How to Fix the E05 Error Code on a Hoover Tumble Dryer

Hoover tumble dryer with the E05 error code on the display

The E05 error code on a Hoover tumble dryer means that the front NTC is faulty and has an open circuit.

This can point towards a few different faults including a faulty NTC, bad wiring going to the sensor or a control board problem.

Before you start to take a look into your machine or replace any spare parts you should always isolate the machine from the electrical supply first.

We will be going through everything you need to know to fix the E05 error code on your dryer.

Remove any fluff or lint

If you haven’t been cleaning out the lint in the filter at the front of the machine, then it might have made its way through the condenser unit into other areas of the machine.

If fluff is covering the NTC sensor, then it won’t be able to give an accurate reading and will send false information back to the control board.

condenser being cleaned out on a tumble dryer

You should inspect the NTC for any fluff that might be covering the front of the sensor, the part which reads the temperature.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you keep on top of cleaning your dryer and remove any excess lint from the machine to make sure it can operate properly.

Check the wires on the NTC

The NTC will usually have two wires that are attached to a plug that goes into the NTC.

The wires are very thin and can break easily. You should take a look at them and make sure they haven’t got trapped or come away.

Follow the wires from the NTC all the way up to the control board and looks for any signs that they are damaged. If they look kinked, then they might have gotten trapped during a previous repair.

Try replacing the NTC

Most of the time, the E05 error code is caused by a broken NTC. You will have to replace the NTC with a new one to clear the fault code.

You can usually match the model number of your dryer with the correct spare part with online retailers.

Replacing the NTC can be straightforward or a little bit tricky depending on which dryer you have.

Hoover tumble dryers have a big plastic support at the front of the drum that holds the drum in place and allows it to spin on the drum support wheels.

The NTC is located on the drum support at the front and can be easily accessible by removing the front of the machine.

It’s important that you get the correct NTC for your machine because if it’s the wrong one it might cause further problems or start to display more error codes.

Inspect the control board

Hoover tumble dryer control boards do fail often which is something to look out for when you’re buying a tumble dryer.

Hoover tumble dryer printed circuit board

They fail for many different reasons but when they do, they can put out false error codes on the display of the machine.

If you can’t find any other reason for the E05 error code and you have replaced the NTC on the front of the machine, then you should inspect the control board.

You are looking for any obvious signs that the board has failed including burn or scorch marks, capacitors that have bulged or are leaking and any wiring problems.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that all of the wires are plugged into the control board properly as they do come out sometimes.

Final thoughts

Just to recap, here’s everything you need to do when your Hoover dryer has an E05 error code:

  • Remove any lint that has gotten into the machine and might be stopping the NTC from giving accurate readings
  • Inspect the wires and the wiring block that goes from the control board to the NTC sensor
  • Replace the NTC on the front of the machine
  • Check the control board for any signs of failure including blow or scorch marks

If you do find evidence of a failed control board then it might be better to replace the machine as they can be expensive, and it doesn’t stop future faults from occurring.