Grundig Washing Machine Error Codes

Take a look at our Grundig washing machine error code walkthrough. We have included some useful tips on how your can fix your washing machine fault code.

Grundig washing machines are manufactured by Arcelik, who also manufacture Beko washing machines. Some of the error code explanations and repair tips share similarities with our Beko washing machine error code guide.

Grundig washing machine error codes

E5 Grundig washing machine error code (drain error)

The machine has detected that the water has not been drained away from the drum. If your washing machine fails to drain the water within 5 – 10 minutes then the cycle will stop and the E5 fault code will display on the LCD.

If your washing machine is not draining the water away, it might be because there is a blockage.

Here’s a list of common areas that Grundig washing machines get blocked:

  • The drain pump filter can get blocked with small objects such as coins, hair clips and hair bobbles
  • Check the sump pipe which is located between the drum and the drain pump housing for blockages
  • Take a look at the water waste pipe – coins and other small objects can get lodged and stop the water from getting through

The drain pump filter is located at the bottom right of the machine behind a plastic access panel. This is the most common area where you will find a blockage in your washing machine.

If you can’t find a blockage in your machine and it’s still not draining the water, the drain pump may have failed.

If you think the drain pump has failed you should:

  • Check the wiring that powers the drain pump for breaks or signs of burning
  • Make sure that no coins are stuck in the drain pump impeller
  • Inspect the drain pump impeller and make sure it’s still attached to the pump
  • If you have an electrical multimeter you should check the pump for an open circuit
  • Replace the drain pump if it’s faulty

Grundig washing machine drain pumps are economical and usually easy to source. It’s definitely worth attempting to replace the drain pump before replacing the machine.

E8 Grundig washing machine error code (not filling)

The machine has a problem with filling the drum with water. This can indicate a problem with the water supply or a faulty part.

If your machine is not filling with water you should:

  • Make sure that the water supply tap is open
  • Inspect the back of the machine and make sure that the water fill hose isn’t kinked
  • Test the water inlet valve for an open circuit
  • Try replacing the water inlet valve
  • Replace the control module

If your machine is making a humming noise at the start of a cycle but does not fill up with water, it’s likely that the water supply is turned off.

If the machine does not make any noises and displays the E8 error, then the water solenoid valve or the control module is not operating correctly and will need to be replaced.

Solenoid valves can get stuck in the closed position, meaning that even though there is a good water supply, the valve doesn’t allow the water to go through to the soap dispenser.

E12 Grundig washing machine error code (water leak)

The machine detected a leak in the base of the machine. The E12 error code means that the antiflood detection device that is located at the bottom of the machine has been triggered.

If your washing machine has a leak you should check:

  • Check the door seal for any signs of damage including small rips or holes
  • Inspect the soap dispenser for any blockages causing it to flood
  • Look for any holes in the water waste pipe
  • Make sure the drain pump housing is not leaking and that the filter is not loose
  • Inspect the drum for holes – coins can puncture the drum during a spin cycle

If your machine has water in the base, it might be useful to clear the water away and inspect the machine while it’s running a cycle.

Sometimes washing machine leaks aren’t obvious and watching the machine while it’s operating can give you a better idea of where the leak is coming from.

If the machine has no visible signs of a leak, then the anti-flood device may have become faulty and got stuck in the closed position. This would mean that the device needs to be replaced.

E17 Grundig washing machine error code (excess foam)

There is excess foam buildup in the machine. This error should be visibly clear as the drum and the soap dispenser will have more suds than usual.

This fault is caused by user error and can usually be solved by using less washing detergent or changing to a different brand of detergent.

How to stop excess foam buildup:

  • Make sure your detergent is stored in a dry and cool location
  • Try using smaller amounts of washing detergent on the next cycle
  • Make sure that you’re using the correct detergent compartment in the soap drawer

Sometimes, it can be best to switch over to washing machine pods instead of powder as they usually create fewer suds. Using excessively hot washes with certain brands is also another cause of foam buildup.

If you are interested in more ways you can take better care of your washing machine, you can take a look at our guide on how to clean your washing machine door seal.

E18 Grundig washing machine error code (drum imbalance)

The machine detected an imbalance when attempting to start the spin cycle. When a washing machine is about to enter the spin cycle, it will rotate the drum clockwise and counterclockwise in an effort to balance out the load.

If your machine is overloaded or only has a few small items, the machine will not be able to safely balance the load and an error code will appear on the LCD.

Tips for helping your washing machine balance the load:

  • Try to only fill the drum halfway up the door glass
  • Dont just wash a large item such as bedding on its own
  • Dont wash only towels as they are very heavy when wet
  • Try not to wash only a few items at a time such as a couple of shirts or a pair of jeans

If you think that your wash load is the correct size and weight and you’re still having this problem, it might be a fault with the tachometer. The tacho is responsible for helping balance out the load by reporting to the control module the amount of power necessary to turn the motor.

If the tachometer is faulty, then you will need to replace the motor on your washing machine. Grunding washing machine motors are economical and an attempt at a repair is usually the best option.

E29 Grundig washing machine error code (power supply)

The machine is having a problem with the power supply. Grundig washing machines have a self-protection mode that is activated if a problem with the source of power is detected.

This error code is usually caused by an electrical fault in the area where the machine is installed, meaning an electrician would have to diagnose the problem.

A couple of tips to help solve this fault:

  • Try isolating the machine from the power for 5 minutes and then try the cycle again
  • Plug the machine into a different power source and test a cycle
  • Make sure that the power lead has no visible signs of damage

The E29 fault code can also be caused by a poor water supply. The fault testing for this is the same as the E8 error code.