Logik Washing Machine Error Codes

Below you will find an in-depth breakdown of every Logik washing machine error code. Each error code has an explanation of what it means and some repair advice that can help you repair your washing machine.

Logik washing machine error codes

E01 Logik Washing Machine Error Code (door lock fault)

The machine has detected that the door can’t lock before the cycle. The E01 fault code can mean the door won’t lock or the door is stuck shut.

To fix this fault you should:

  • Make sure the door is fully closed
  • Check for burns on the door lock wiring block
  • Try replacing the door interlock
  • Take a look at the door handle and catch for breaks

In some rare cases, the printed control board (PCB) is responsible for this error code.

E02 Logik Washing Machine Error Code (water pressure)

The machine has detected that it can’t fill with water. This error code specifically means that the water level is below the wash heater inside the drum.

What to check:

  • Make sure the water supply tap is turned on
  • Check the water pressure in the house
  • Look for any water escapes such as leaks
  • Replace the water solenoid valve

Sometimes during the installation of a washing machine, the water inlet pipes can become twisted and kinked. You can pull the machine out and make sure that the pipes have no bends in them that would cause the water pressure to drop.

E03 Logik Washing Machine Error Code (pump obstruction)

The washing machine has noticed that the pump is not working. The machine thinks that the pump impeller has an obstruction which is stopping the pump from operating.

How to fix this error code:

  • Check the pump filter for any blockages
  • If the pump is clear, try replacing the drain pump
  • Check the sump pipe for blockages
  • Make sure the drain waste pipe has no blockages or kinks

Most of the time, the E03 error code will be caused by a blockage in the drain pump filter. The filter can be accessed at the bottom right of the machine and is often behind a panel that can be removed.

When you remove the filter, if the machine is full of water then it will flood out. To stop this, you can lean the machine back and place a bowl or bucket under the filter as you remove it.

E05 Logik Washing Machine Error Code (heater failure)

The machine has detected that the wash heater has failed. This fault code will usually present itself after the washing machine has not been cleaning the clothes properly.

During the cycle, the water inside the drum will be heated up by the wash heater. If the wash heater has an ‘open circuit’ or has low insulation, it will fail to heat the clothes and the E05 error code will display on the LCD.

The most likely fix for this fault code is to replace the wash heater. Logik heating elements are usually economical and are a straightforward repair.

If the wash heater is not the problem, then the NTC or the control board will need to be replaced.

E06 Logik Washing Machine Error Code (motor problem)

The machine has picked up on a motor problem. This error code will display on the machine when the machine can’t turn the drum.

The carbon brushes on the motor can often become worn and will need to be replaced. You can remove the carbon brushes from the motor by unscrewing them and inspecting them to decide if they need replacing.

If the carbon brushes have good length on them, the fault will usually be with the tachometer or the motor windings, meaning the complete motor will need to be replaced to remove the fault code.

E10 Logik Washing Machine Error Code (water won’t drain)

The E10 error code means that the machine can’t drain the water away from the drum within the amount of drain time. Logik washing machines will usually allow for around 3 – 5 minutes before giving up trying to remove the water from the machine.

Similar to the E03 Logik error code, you should inspect the machine for blockages. Common places you will find blockages are:

  • The drain pump filter
  • the sump pipe hose
  • the waste pipe
  • The spigot under the sink

If the machine doesn’t have a blockage, the drain pump will need to be replaced as it has become worn or damaged.

E12 Logik Washing Machine Error Code (overfilling)

The machine is overfilling the water during the cycle. The E12 error code will display on the machine if the pressure switch detects too much water in the drum.

The pressure switch is responsible for monitoring the air pressure in the drum so that it can gauge the amount of water. If the water overfills then the pressure switch will signal to the control board to stop the cycle and display the error code.

The most likely cause of this problem is that the water inlet valve is stuck in the open position and can not stop the water from coming into the machine.

Replacing the solenoid valve is usually straightforward forward and the cost of a valve for a Logik washing machine is economical.

If the solenoid valve is not faulty, then the fault will be with the pressure switch or the control module which means they will need to be replaced.

E21 Logik Washing Machine Error Code (drain problem)

The E21 fault code on a Logik washing machine means that the machine can’t drain the water out of the drum. This error code is similar to the E03 and E10 error codes.

This fault can be caused by a blockage in the machine or a fault with either the drain pump or the PCB.

Before replacing any parts, you should check for blockages.

Common places to find blockages in a washing machine are:

  • The drain pump
  • The pipe connecting the pump and the sump
  • The water waste pipe
  • The spigot that the waste pipe connects to
  • The sump pipe filter

If you have inspected the machine for blockages and the problem still persists, the fault might be with the drain pump. If the drain pump has had to clear a blockage in the past, the impeller can become damaged and wear down.

Another problem could be that the wiring leading from the control board to the drain pump is faulty and is not delivering enough power to the pump. This is usually identifiable by inspecting the wiring and looking for burns or breaks in the cables.

The final reason for the E21 error code is a faulty control module. If the printed circuit board has a fault then there will be no power to the pump.

E30 Logik Washing Machine Error Code (door lock fault)

The E30 error code means that the machine has detected a fault with the door interlock. This can mean that the door hasn’t locked properly before the cycle or the door won’t unlock after the cycle.

This error code is the same as the E01 fault code and is usually repaired by replacing the door lock.

Other reasons for the E30 code include faulty wiring to the door lock, a broken door handle and not closing the door properly before a cycle.

E60 Logik Washing Machine Error Code (motor failure)

The machine has detected that the motor is not functioning correctly.

To fix this fault code you should check the following:

  • Replace the carbon brushes on the motor
  • Replace the motor
  • Replace the control board
  • Check the wiring from the motor to the control module

The most common reason for this error code is the carbon brushes which usually wear down after years of use. The carbon brushes are usually a quick and easy repair and Logik washing machines have carbon brushes that are economical.

E61 Logik Washing Machine Error Code (motor tachometer)

The machine has detected a problem with the motor tachometer. The tachometer is responsible for controlling the spin speed of the motor and balancing the wash load.

If the E61 error code is displaying on the LCD then it’s likely that in recent washes, the drum has been turning very slowly or extremely fast. Sometimes you may see the drum jolt during the load-balancing phase.

On some motors, the tachometer can be replaced but in most cases, the complete motor will need to be replaced.

In rare cases, the tachometer can cause the control module to short circuit, which means both the motor and the printed circuit board will need to be replaced.