Hotpoint Washing Machine Error Codes

Take a look at what each one of the Hotpoint error codes means and the different faults that are related to them.

Hotpoint washing machine error codes

Listed below are all of the common error codes that you would come across on a Hotpoint washing machine that has a digital display.

F01 Hotpoint error code (circuit board failure)

The PCB (printed circuit board) has failed. Usually, some of the usual functions will not select and the machine will not operate.

A common fix for this is to unplug the machine from the power supply for 5 – 10 minutes and then reconnect it.

If that does not fix the fault then the control board will usually need to be replaced.

F02 Hotpoint error code (motor circuit failure)

The F02 fault will usually mean that there is no drum movement and the machine will not spin. After the program has been selected and the door has been locked, the machine will not continue and will sit doing nothing.

The carbon brushes on the motor will most likely fix this fault. Sometimes the motor will need to be replaced.

F03 Hotpoint error code (temperature sensor)

The water inside the drum will not heat up or the clothes are not being dried. This fault can be confirmed by checking the temperature of the water during the cycle if the fault is intermittent.

This fault can be repaired by finding the temperature sensor that is faulty and replacing it. Most Hotpoint washing machines will have multiple temperature sensors.

F05 Hotpoint error code (water won’t drain)

If the machine detects that the water has not been drained away within time, the Hotpoint F05 error code will display on the LCD.

Usually, the drum will be filled with water when the error code is displayed.

The most likely problem is that the drain pump filter has a blockage. On Hotpoint washing machines, the filter is located on the bottom right of the machine and can be unscrewed the check for blockages.

If the filter is not blocked, it may be worth checking the drain pipe for blockages as it is a common place for small coins to get stuck.

If no blockages are present in the machine, the problem might be a faulty drain pump which can be replaced easily.

F06 Hotpoint error code (door interlock)

The door has not locked properly before the cycle has started or the door will not unlock when the wash cycle has ended.

This error code is usually caused by a faulty door interlock or PCB. Replacing the door interlock with a new one will usually fix this problem.

On occasion, the wiring leading to the door lock will be burnt out and will need to be replaced. This will be visible by removing the door seal and inspecting the wiring.

F07 Hotpoint error code (heating circuit)

The washing machine control board (PCB) has detected that the heating element is open circuit. It’s common that the clothes are not drying when this error code is displayed.

The most likely repair would be to replace the heating element which would be confirmed by inspecting the heating element and looking for bulges or clear breaks in the element.

Hotpoint washing machines also have multiple thermostats that regulate the temperature which can become faulty and cause the F07 error.

In rarer cases, the printed circuit board can be the reason for this error.

F08 Hotpoint error code (heater fault)

The Hotpoint F08 washing machine error code means that the heating element is not working properly.

Hotpoint washing machines have one heating element that is fitted at the bottom rear of the drum.

Hotpoint washer dryers have both a wash heater in the drum and a heating element above the drum in the dryer duct.

The first repair that should be carried out is to replace the wash heater, as they commonly break down. Inspecting the wash heater can be useful as sometimes the wiring may have burnt and will need to be replaced.

A faulty heater can be confirmed with a multimeter test, which will indicate an open circuit or lower insulation.

If your machine is displaying the F08 error code then you may have noticed that your clothes have been coming out of the wash dirtier than they usually would.

F09 Hotpoint error code (software error)

The F09 fault code will usually be accompanied by flashing lights on the display and will often bring along some other random faults.

To fix the F09 fault code, the printed circuit board (PCB) will need to be replaced with a new one.

F11 Hotpoint error code (drain pump fault)

The F11 fault is similar to the F05 error code, which is displayed when the drain pump is faulty and not draining the water away.

To repair the F11 fault code, any blockages in the machine will need to be removed and if the machine has no blockages, the water drain pump will need replacing.

F12 Hotpoint error code (electronic control board)

The F12 error code is similar to the F09 code which means that the control board will need to be replaced.

You might notice that lights on the display will be flashing and the machine is skipping parts of the wash cycle.

F13 Hotpoint error code (drying cycle temperature sensor fault)

Only Hotpoint washer dryers will display the F13 error code. It means that the heating element temperature sensor has failed and should be replaced.

Some Hotpoint machines have multiple temperature sensors for different parts of the drying cycle, so the faulty sensor will need to be located.

F15 Hotpoint error code (heater control error)

The F15 heater control fault error code means the machine is not able to heat the water up in the drum during the wash cycle.

Some Hotpoint machines that have a drying cycle will display this fault when there is a problem with the drying heating element.

To repair the F15 error code, the faulty heating element will need to be replaced with a new one.

The heating element can be tested with an electronic multimeter to confirm the fault before replacement.

F16 Hotpoint error code (drum lock position sensor fault)

Specific to top-loading machines only, the F16 fault means that the drum is stopping in the wrong position or is not locked in the correct position.

The most likely cause is that something is obstructing the drum from being in the correct position. The obstruction will need to be removed.

F18 Hotpoint error code (internal data)

When a Hotpoint washing machine displays the F18 error code, the LCD will usually have problems displaying the cycle and the lights will be flashing.

Unplugging the machine from the power source for 10 minutes can fix this fault. If this does not repair the error code, the printed circuit board (PCB) may need to be replaced.