How to Fix an Indesit Washing Machine Beeping and Not Starting the Cycle

Indesit washing machine beeping and flashing

The most common reason for an Indesit washing machine to beep and flash on the display is because the control board has failed or can sometimes mean the machine is indicating an error code.

If your machine does not have a digital display and just has the cycle settings, then it won’t be able to display an alphabetic or numeric error code meaning it will flash in a certain combination to show that the machine has an error.

Indesit washing machines also have problems with the control board which makes all of the lights flash on the display and the cycle won’t start. This usually means the control board needs to be repaired.

We will be going through all of the reasons that an Indesit washing machine would be flashing or beeping and won’t start the cycle.

It’s important that before you inspect or try to repair your washing machine you isolate it from the power supply.

Look for any error codes on the display

If your washing machine has a digital display, then it should have a small window where letters and numbers are able to be shown. This is also where an error code would present itself.

Indesit washing machine with the F02 error codes on the display

If you look you might be able to see an error code that would usually start with the letter F. You can then search that error code up and find out what it means.

We have a full list of Indesit washing machine error codes so that you can find out what each of the error codes mean and some of the things you can do to fix them.

If your machine doesn’t have a digital display, then the lights will flash on the front of the machine in a combination that relates to a certain error. You need to look at the combination and search for the related error to find out what’s going on with your washer.

It’s also fairly common for the machine to continuously try to pump out the water from the machine when an error code is present. This is also another typical indication that the control board might be faulty.

Make sure that the door is locked

Before a washing machine starts the wash cycle it needs to be able to engage and lock the door. If the door can’t, be locked then the cycle won’t progress any further.

washing machine with the door open

If the door hasn’t been closed properly then the machine will sit at the beginning waiting for the door to be shut.

It’s fairly common for Indesit washing machines to make a snapping noise when it is trying to lock the door but can’t engage the door.

If your machine is flashing at the beginning of the cycle, then you should open and close the door to make sure that it is shut correctly.

If the doors shut properly and the door won’t lock it might be a sign that the door interlock has failed and needs to be replaced with a new one.

When the door lock fails on a washing machine it can also short circuit the control board which leaves it damaged and unable to operate. This would be another reason for the display to be flashing or making a beeping noise.

Check if the machine is draining

Washing machines are prone to becoming blocked with things from your pockets that you have forgotten to take out before starting the cycle.

Indesit washing machine full of water and clothes

If the machine can’t drain the water away because the pump is obstructed, it will eventually give up and display an error code and sometimes the lights on the front will flash.

Because Indesit washing machines are made by the same manufacturer that produces Hotpoint washing machines, the faults and error codes are fairly similar. The most common fault on Indesit and Hotpoint washing machines is the F05 error code which means the machine can’t drain the water away.

You should stop the cycle and turn the control knob to the drain cycle to check if the machine is able to drain the water from inside the drum.

If you find that your washing machine is not draining, then you should follow the steps in our handy guide. It goes into detail about how to fix a washing machine that might have a blockage or a faulty part.

Most of the time it will be something simple like a sock that is stuck in the drain pump, which is really quick and easy to fix.

Make sure that water is entering the machine

One of the reasons that an Indesit washing machine will beep and flash is because the machine can’t take any water from the water supply tap.

You will usually hear a humming noise coming from the back of the machine if it is water starved. This is because the water inlet solenoid valve running dry.

You should make sure that the water supply tap under your sink is turned to the on position and that water is able to freely pass through the water inlet hose.

If you have just installed your machine because it’s new or it has been moved from a different location, you will want to make sure that the water fill pipe is not kinked or trapped at the back of the machine.

How to reset an Indesit washing machine

If your machine seems to be inaccurately reporting an error code or the control board has gotten stuck in the middle of the cycle, it might be a good idea to reset it.

Most Indesit washing machines don’t have a programmatic reset function, meaning that you have to reset the machine by isolating it from the power supply.

Here is how to reset an Indesit washing machine:

  1. Turn the control dial up to the off position which is usually at the top or at the 12 o’clock position
  2. Unplug the machine from the main power supply and wait around 5 – 10 minutes which is enough time for the capacitors on the control board to discharge
  3. Plug the machine back in and then set the cycle to something short – A quick wash setting is usually best for testing a washing machine after being reset

If the machine continues to flash or beep after being reset, it means that there is a more serious fault that needs to be investigated.

Check if the control board has failed

One of the most common reasons that a washing machine will flash continuously without displaying an error code is that the control board has failed.

Inspecting a Indesit washing machine control board

It’s not great news if the control board has failed because they can often be expensive and it’s difficult to find a repair for the broken circuit board.

If you want to inspect and diagnose the control board, you will need to take it off the machine and look for any evidence that there might have been a short circuit.

When a printed circuit board has failed you will often find burning marks that look like black smoke or scorch marks that have left visible damage on the PCB.

It’s also a good idea to check that the capacitors look like they are still functional and don’t have any bulging, which would mean that they need to be replaced.


That’s everything you need to know about an Indesit washing machine that is either flashing on the display or beeping while you’re trying to run a wash cycle.

Here is a short recap of everything you can do to diagnose and fix this fault:

  • Check if your machine is displaying an error code – On older machines this might not be displayed in letters and numbers and might be a combination of the lights flashing
  • Make sure that the door is closed properly, and the door interlock is locking the door – If the door isn’t locked then the cycle won’t start, and the display might flash with an error code
  • When a washing machine can’t drain the water away it will give up on the cycle after around 5 minutes – Indesit washing machine will flash on the display if they can’t successfully drain the water away
  • Resetting the machine might clear the problem and if the error code was a mistake, then the machine should be back up and running again after being reset – You can see our step-by-step instructions on resetting your machine above
  • If you have been through all of the other steps and your machine still seems to be broken, then it might be because the control board has failed – This will need to be repaired or replaced to fix this fault

If you think that the control board has failed it might be better to replace the machine. This is because the cost of an Indesit washing machine control board can sometimes outweigh the cost of a new machine.

If you want to reduce the cost of this type of repair, you can look out for the correct control board for your machine by searching online marketplaces for second-hand parts.