How to Fix the F04 Error Code on a Hotpoint Tumble Dryer

F04 error code displayed on the front of a Hotpoint tumble dryer

The F04 error code on a Hotpoint washing machine means that the pump is faulty and is experiencing a problem during the drying cycle.

This fault code can point towards a problem with the pump, the pump circuit, or an issue with the printed circuit board.

Before you start to inspect your dryer for faults or carry out any repairs, it’s important that you make sure that the machine is unplugged and isolated from the power supply.

Let’s take a look at what you should do to fix the F04 error code on a Hotpoint tumble dryer.

Make sure the water tank is not full

The first thing that you should do is check if the water tank is full of water because this can trigger the F04 fault code.

Hotpoint tumble dryer with the water tank pulled out

When the water tank is full, the machine stops pumping the water up from the pump chamber.

If your machine has a tank full of water, it might be confusing the control board and might cause a pump error code on the machine.

If your machine has no water in the tank and the F04 error is on the display, you should move on to the other checks in this list.

Check the float switch in the water chamber

You might have noticed that when your clothes are drying, the water tank will fill up and then it will tell you it’s full on the display.

A tumble dryer knows the water tank is full when the water chamber at the bottom right of the machine overflows and the float switch is triggered.

Hotpoint tumble dryer pump housing assembly

If the switch has gotten stuck from the last time the water tank was full, it might be telling the control board that the chamber is still full of water which will cause the pump to run continuously.

This can also cause the pump to burn out from overheating because it is trying to clear water that isn’t there.

The float switch should be in the down position, so if you can push it down and hear a click, it was probably stuck.

Check the wiring going to the pump

The F04 error code can indicate an open circuit from the wires that give power to the water pump.

You should check the wires that go from the control board all the way down to the pump.

Look out for any obvious signs of damage like broken wires or kinks because the wires have been trapped at some point.

It’s also fairly common for wires to come off the pump, especially if the dryer has had a repair recently.

Check for blockages in the water pipe

Most condenser tumble dryers that have a water tank at the top of the machine will have a pipe that travels from the pump to the tank.

It usually runs up the back of the machine on the same side as the water tank. It will either be clear or black.

If you haven’t been keeping up with cleaning the filter recently, the lint might have travelled through the machine and some of it might be stuck in the pipe.

You should take the pipe off and make sure that there are no blockages that would be stopping water from being pumped up the pipe.

Replace the water pump

The most common reason for the F04 fault code is that the pump has failed and needs to be replaced.

You can access the water pump at the back of the machine by removing the water chamber cover and unscrewing the pump from the base.

If the pump has been struggling to push the water up the pipe from the chamber it might have overheated and burned out.

If you need to find a replacement pump for your dryer you can usually match the correct one up on spare parts websites by using the model number of your dryer.

Inspect the control board

If you have investigated the entire machine for problems with the pump and blockages, then the fault may lie with the control board.

Hotpoint tumble dryer control panel

What you should check:

  • Make sure the control board has all of the cables plugged in correctly
  • Look for any indication that the board has blown such as scorch marks or black burn marks
  • Check all of the capacitors on the PCB – If they look bulged then they have probably failed

The control board on a Hotpoint tumble dryer can be expensive and sometimes it might be better to replace the machine if you think it has failed.


Just to summarize everything that you should do to clear the F04 error code:

  • Check that the water tank is not full of water
  • Make sure that the float switch hasn’t gotten stuck in the closed position
  • Look at the wiring that goes from the pump to the control board and check for any breaks or damage
  • Check the water pipe from the pump to the water tank for obstructions or blockages
  • Replace the pump if you can’t find any blockages or wiring problems
  • Inspect the control board for any signs of failure – This includes any blow marks or bulged capacitors.

Hotpoint dryers are also manufactured by the same company that makes Indesit machines. This means that the F06 error code on an Indesit dryer is the same and this checklist can be used. If you need more information on Indesit tumble dryer error codes, you can take a look at our complete list.