How to Fix the E01 F09 Error Code on a Whirlpool Duet Washer

Whirlpool duet washing machine with the E01 F09 error code

The Whirlpool washing machine E01 F09 error code indicates that the water has not been drained away within a certain time frame and the machine has stopped the cycle.

Whirlpool washing machines have a built-in function that will stop the machine from attempting to drain after around 5 minutes to protect the working parts such as the drain pump from overheating and failing.

Most of the time the E01 F09 error code is caused by a blockage which is stopping the drain pump impeller from turning and pushing the water down the drain pipe.

We actually wrote a guide on what to do if your washing machine stops draining which mentions all of the common items that get blocked in a washing machine.

Before attempting to repair your machine it’s important that you isolate it from the electrical supply by unplugging it from the socket.

Make sure the pump is not blocked

When a Whirlpool washing machine is struggling to drain the water away then it’s probably because there is a blockage inside the pump housing.

removing a blockage from a Whirlpool duet washing machine pump

When a drain pump gets blocked up the impeller struggles to turn which means the water can’t be moved down the waste pipe.

If your machine has a filter flap at the front, then the best thing to do is to lean the machine back and then remove the drain pump filter.

You will probably find the blockage inside the filter and it’s usually some coins or small items of clothing that are blocking the pipes.

Make sure that the drain pump filter is fitted back correctly and is not overtightened because this can cause your washing machine to leak if the seal on the filter gets crushed.

Inspect the machine for blockages

If the pump filter is clear of any blockages, then you should move on to the other common areas where you might find a blockage inside a washing machine.

A good indication that the machine has a blockage is if you can hear a humming or vibrating noise coming from the machine when it’s on a drain cycle. This is the drain pump working but struggling to push the water through the drain pipe.

Here’s a list of common places to look for a blockage on your washing machine:

  • The water waste pipe
  • The sump hose that connects the drum to the pump housing
  • The spigot that the drain pipe is connected to

You’re usually looking for small coins that might have been left inside your pockets before the machine was loaded for the wash cycle.

It’s also fairly common for small items of clothing like underwear, socks, and baby’s clothes to slip in between the door seal and the drum and then get blocked. Using a wash bag can help prevent this from happening in the future.

Just remember that if the machine still has water inside then it might flood out when you remove any of the internal pipes. Having a small wash bowl and some towels can help collect any water that comes out.

Replace the drain pump

If you have been through all the places where you might find a blockage and there doesn’t seem to be one, then the drain pump might have failed.

Whirlpool washing machine drain pump assembly

The drain pump on your washing machine is one of the most worked parts and they fail often. It’s usually because the pump has overheated when trying to clear a small object or if the machine is quite old.

When a drain pump fails you won’t be able to hear it making a humming noise or trying to pump out the water when you set the machine to a drain cycle. This is a sign that it is dead and needs to be replaced.

It’s also worth mentioning that it might be worth taking a look at the connections that power the drain pump in case they have broken. This would be one of the reasons that the drain pump is not working and is easy to fix.

Replacing the drain pump is usually fairly easy on Whirlpool washing machines and can be done by leaning the machine back and working from underneath the machine.

You can normally match up the correct drain pump for your machine by using the model number on a spare parts supplier website.


A washing machine that’s not draining is probably one of the most common appliance breakdowns and is usually caused by an obstruction near the drain pump.

Here’s a recap of everything you should do if your Whirlpool washing machine has the E01 F09 fault code on the display:

  • You should always look for a blockage first which is commonly in the drain pump filter – Take the filter out of the machine and look for any small coins or anything that you might have left in your pockets before the wash cycle
  • If there is no blockage in the pump filter, then it might be in the drain pipe or the sump pipe – These are the two other common places where a washer will have a blockage and will struggle to drain
  • The other reason for this fault might be that the drain pump has failed or the wiring that powers the pump has come been damaged – Inspecting the wiring and then replacing the pump should solve the problem if this is the case

If you want to prevent this fault from happening again in the future, then you should always remember to check your pockets for anything that might fall out and end up blocking your washing machine. If you need any more information on Whirlpool washing machine error codes, then you should go and check out our entire list where we go through each error and what you can do to fix it.