How to Fix the F11 Error Code on an Indesit Washing Machine

Indesit washing machine displaying the F11 error code

If your Indesit washing machine has the F11 error code, it means that there is a problem with the drain pump or the pump circuit which is the part of your machine that drains the water away.

Most of the time this problem is caused by either a blockage inside the machine or a problem with the drain pump which will need to be replaced.

Before you start to try and repair your washing machine you should isolate it from the electrical supply so that you can work safely.

This is how to fix the F11 error code on your washing machine:

Make sure the drain pump is not blocked

The first place that you should check if your washing machine is not draining and displaying the F11 error code is inside the drain pump filter.

Indesit washing machine drain pump filter blockage

This is where most blockages inside your washing machine will get stuck and will need to be removed.

It’s common for a few different items to be stuck in the filter from the years of use your washing machine has been through.

An indication that the pump is blocked is when the machine is put on a drain cycle and the water doesn’t drain and you can hear a humming noise or the pump sounds like it’s banging around.

The easiest way to unblock the filter is by leaning the machine back and putting something under the drain pump to catch the water that comes out when you remove the filter.

You can then remove the kickplate and then unscrew the filter slowly which will release the water slowly.

When the water has drained off you can then look inside the filter and remove anything that’s blocked.

Small items like coins, keys, hair clips, and pieces of fabric are what you will usually find inside the pump.

Coins can be a little harder to see so it’s a good idea to shine a torch inside the pump to make sure that you don’t miss anything.

Check the sump pipe for blockages

The sump pipe is what connects the outer drum to the drain pump housing so that the water can be drained away.

Indesit washing machine with the sump pipe removed

The top part of the sump pipe is larger than the bottom so that it can catch large blockages when they make it through the drum.

You should remove the sump pipe and make sure that nothing is stopping the water from passing through.

It’s common to find lost items like socks and underwear that have slipped through the drum and got caught in the pipe.

When you’re unscrewing the pipe clip you have to be careful not to let the water flood out that sits in the bottom half of the drum especially if your machine is not draining the water.

Leaning the machine back as far as you safely can is a good way to reduce the amount of water that comes out of the drum when you remove the pipe.

When you reattach the pipe it’s important to make sure that the clip is securely fitted to the drum and the sump pipe to prevent your machine from leaking whilst on a wash cycle.

Check the power going to the drain pump

If there is no blockage, then you should check the pump circuit and make sure that the drain pump can receive power.

If you set your machine to a short test cycle and it seems to stop before the water drains and you can’t hear the pump working then it might be because the pump is not receiving any power.

You can check the wires visually and electrically to make sure that the circuit is working correctly.

You should start by looking at the wires and look for any signs of failure such as burning and melting around the end of the wires.

If you find a damaged wire, then you can either replace the end connector or source a pump circuit wiring loom from a spare parts website.

If you have an electrical multimeter then you can test the wires from the circuit board to the pump for electrical continuity.

A lack of continuity would suggest that the pump can’t receive power from the control board and there’s either a break in the circuit or the electrical connector block on the circuit board is broken.

Replace the drain pump

If you can’t find a blockage inside the machine or a problem with the pump circuit and the machine still won’t drain, then you should move on to replacing the drain pump.

Indesit washing machine drain pump assembly shown

It’s possible that the drain pump on a washing machine gets damaged if it’s had to attempt to clear a blockage in the past.

Depending on the model number of your washing machine it’s usually straightforward to replace the pump on your machine.

You can lean the machine back and remove the kickplate from the bottom which gives you access to the pump.

You can then unscrew the drain pump housing which lets it drop down from the cabinet and then remove the pump from the back.

Once the pump has been removed you can fit the new one and then reattach the wires from the old one.

Running a short test cycle is a good way to see if the F11 error has been fixed and to make sure that your machine can drain the water again.


That’s everything that you should check on your washing machine if it’s displaying the F11 error code.

This is a summary:

  • Start off by checking the drain pump filter – This is where your washing machine will most likely get blocked and stop your machine from draining
  • If the drain pump filter is free of any blockages, then you should move on to checking the sump pipe for a blockage – This is the pipe that connects the drum to the drain pump housing
  • You should then move on to checking the wires that power the drain pump – If you have an electrical multimeter you can test them for continuity to make sure the pump can receive power
  • If you can’t find a blockage and your machine still isn’t draining, then you should replace the drain pump – If your machine has had to clear a blockage in the machine at some point then it might have damaged the drain pump

If you need further information about Indesit washing machine error codes, then you can read our full technical guide that lists each of them and what they mean.