How to Fix the PE Error Code on a LG Washing Machine

LG washing machine with the PE error code displayed

The PE error code on a LG washing machine means that the machine is experiencing a problem with the water pressure which is usually caused by a fault with the pressure switch.

Sometimes the PE error code is caused by a problem during the cycle that is a one off occurrence and can be fixed by resetting the machine. After the machine is reset, the code will most likely clear.

It’s important that before you carry out any inspections or repairs you make sure that the machine is disconnected from the electrical supply.

Let’s take a look at all the things you can do to fix the PE error code on an LG washing machine.

How to reset your LG washing machine

LG washing machines don’t have a conventional reset program meaning that you have to reset it by isolating it from the electrical supply and then reconnecting it.

LG washing machine being reset

Resetting your washer can help clear the PE code if it has been falsely triggered and sometimes if the room where the machine is operating is too humid, the PE code will display on the machine.

If the PE code has been triggered because the room has a high humidity level, a hard reset will help in solving the problem.

Here’s how to reset an LG washing machine:

  1. Turn the control knob to the 12 o’clock position so that the cycle is set to off.
  2. Unplug the machine from the electrical supply so that it’s disconnected from the power.
  3. Wait between 5 and 15 minutes for the capacitors on the control board to discharge the power.
  4. Reconnect the machine to the power and set the knob to a test cycle. The shortest wash cycle is the best for testing the machine.

If the reset doesn’t help to clear the PE error code, then you should move on to testing the parts on the machine as it indicates that there is a problem with the wiring or a pressure switch.

Check the wiring inside the machine

If the pressure switch has disconnected from the power supply, then the machine won’t be able to correctly read the water level inside the drum.

wiring loom from inside an LG washing machine

You should check the wires and the connector block that leads from the control board to the pressure switch.

You should be looking out for anything obvious such as kinked wires or any signs of burning.

Sometimes electrical wires will burn on the ends due to a current overload which would indicate a design fault with the machine. You can often repair the wires and the machine will start working again.

If you find that the wiring is faulty in the machine and you don’t want to repair the wire, you can often source a wiring loom for your machine by using the model number to match up the correct part at a spare parts retailer.

Inspect the water pressure switch

The most likely cause of the PE error code is that the pressure switch is faulty.

The pressure switch measures the air pressure inside the drum and when the machine fills up with water the switch will stop the machine from filling when the diaphragm inside clicks into the off position.

You can find the pressure switch at the side, or the top of the drum and it will usually be screwed onto a bracket.

You should first check that the thin black pipe that goes from the drum to the pressure switch has not fallen off and that it doesn’t have a hole in it.

If you can’t find any obvious problems with the electrical connections or the pipe, then you should replace the switch.

If you’re looking to source a new pressure switch for your machine you can often find the correct one by searching on a spare parts retailer by using the model number to match up the correct part.

it’s a quick and easy repair when you have a new switch. You can unscrew the old one and change over the pipe and electrical connector to the new one.


Here is a quick summary of everything we have talked about to fix the PE error code on an LG washing machine:

  • You should always start off by resetting your washing machine – This can clear all error codes that have been triggered by mistake and often can clear the codes for good
  • Make sure that the wiring inside the machine is all in good condition and that you can’t see any obvious signs of damage – This includes any kinks or breaks in any of the cables that go from the control board to the pressure switch
  • Inspect the pressure switch sensor and replace it if you can’t see any signs of electrical wiring damage – The PE error code is usually caused by a faulty water pressure switch

If you would like some more information on LG washing machine error codes then you can go and check out our complete walkthrough.