How to Fix the D80 D90 D95 Error Codes on an LG Dryer

LG dryer with D80 D90 D95 error codes on the display

The D80, D90 and D95 error codes on an LG dryer mean that the machine is experiencing a problem with the air ventilation system and is struggling to clear all of the warm air out of the machine during a drying cycle.

Most of the time these error codes are caused by a blockage that is either on the inside of the machine or somewhere in the wall ducts where the air is exhausted from.

We will be going through everything you can do to fix these error codes and get your tumble dryer back up and running.

It’s important that before you start investigating a problem inside your dryer you isolate the dryer from the electricity supply so that you can safely diagnose the fault.

Each of the D80, D90 and D95 fault codes point towards a blockage in the machine and the number after the letter represents the percentage of airflow that is being blocked from leaving the dryer.

LG D80 D90 D95 error code troubleshooting

When you’re trying to diagnose a fault that is related to the ventilation of a dryer it’s a good idea to remove the vent from the wall so you can check if there is good airflow out of the dryer.

The blockage that you’re looking for could be outside of the dryer past the vent so it’s good to narrow your search down so you can quickly figure out the problem.

If the blockage is inside the dryer, then there won’t be good airflow coming out of the vent regardless of if it’s connected to the wall ducting.

All of the D80, D90 and D95 LG error codes mean that there is poor airflow inside or outside of the machine and the numbers are related to the percentage of airflow.

The higher the number on the error code the harder it is for the dryer to exhaust any of the warm air from the drying cycle.

If you do find that your dryer has a good flow of air coming out of the ventilation pipe, then you should move on to inspecting the wall ducting and the outside air flap where your home exhausts the dryer air.

Check that the lint filter is clear

The lint filter should be located at the front of your LG dryer and is where you empty the lint after a drying cycle.

cleaning out the lint trap filter on an LG dryer

If you forget to empty the lint filter after you have used the dryer, then the fluff will build up over time and will eventually spill over into the dryer.

This makes it difficult for the machine to exhaust the air because the vent is designed to carry warm air but not lint. You will likely see blockages in a dryer when the lint filter is regularly left full when drying.

Make sure that you clean out any lint from the filter if it’s overflowing and then run another test cycle. Some LG dryers have a sensor inside the lint trap which detects when it’s full and the dryer may be displaying the wrong fault code.

Remove the exhaust hose and look for blockages

It’s actually fairly common for the air hose that’s connected to the back of your dryer to get blocked up with excess lint that has passed through the lint trap.

removing a dryer vent hose to look for a blockage

After years of use, the lint can build up and eventually clog up into a fluff ball which makes it really hard for the dryer to push any air through.

You will first need to remove the exhaust hose from your wall and take a look down and if you see any evidence of a blockage then you should remove the hose from the tumble dryer side.

If you have access to a torch, it can make it easier to see all the way down the pipe and spot any signs of obstruction.

The exhaust hose is the most likely place to find a blockage if you’re trying to fix the LG dryer D80 error code as air can still travel through but at an inefficient rate.

Inspect inside the wall duct for any blockages

If you have investigated the exhaust hose and can’t find any problems, then the blockage is most likely going to be in the wall duct.

This is where your dryer’s exhaust hose connects so that the warm air can escape outside. It’s fairly common to find a lot of lint built up over time that’s stopping the air from travelling through to the flap on the outside wall.

If you have access to a vacuum cleaner with an extendable wand, then you can use it to vacuum out the wall duct which can help to clear the blockage.

vacuuming a blockage from a dryer vent hose

Depending on the layout of the wall duct you can sometimes see inside and shine a torch to investigate any blockages.

Make sure that there is good airflow on the outside wall

If there are no problems or any signs of a blockage in the dryer or in the wall ducting, then the problem is probably on the outside wall where the warm air exits your home.

dryer air duct vent blocked by lint

The flap on the outside opens and closes when the air is pushed through the ducting but can sometimes get stuck shut especially if it has accidentally been forced closed.

Make sure that nothing is in front of the air flap that would stop it from opening and lift it up to take a look inside. You might be able to see a build-up of lint that has been pushed through the wall duct.

You should connect the dryer vent and run a test cycle and stand outside where the air should be exiting your home. If the dryer is running and there is no air travelling through the pipe or the flap is unable to open, then there is a blockage that you’ve missed or a problem with the flap.


That’s everything you need to know about the D80, D90 and D95 error codes on an LG dryer.

Here is a summary of everything you should be looking out for when trying to fix this fault:

  • Remove the exhaust pipe from your dryer so you can figure out if the warm air is able to travel through the hose. If the air seems to be flowing out at a good speed, then there is probably a blockage in the wall duct or on the exit flap outside your home.
  • Check the wall ducting for any blockages that might be stopping your dryer from pushing the warm air through. You’re looking for a big build-up of lint and it’s a good idea to use a vacuum cleaner to clear it out.
  • If the wall duct seems to be free from blockages, then you should investigate the exit flap which should be on an outside wall. If the flap is forced closed or there is an obstruction, then your dryer will probably display a poor ventilation error.

If you do fix the problem with your dryer it’s important to remember why it happens. You should keep on top of cleaning out the lint filter after every use.

If you forget to clear out the filter, then the lint will gather over time and will eventually block up the air vents.

Tumble dryers that aren’t cleaned regularly are more inefficient and your dryer will most likely use more electricity to finish a drying cycle.