How to Fix the Cannot Be Changed Error Code on a Miele Washer

Miele washing machine with the cannot be changed error on the display

The ‘cannot be changed’ error on a Miele washing machine means that the wash cycle has not been completed before a new one has been chosen.

Some Miele washing machines won’t begin a new wash cycle if the last one was interrupted. This might mean that the wrong cycle was chosen and cancelled, or the control knob was moved during a wash.

If you are trying to change the cycle or turn the machine off on the display the error message won’t go away. This is because the error has been saved to the control board.

Most of the time you can clear the error message by resetting your machine or allowing the last cycle to progress through to the end. This can be frustrating if you have simply chosen the wrong cycle.

Let the last wash cycle complete

The ‘cannot be changed’ error code means that the cycle can’t be changed before the end of the one that’s been set.

This is something that is unique to Miele washing machines and might be a new message that you haven’t encountered if you have just bought your machine.

Although it can be irritating you might want to set the control knob to the last cycle that was running on your machine and let it finish.

If you can’t remember which setting was previously running on your machine let you will have to perform a hard reset.

Try resetting the washing machine

Most Miele washing machines can be reset by performing a hard reset which means that you follow some instructions and isolate the machine from the power.

This is how to reset a Miele washing machine:

  1. Turn the control knob to the off position which is usually at the top of the machine. This is usually the twelve o’clock position on a clockface
  2. Unplug the machine from the power so that it’s isolated from the power supply. You should then wait 10 minutes so that the capacitors inside the machine have discharged all the power
  3. Plug the machine back in and turn the machine to the cycle that you want to use or a short test cycle if you have finished using your machine

If an error code is displayed on the front of the machine when you turn it back on it means that there is a more serious problem with your machine.

You can go and check out our complete list of Miele washing machine error codes where you can figure out what the problem with your machine is.


That’s everything you need to know about the ‘cannot be changed’ error message on a Miele washing machine.

Here’s a quick recap of everything you should do to fix this error:

  • Try changing the cycle to the last one that was running on the machine before the error message was displayed on the machine – This will usually let you commence the cycle and at the end, the error will go away
  • If you can’t remember the last cycle that was running, you should reset your washing machine – You can reset it by turning the control knob to the off position and isolating the machine from the power supply for at least 10 minutes

If for some reason the error message won’t go away after you have reset the machine then it might indicate a problem with the printed circuit board.

This is quite rare but in some cases, if the control board has failed it can often display error codes that sometimes are incorrect.