Electra Washing Machine Error Codes

Get the information you need on all of the Electra washing machine error codes. Our list of error codes for Electra washing machines will help you better understand the problem with your washing machine and what you can do to repair it.

Electra washing machines are manufactured by Vestel, who is also responsible for manufacturing other brands such as Logik and Montpellier to name a few. The error codes for Electra washing machines share similarities and are often the same as other brands that Vestel manufacture.

Electra washing machine error codes

E01 Electra washing machine error code (door fault)

The washing machine has detected that the door can not lock before the cycle begins. This fault code indicates that either the door is not shut properly or that the door lock can’t engage with the door.

The first thing that you should check is that the door is properly closed before the cycle. Sometimes the door may seem like it’s shut but may need to be opened and firmly closed again.

If the door is properly closed and the fault code remains the same, the problems will most likely lie with the door interlock.

The door interlock can be found on the right side of the machine and is where the door catch slips into. To access the door lock, you can remove the door seal and then unscrew the door lock for more access.

The door lock cable usually has enough length so that it can be brought into the front of the machine for a better inspection.

Check the door lock wiring block for any obvious signs of burning or melting, and if it seems to be in good condition, the door lock should be replaced.

If the problem is still not resolved, the issues will be either the wiring in the machine or a faulty printed circuit board (PCB).

E02 Electra washing machine error code (water level)

The water pressure inside the machine is low. This error code will usually be on the display when there is not enough water inside the drum.

What to check:

  • Make sure the machine has a water supply
  • Check for bends and kinks in the fill pipe
  • Clear any blockages from the water solenoid valves
  • Remove any blockages from the soap drawer
  • Try replacing the solenoid valve

It’s quite common for new washing machine installs to have problems with a water supply. This is due to installers forgetting to fully open the water supply tap or the water fill pipes becoming kinked when the machine is installed.

It might be a good idea to remove the machine from its installation to get a better look at the pipes and to test it while you can see the fill pipe.

E03 Electra washing machine error code (pump not draining)

The E03 Electra fault code means that the water has not drained out of the machine. Most washing machines will attempt to drain the water away from the drum for around 3 – 4 minutes before giving up and displaying an error.

The most common reason for this fault is that something is blocking the pump. If your Electra washing machine is not draining the water then you can check if the pump is blocked by removing the drain pump filter and taking a look inside.

Objects such as coins and socks commonly slip through the door seal into the drum and then make their way through to the drain pump. Removing the blockage usually fixes the fault and has the machine back up and running.

Other reasons for the E03 error code:

  • Blockages in the water waste pipe
  • The sump pipe is blocked
  • The spigot under the sink is blocked
  • The drain pump is faulty
  • The control module is faulty

If the machine has no visible blockages anywhere, then the drain pump should be replaced as it can become worn over time and the impeller can get damaged from previous obstructions.

E04 Electra washing machine error code (excessive water)

The pressure switch has detected that there is too much water inside the drum. This error code will usually display on the machine when the machine is constantly filling.

What you should check:

  • Make sure the pressure switch pipe is still attached to both the switch and the drum
  • Try replacing the water solenoid valve
  • Check if the plumbing is causing water to back up into the drum from the water waste pipe

Usually, this fault is caused by a broken water solenoid valve. The valve gets stuck in the open position, meaning every time the valve has power supplied it constantly allows water to come into the machine.

As a safety precaution, if the machine detects too much water in the drum, it will stop the cycle as the water can overflow and come out of the soap drawer.

The water valve on an Electra washing machine is an economical repair and should be tried before replacing the machine. In some rare cases, the control module is responsible for the valve allowing water into the machine when it shouldn’t.

If the E04 fault code is caused by the control board, then it’s most likely that the machine is beyond economical repair and will need to be replaced as the control modules are very expensive.