How to Fix the E09 Error Code on a Candy Washing Machine

Candy washing machine with the E09 fault code on display

The E09 error code on a Candy washing machine means that the motor triac is experiencing problems.

This can indicate a range of faults including problems with the motor, the wiring in the machine and faults on the printed circuit board.

We are going to be going through everything you need to do to fix your washing machine when it has an E09 fault code.

Try turning it off and back on again

It might seem simple, but because the E09 fault code indicates a problem with the control board, it’s actually a good idea to isolate the machine from the power.

pressing the start button on a washing machine

You should disconnect the machine from the power and let it stand for around 5 minutes.

When the machine has been disconnected for 5 or more minutes, you should then connect it back to the power and test.

If the machine continues to display the error code, it probably means something more serious is going on with the machine.

Check the motor cables

The motor triac is responsible for turning the machine clockwise and counterclockwise.

So that the control board can tell the motor to do this, it needs to be connected directly with wires.

If the machine has recently been shaking around then it might have caused a wire to come off or even damaged one of the cables.

You should check the cables that are connected to the motor connection block and trace them all the way up to the control board.

Inspect the control board

If the cables all look good, then it’s time to move onto the control board. The triac is located on the control board and should be inspected first.

inspecting the control board on a washing machine

Some Candy washing machines have more than one control board. If there’s a board at the back of the machine, then that will usually be the main PCB.

Look for any signs of burning or black marks anywhere on the board. This would indicate that an electrical short has damaged the PCB.

If you find that the control board is defective, it will need to be replaced.

Candy washing machine control boards need to be programmed for the model of your machine, meaning that you need to have the software and equipment to programme them.

Some spare part suppliers will have preprogrammed boards for your machine, so it’s worth enquiring with them.

If you’re looking to save money on a repair, you can always source a second-hand control board as they are usually much more cost-effective.

Check the carbon brushes

Because the E09 error is vague in terms of what the fault could actually be, it can also point towards a problem with the motor.

One of the most common reasons that a motor breaks down is because the carbon brushes need to be replaced.

washing machine motor carbon brushes

The carbon brushes are located on either side of the motor and can be removed so you can inspect them. If the carbon is too low, then they make poor contact with the motor.

Luckily, if you do find out that the brushes need to be replaced, they are actually one of the cheapest repairs on a Candy washing machine.

When the carbon brushes are faulty on a washing machine, they can cause your washing machine to stop spinning and display all kinds of error codes.

Final thoughts

Just to recap, here’s what you should do if your washer has an E09 error:

  • Turn it off and on again to reset the machine
  • Inspect the control board for burn marks
  • Check all of the cables from the PCB to the motor
  • Check and replace the carbon brushes if they are too low

If you find out that the machine needs a new control board, it might be cheaper to just replace the machine as they are typically very expensive.

Replacing the control module also doesn’t guarantee that it won’t happen again any time soon.

If you’re looking for more information on Candy washer error codes, you can take a look at our complete list.