How to Fix the E13 Error Code on a Bosch Washing Machine

Bosch washing machine with the E13 error code on the digital display

The E13 error code on a Bosch washing machine is related to the water drainage time and it means that the water can’t be removed from the machine within the given time frame.

This is usually caused by a blockage in the pump or the drain hose and can sometimes mean that the drain pump is faulty and will need to be replaced.

This problem is very similar to the Bosch E18 error code which is much more common but is usually caused by the same faults.

Before you dive into trying to fix your washing machine you should make sure that it’s unplugged and isolated from the electrical supply so that you can work safely.

This is what you should do if your washing machine has an E13 error code:

Check the drain pump filter

The first thing that you should do if your Bosch washing machine is displaying the E13 error code is check the drain pump filter.

Bosch washing machine with the drain pump filter shown

The filter is located at the bottom right-hand side of the machine and will usually have an access panel that can be removed or dropped down.

We actually wrote a full post on how to unblock your washing machine which goes into detail about how to safely remove a blockage without the risk of flooding your kitchen.

It helps if you can lean the machine back and put a wash bowl or a bucket under the machine to catch all of the water that will come flooding out when you remove the filter.

The filter is a common place to find small objects like coins, keys, and anything you could think of that you might have left in your pockets.

Sometimes if your machine is blocked in the filter, it can cause problems for the drain pump because it will overheat whilst trying to turn the impeller to remove the blockage.

If you find a blockage in the filter but your machine still won’t drain, then there’s a good chance that the blockage has made its way through to the drain pipe or has damaged the pump.

Check the water waste pipe

As mentioned earlier, the water waste pipe is the second most common area where your Bosch washing machine will get blocked.

the water waste pipe shown next to a Bosch washing machine

This is because the drain pump is just the right size for coins to get wedged and then act as a butterfly valve.

This might mean that your machine struggles to drain the water away intermittently because the coin is turning inside the pipe.

It’s also fairly common to find small build-ups of fabric especially if you have recently washed your bath mat.

You should start off by removing the drain pipe from the water exit side and look down the pipe for anything that might have gotten stuck.

It is also possible for the pipe to get blocked near the drain pump because they are usually designed to have an elbow bend which is narrower than the straight part of the pipe.

If your washing machine has just been installed for the first time and is displaying the E13 fault code, then you should make sure that the stopper has been removed from the spigot under your sink.

Replace the drain pump

If you have searched for a blockage and your machine doesn’t seem to have one, then the problem might be with the drain pump.

the drain pump from a Bosch washing machine shown

The drain pump is one of the most common parts that will fail on a Bosch washing machine and luckily, they are usually straightforward to replace.

It’s more common for an older washing machine or one that’s recently had a blockage to suffer from drain pump failure.

You can often find the correct spare parts for your machine by using the model number on an online spare parts website.

Before you go ahead and replace the pump it might be a good idea to check the electrical wires that power the pump to make sure that they are still in working condition.

If the wires have come away or have burned, then the pump won’t be able to receive power which causes a lack of draining.


That covers everything that you would need to know to fix the E13 error code on your Bosch washing machine.

Here is a summary of everything that we have discussed:

  • Start off by checking the drain pump filter for any obstructions and blockages – this is a common place for small objects to get stuck and stop the water from draining
  • The water waste pipe is located at the back of the machine and is another spot where a blockage will build up – You should remove the waste pipe at the drain end and check for anything that might be stopping the water from draining away
  • If you can’t seem to find a blockage inside the machine, then you should try to replace the drain pump – Its common for the drain pump to fail on a Bosch washing machine and replacing it will usually solve the E13 error code

It’s also worth mentioning that the sump pipe is another area that might be worth checking if you suspect that the machine has a blockage.

The sump pipe is what connects the drum to the drain pump and is a place where you might find small items of clothing that have been lost in the wash.

If you have replaced the drain pump and the machine is not attempting to drain the water away, then it might be an indication of the wiring that powers the drain pump being faulty or that the control board has failed.

When the control board fails on a Bosch washing machine you will usually see the E83 error code, but this is not always the case depending on the reasons that the board has failed.

If you need any more information on Bosch washing machine error codes, we have a full guide on what each of them means and what you can do to fix them.