How to Fix the E14 Error Code on a Candy Tumble Dryer

Candy tumble dryer displaying the E14 error code on the screen

The E14 error code on a Candy tumble dryer means that the rear NTC sensor is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Most of the time this error code will show up around halfway through the drying cycle and will allow you to choose another cycle but will reappear again.

This error code can also be caused by problems with the wiring inside the machine and faults with the printed circuit board.

It’s important to remember that before you try and inspect or repair your dryer you isolate it from the electrical supply for safety reasons.

This is what you should check if your Candy dryer has an E14 fault code:

Check the wiring going to the NTC

The E14 error code usually means that there is a problem with the rear NTC which monitors the temperature of the machine during a drying cycle.

Candy tumble dryer with the NTC being shown

The location of the NTC varies depending on the model number of your dryer but it will usually be a small circular silver metal sensor with two wires leading to it.

You should make sure that the wires that are going to the NTC are in good condition and don’t have any breaks or burn marks.

It’s also important to remove the plug that connects to the NTC and put it back in to make sure that the connection is secure, and power can travel to the NTC.

If your dryer has recently had a repair, then the chance of the wires getting caught or trapped is increased.

Try replacing the rear NTC

If the wires that power the NTC seem to be in good condition, then you should move on to testing and replacing the NTC.

If you have an electrical multimeter you can use the two prongs to test continuity going across the NTC on the small electrical contacts.

If the NTC has no continuity, then it has failed and will need to be replaced. If you are unable to test the NTC then it might be worth replacing it anyway.

You can usually find the correct NTC for your dryer by entering the model number into an online spare parts website.

The cost of a new sensor is usually quite economical on Candy dryers so you can often repair your appliance without breaking the bank.

To replace the NTC it’s fairly straightforward. You can often unscrew it from its housing and then just swap over the electrical connector block. You can then screw the new NTC back into place and test the machine.

Inspect the control board

If you haven’t found any problems with the electrical wires going to the NTC or any problems with the NTC itself, then you should move on to checking the control board.

Candy tumble dryer printed circuit board

The control board is where the NTC sends information so it can make decisions during the drying cycle and will often stop the cycle if it thinks the temperature is too high.

If the control board is not receiving the information from the NTC correctly or is receiving no information at all then it might end the cycle and display the E14 error code.

You should remove the control board and look at the electrical contacts so you can see any signs of damage.

If a control board has failed there will usually be some signs of burning or scorch marks across the electrical contacts.

Replacing the control board on a Candy dryer can often be an expensive repair and sometimes will mean that it’s not worth fixing.

This is because the control boards need to be programmed specifically for the model number of the dryer and only certain spare retailers have access to them.


That’s everything you need to know about fixing the E14 error code on a Candy tumble dryer.

Here is a quick summary of everything you should be looking out for:

  • You should always start off by checking the wiring that gives power to the NTC – This will usually be two thin blue wires that are connected to the NTC by an electrical connection block, and you should make sure it’s not kinked or burned away
  • If you can’t see any problems with the NTC then you should move on to testing and replacing the NTC – If you have a multimeter you can check for continuity across the electrical contacts on the NTC and replace it if there are no signs of a complete circuit
  • Finally, you should make sure there are no problems with the control board – Make sure that there are no signs of damage such as burn marks or water damage

If your tumble dryer is close to a sink or water inlet, then the chances of your appliance being damaged by water are increased.

A lot of problems with control boards are because of water damage and they often can’t be repaired if the damage is bad.

It’s also been known that failing to clean out the lint filter on your dryer can cause the sensors to give bad readings because of the amount of excess lint and fluff floating around inside the machine.

If you need any more information about Candy tumble dryer error codes, you can go and check out our complete breakdown of each error code and what you can do to fix them.