How to Fix the tE Error Code on an LG Washing Machine

LG washing machine with the tE error code

The tE error code on an LG washing machine indicates a problem with the heating sensor and the sensor can no longer provide accurate feedback to the control board.

This can be caused by a few things like a faulty thermistor or a failed heating element and sometimes resetting your washing machine with clear the code.

Before you go ahead and attempt to inspect or carry out any repairs to your appliance it’s important that you isolate it from the power supply by unplugging it.

Let’s take a look at everything that you can do to fix the tE error code on an LG washer.

Try resetting your washing machine

The first thing that you should try is to reset your machine. This can remove any error codes that are inaccurate and are being stored on the control board.

resetting an LG washing machine using the power button

This is how to reset your LG washing machine:

  1. Turn the machine off by unplugging it from the power supply – Wait for around 5 minutes so that it’s fully powered down
  2. Plug the machine back in and press the power button so the display lights up
  3. Press and hold down the spin speed button until the ‘no spin’ message is displayed on the front of the machine
  4. The machine will start to drain out any water from the drum – Wait until it has finished and then restart the last wash cycle that was running before the error occurred

Once the machine has been reset it should then attempt to run the wash cycle that you have chosen. You should closely monitor the cycle and check for any fault codes that are on the front.

If the tE error code returns, then you will need to inspect the machine further to figure out what the problem is.

Check the drum thermistor

There is a thermistor that is located near the drum on most washing machines. It’s usually next to the heating element at the rear of the drum.

faulty thermistor from an LG washing machine

The thermistor is checking that the temperature of the water is correct at every stage of the wash cycle. If the thermistor has failed, then the machine will show the tE fault code on the display.

The thermistor is one of the easiest parts to replace on a washing machine and is just a case of loosening the heating element and swapping it out.

If you think that the thermistor might have failed, then you should replace it with a new one.

The only way to check if it has failed is to use an electrical multimeter to check the resistance across the contacts of the thermistor. You will need to get an electrical diagram of your machine and cross-reference the readings against the manufacturer’s diagram.

If you can’t run an electrical resistance test, then it might be worth replacing it anyway after you have checked that the wiring on the control board is all plugged in properly.

Inspect the heating element

The heating element on a washing machine is one of the parts that fails regularly because they are susceptible to electrical insulation breakdown and becoming worn which causes an open circuit.

broken heating element from an LG washing machine

Sometimes it’s possible to tell if a heating element has failed by looking at it. When a heating element fails there is usually some evidence of this. You’re looking for any holes in the element or crumbled bits of metal.

You can also test the resistance of the heating element with an electrical multimeter. Usually though when the resistance is low on a heater the machine will start to trip the electrics in your home.

If you think that the heater needs to be changed then it’s not all bad news. LG washing machine heating elements are usually quite economical.

You can use the model number of your washing machine to get matched up with the correct spare parts on an online spare parts website.

Check the wiring from the control board to the heating element

If you can’t find any problems with the thermistor or the heating element, then the problem might be with the wiring that powers the heating element.

If the power can’t travel down to the heating element, then the water won’t get hot during the cycle and the machine will display the tE error code.

Take a look at the control board and make sure that all the wires are plugged in, and they aren’t damaged in any way.

If you have access to an electrical multimeter you can test the wires from the control board down to the heating element for an open circuit.

It’s also worth checking the control board for any evidence that there has been an electrical short circuit that has blown the circuit board. If you look at the circuit board and there are black scorch marks anywhere then it might have failed.


That’s just about everything that you need to know when trying to fix the tE error code on an LG washing machine.

This is a recap of everything that you can do to fix this fault:

  • First, you should start off by trying to reset your washing machine – This will clear any error codes that have been triggered by mistake – If the error still persists then you should move on to diagnosing the problem
  • Check the thermistor that is usually located near the heating element at the back of the machine – You can test the resistance of the thermistor with an electrical multimeter
  • Inspect the heating element and look for any signs of failure – This includes holes in the element or any crumbled bits of metal which is a sign that the heater has failed
  • Make sure that the control board and the wiring that goes from the control board down to the heating element are in good condition – Look for any loose wiring and test if there are any breaks in the circuit

If you need any more help with LG washing machine error codes, you can go and check out our list of every error code and what you can do to fix them.