Can You Wash Crocs in the Washing Machine?

putting Crocs in the washing machine

It can sometimes be hard to figure out if an item of your clothing or a pair of shoes can be put in the washing machine. The last thing you want is to damage your clothing or ruin a nice pair of shoes because they aren’t machine washable.

We will be going through everything you need to know about putting Crocs in the washer and the guidelines you need to follow to make sure they stay in great shape when being cleaned.

The answer is yes you can wash Crocs in the washing machine but there are a few things that you need to know before you go ahead and do it.

A lot of people believe that because of their malleable material crocs might melt or warp their shape in the washing machine. This simply isn’t true as long as the correct instructions are followed, and correct settings are used.

Should you clean your Crocs in the Washing Machine?

Cleaning Crocs in the washing machine is completely your decision. The Crocs manufacturer suggests that you do not wash your shoes in the washing machine and have also said that doing this is your own risk.

This is because Croslite polymer, the material used to make Crocs, can contract when exposed to high or low temperatures. In addition to using a cool wash cycle, we advise disabling any spinning or drying settings as they may cause your Crocs to deform or change shape.

We believe that with the correct setting and detergents washing your Crocs in the washing machine can be as easy as washing your laundry.

However, it is always good to keep in mind alternative methods to cleaning your shoes, like washing them by hand. This can be beneficial when you are short on time and you’re looking for a more cost-efficient technique.

How to wash Crocs in the washing machine

If you’re anything like me and you wear your Crocs 90% of the time, they probably need a good clean, hence why you’re here.

a pair of Crocs on a 30 degree wash cycle

Here are just 5 easy steps to follow when washing your Crocs to ensure they are not damaged during the process.

1. Remove any lining or Jibbitz

If your Crocs have these, you should remove them before machine washing the shoes. You can wash Jibbitz and insoles separately in a wash bag or bowl.

2. Brush off any excess dirt

The process of washing your Crocs is very similar to cleaning any other pair of shoes you may have. Just like washing your trainers, always clean off any obvious exterior mud or grime before washing them.

3. Place your Crocs into a wash bag

This step is optional. Putting the Crocs into a pillowcase or a specially made wash bag may help the Crocs from losing their shape.

Alternatively, you can place a few old towels into the washing machine to provide some padding which will protect your washing machine’s drum.

4. Set the washing machine to a cycle with a low temperature

It is a crucial step to wash your Crocs in a moderate, cold-water cycle – no hotter than 30 degrees. Additionally, setting the washing machine to a short spin cycle is also an important step.

Once you have selected your cycle you should use regular washing detergent and press start.

5. Leave them out to dry

When you are happy that they have been cleaned properly you can take them out of the washer and let them dry off somewhere warm.

It is not recommended to put Crocs in the tumble dryer. Crocs dry quickly on their own when left to air dry in the sun.

How to clean your Crocs with washing up liquid and water

This cleaning method has been tested and confirmed by manufacturers as a safe and inexpensive way to wash Crocs with stubborn dirt.

a pair of yellow rubber gloves and a wash sponge in water

Everything you will need:

  • Washing up liquid
  • A large bowl of warm water
  • An old dishcloth/sponge
  • An old or unused toothbrush for stubborn and hard-to-reach areas

This is how to hand wash your Crocs using washing up liquid or dish soap:

  1. You will need to mix a solution of washing-up liquid and warm water and pour It into a large bowl/ container.
  2. Leave your crocs to soak in the water for around 30 minutes to an hour depending on how dirty they are.
  3. Use a wet dishcloth or sponge to agitate the affected areas. This will help loosen the dirt but isn’t always essential as some stains may be embedded inside creases or holes. For best results, use an old toothbrush to get into hard-to-reach areas.
  4. Once you have cleaned off all the visible dirt, use a wet cloth to wipe it away with warm water. At this time, you can also use an anti-bacterial spray and wipe the inside of the shoes too.
  5. Now you can simply leave your Crocs to air dry, and they will be as good as new. Make sure that you do not put them in the tumble dryer as the extreme heat can warp or damage the shape of your Crocs.

This technique is also perfect for washing your Croc Jibbitz, simply repeat the process, placing them in a bowl of warm water and some dish soap.

Should you remove Jibbitz before washing Crocs?

You should avoid putting Jibbitz into the washing machine as they are so small that they may get stuck inside your washing machine and potentially cause a blockage in your pump.

hand washing Crocs and Jibbitz in warm water

The gap between the door seal and the drum on your washer is the perfect sized space for Jibbitz to slip through and end up causing a blockage.

If you have already put them in your washing machine and it seems to be struggling to drain the water away then you might want to take a look at this guide on how to unblock your washing machine.

Should you clean your washing machine after using it to wash trainers or shoes?

If you have washed some really dirty shoes in your washer then you might be wondering if you should run a service wash or clean the inside of the machine.

It’s recommended that cleaning your washing machine is something you should do at least every 1-3 months. Making this something you do often is essential to keeping your machine free from bacteria and mildew.

There are often clear indicators your machine needs cleaning sooner rather than later, some things to look out for are:

  • A musky smell coming from the drum
  • Visible dirt, mould, or dark residue inside the flap of the door seal
  • Black marks that are left on your clean laundry

If you’re looking into the best ways to keep your washing machine in great condition then you might want to check out our guide on how to clean a washing machine door seal which teaches you different techniques to keep the rubber seal looking new.


Despite being a durable brand, Crocs need a little extra care and attention when being cleaned. Lucky for you though, they can actually be machine washed as long as you select the right cycle.

Always keep in mind that delicate wash cycles are better for trainers and shoes because they stop them from melting or becoming misshaped.

Instead of drying your Crocs in a tumble dryer, leave them out in the sun or somewhere dry. This will make sure that they don’t get melted or become warped inside the dryer.

Jibbitz are not machine washable and should be removed and washed separately. It’s also important that they don’t go inside your washer because they will most likely cause your machine to get blocked which stops it from draining the water away.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this guide and you can go ahead and put your Crocs back in sports mode and resume your adventures.