty
  • The water valve has a blockage
  • The pressure switch is not recording the water pressure properly

If the machine does not have one of the listed problems, the error code could be caused by the printed circuit board (PCB), which will need to be replaced.

Err 04 Montpellier washing machine error code (water overflow)

The machine detected an excessive amount of water in the drum. This fault code will usually be present with a drum full of water.

The Err 04 fault code is normally caused by a faulty pressure switch, which will need to be replaced.

Sometimes, the pressure switch pipe will have a small hole in it, which stops the switch from checking the water pressure properly.

Other reasons for the Err 04 error code:

  • Broken water inlet valve
  • Hole in the pressure pipe
  • Faulty control module

If the error code presents itself when there is no water in the machine, it’s a good idea to disconnect the machine from the main supply for 5 minutes and then try another cycle. Sometimes this code can be incorrect and will rectify itself.