How to Fix the LG tCL Washing Machine Error Code

LG washing machine with the tCL error code on the display

If your LG washing machine is displaying the tCL error code on the front display, then it means that you need to run the tub clean cycle so that it will go away.

Modern LG washing machines are great and full of the latest technology. Some machines are equipped with sensors that can tell when the drum is not clean enough to operate properly and then they will display the fault code on the LCD.

We will be going through what you need to do to run the tub clean cycle and some other reasons why the error code won’t go away after you have completed the cycle.

How to run the tub clean cycle on an LG washing machine

1. Empty out the drum so that it’s clear of clothes

You should start off by removing all of the clothes from the machine. Make sure that nothing is left inside, or the tub clean cycle won’t start.

Some LG machines have sensors inside that can detect if any clothes have been left in the drum.

It’s also important to remove the clothes if you’re going to use a washing machine cleaner solution because they can damage your clothes, especially if they contain any bleach.

2. Add some washing machine cleaner if you have some

If you’re planning on using washing machine cleaner to help clean the machine whilst the cleaning cycle is running now is the time to add it.

If you’re using a liquid solution that contains bleach or something similar, then you should put it in the draw compartment that is labelled appropriately.

For any powder based cleaners, you’re going to want to put them in the drawer powder compartment that is labelled with a two on the left-hand side on most machines.

If you’re planning on using a dissolvable tablet washing machine cleaner, then you should put it in the drum. Don’t put it in the draw compartment because it won’t fully dissolve and might block your washing machine or cause it to leak.

3. Turn the machine on and select the tub clean cycle setting

Now that you have removed the clothes and added any washing machine cleaners it’s time to turn on the tub clean cycle.

Turn the machine on using the power button and search for the tub clean cycle. If you have a mechanical dial, it should be labelled appropriately.

Once you have set the cycle you can then press start and let the cycle run. The tub clean cycle shouldn’t take too long and it’s fine to leave the machine uninterrupted until it’s finished.

4. Allow the machine to complete the cycle

The tub clean cycle should be done fairly quickly as it’s not usually longer than most of the common cycles on your washing machine.

It’s important to not interrupt the cycle while it’s running because you will have to reset it.

During the cycle, the water gets heated up to quite a high temperature. This is so all of the bacteria is removed from the drum and so that the door seal is cleaned properly.

5. If the tCL code is still present run the cycle again

After you have finished the tub clean cycle your LG washing machine should stop showing the tCL error code on the display.

If for some reason the cycle did not remove the fault code, then you will need to run the cycle again by following the steps above.

It might be a good idea to use some washing machine cleaner if you didn’t the first time because your machine might have a lot of bacteria and mould build-up.

6. Run a test wash cycle with some clothes

When the error code has been cleared you’re going to want to run a test cycle so that you know that it’s not going to return.

It’s best to use a short cycle with a light wash load so that you can test the machine’s functionality without risking having to stop the cycle and put another tub clean cycle on.

If your machine finishes a test cycle, then it will be fine to be used as normal and the error code shouldn’t return unless the sensors detect that there is a build-up of dirt inside the machine again.

Further information

That’s everything you need to know about the tCL error code on an LG washing machine and how to fix it.

It’s important to keep on top of maintaining your washing machine because the performance and the wash results will be reduced if your washing machine is dirty.

Making sure that the soap drawer is free of powder after the cycle and maintaining the door seal is important to keep on top of any bacteria that might grow inside the machine.

If you need any further help with your machine, then you might want to take a look at our LG washing machine error codes list where we explain each fault code and what you can do about them.