How to Fix the F06 Error Code on a Hotpoint Tumble Dryer

Hotpoint tumble dryer with F06 error code on the display

The F06 error code on a Hotpoint tumble dryer means that the machine is having problems with the door lock.

This can mean that the door lock has broken or that another part of the machine is making it difficult for the door to lock before a drying cycle.

We will be going through everything you can do to fix your dryer when it has an F06 error code.

It’s important that before you inspect or repair your tumble dryer you disconnect it from the power supply.

Make sure nothing is stopping the door from shutting

It might seem pretty obvious, but if something is stopping the door from closing then the machine will think there’s a problem with the door lock when your press start on the machine.

Hotpoint tumble dryer with the door open

Make sure there aren’t any clothes stuck in the door lock or wedged in between the fluff filter at the front when you’re closing the door.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that you’re not overloading the machine which could be putting too much pressure on the door.

Check the door lock wires

The door lock needs power from the control board so that it can report back that the door is closed.

inspecting tumble dryer door lock wires

If the machine has an electrical wiring problem, then it won’t be able to figure out if the door is shut before the cycle starts.

You should take a look at the wiring that goes all the way from the door lock up to the main control board.

Look for any kinks or breaks in the cables and if your dryer has recently had a repair then a wire might have gotten trapped.

Replace the door lock

If you can’t see any problems with the wiring and the door is not getting stuck when it’s being closed, then you should think about replacing the lock.

tumble dryer door lock being replaced

Tumble dryer door locks are usually fairly inexpensive, and they are easy to replace.

It’s usually just a case of unscrewing the old lock and fitting the new one. You normally have to take the lid off of the machine and slide your hand down to line up the lock which can be tricky sometimes.

You can find the correct door lock for your dryer on most spare parts websites by using the model number of your dryer.

Inspect the main control module

The control module is responsible for checking if the door is locked when you press the start button on your dryer.

Hotpoint tumble dryer printed circuit board

If the control board has failed, then it might not be able to accurately receive information from the door lock.

What you should do:

  • Check for any signs of burning or blow marks on the circuit board
  • Make sure all the capacitors look good and they aren’t bulging
  • Make sure all of the cables and plugs are properly fitted into the control board

If it looks like the control board has burned out, then you will have to replace it with a new one.

Tumble dryer control boards can be quite expensive, and they are usually not interchangeable between different models.

It might be more economical to replace the machine instead of repairing it if the control board is too expensive.

Final thoughts

That’s everything you need to know about the F06 error code on a Hotpoint tumble dryer. Just to recap, this is what you should be looking out for:

  • Make sure that there are no obstructions in the way of the door that could be stopping the door from closing
  • Check the wires that go from the door lock up to the control board for any signs of damage
  • Try replacing the door lock if the wiring looks good –  This is usually the problem and is an easy fix
  • If the door lock didn’t help in clearing the F06 fault code, then you should be looking at the control board for signs of failure

Because Hotpoint and Indesit are made by the same manufacturer, the F06 fault code is the same for both machines. If you need more information on Indesit dryer error codes, you can take a look at our complete list.