How to Fix the E10 Error Code on a Candy Tumble Dryer

Candy tumble dryer with the E10 error code on the display

The E10 error code on a Candy tumble dryer means that there is a problem with the load balance and the dryer can no longer continue with the cycle.

This can point towards a problem with the number of clothes inside the drum or a problem with the sensor that monitors the weight of the drying load.

Before you go ahead and try to inspect or repair your dryer you should always isolate it from the electrical supply so that you can work safely.

Here is what you should do to fix the Candy E10 error code:

Try removing some clothes from the dryer

The E10 error code usually means that there are too many clothes in the dryer and the motor is struggling to turn the drum at the correct speed.

removing clothes from a tumble dryer

This might be because the clothes are extremely wet which makes the weight of the load significantly higher.

You should try to remove some of the clothes in the drum and if they are very wet, it might be a good idea to put them back in your washing machine and spin them off again.

Once you have reduced the weight inside the drum you can try another drying cycle to see if it has fixed the fault.

Make sure the dryer is not underloaded

Similar to your dryer being overloaded, the machine might not be happy with there being too little amount of clothes inside the drum.

This is more common when you’re drying a single large item such as bedding or a duvet.

It can put a lot of strain on one side of the drum when the dryer is turning and can lead to other faults such as motor failure and the belt and pulley wheel snapping. This is one of the reasons your dryer won’t spin.

Try adding some more clothes to the dryer if there aren’t many or you’re drying one large item. You can then test the machine on another cycle to see if it has fixed the problem.

Replace the drum sensor

If you think that the load inside the dryer is balanced and should be able to cope with a drying cycle, then it might be a problem with the drum sensor.

Candy tumble dryer with the drum sensor shown

The location of the sensor is different depending on the model number of your tumble dryer.

It might be a good idea to get a wiring diagram of your dryer up so you can narrow down where the drum sensor is on your machine.

Once you have located it you can then check the wiring that goes to the sensor and make sure that there are no kinks and that it doesn’t have any signs of burning.

It’s a good idea to replace the sensor which you can often buy by entering the model number of your dryer into an online spare parts retail website.

Replacing the sensor is usually straightforward and is similar to replacing the thermostat on your dryer. It’s usually a case of removing two screws and then swapping the wires over.

Inspect the control board

Finally, you should take a look at the printed circuit board on your tumble dryer. A lot of error codes on Candy dryers are related to problems with the control board.

Candy tumble dryer with the printed circuit board shown

You will find the circuit board behind the front panel of your machine where to select the programme.

Once you have removed the front panel so you can see the back of the control board you can make sure that all of the wires are properly connected and check to see if the circuit board is damaged.

Signs that the control board has failed:

  • Any indication that the circuit board has had an electrical short – This will usually be paired with burn or scorch marks that are black and can’t be rubbed away
  • Any water damage or signs that there might have been water on the control board at any time – Appliances that are close to a water outlet are more likely to be damaged by water

It’s also fairly common for Candy tumble dryers to have control board malfunctions. These can usually be fixed by resetting your dryer and selecting another cycle.


That’s all you need to know so that you can fix the E10 error code on a Candy tumble dryer.

Here is a quick recap of everything we have discussed:

  • Make sure that the dryer is not overloaded with clothes – This can trigger the sensor because the weight of the clothes inside the drum is too much for the motor
  • Make sure that there are enough clothes inside the drum so the cycle can complete – If you’re drying a single item like a duvet, it can often put uneven stress on the parts inside the dryer which can lead to further faults like bearing failure and the pulley wheel snapping
  • Try replacing the drum sensor – This will be located in different places depending on the model number of your dryer but is usually quick and easy to do once you have the part
  • Inspect the control board if the sensor is not at fault and the load of the drum is evenly distributed – Make sure there aren’t any burn marks or evidence of water damage on the circuit board

If you do narrow down the fault to the control board then it might be better to replace the dryer depending on the model you have.

Candy tumble dryer error codes can often be expensive and sometimes you need specialist equipment to programme the control board.

If you need any more advice on Candy tumble dryer error codes, then you can take a look at our complete guide which goes through them all and what you can do to fix them.