Beko Washing Machine Error Codes

Find out what each of the Beko washing machine error codes means and the possible faults that they indicate.

Beko washing machine error codes

The list below includes all of the common error codes that you will find on Beko washing machines that have an LCD display.

C9 Beko error code (Drum Imbalance)

The drum can’t balance the wash load during the spin cycle.

Try removing some of the clothes from the drum. If the wash load is too heavy then the drum will fail to spin.

If that doesn’t help it would indicate a problem with the motor triac.

F9 Beko error code (drum can’t balance)

The drum can’t balance the load. Similar to the C9 Beko error code, this fault code will display if it fails to spin properly during the cycle.

Stop the cycle and try to balance out the load. If the load is too heavy or too light, the machine will fail to spin.

E10, E11, C1 Beko error code (water inlet fault)

The machine has not received enough water on the intake to carry out the wash load. Beko washing machines have an allotted time in which they need to fill, if it’s not met then the fault code will appear.

Check for any kinks in the fill hose and that the water inlet is turned in the on position. If the water supply is ok, the water inlet solenoid could be the problem.

The water inlet valve can often become faulty on Beko machines, this will usually present itself with a buzzing noise when the machine is trying to fill.

E30, C3 Beko error code (water in base)

The machine has detected that there is a leak. Some Beko machines have an anti-flood detection device in the base of the machine.

If the anti-flood detection thinks that there is excessive water building up then the E30 and C3 error codes will appear.

If there is water in the base of the machine, check for any leaks. Common places for Beko machines to leak are from the drawer when filling and from the sump hose.

E40, E41 Beko error code (door lock fault)

The machine has detected that the door is not shut properly. This fault can also be present when the door is fully closed due to electrical faults.

Make sure that the door is fully closed and that the door catch is engaged into the door lock.

If the door is closed and the error is still displaying, the door interlock will need to be changed.

Occasionally, the wiring leading to the door lock can burn and cause the door lock to receive no power.

E60 Beko error code (water heater failure)

All Beko error codes starting with a 6 indicate that there is a problem with the heating element in the drum.

In the bottom rear of the drum, the heating element can break down and cause the machine to stop heating up the water. Usually, you would find that the clothes are coming out dirty after washing.

The heating element will need to be replaced if these error codes are present. Sometimes the NTC thermistor can cause this problem.

E80 Beko error code (program selector)

The E80 error code means that the program control knob is not selected properly. This can indicate that the knob is stuck between two cycles or that the selector switch is broken.

Check that the selector knob is not caught between two cycles. Over time the knob can become stiff and get stuck on the wrong cycle or between cycles.

If the knob is correctly positioned, the printed circuit board (PCB) will need to be replaced. The knob selector switch is a part of the PCB.

E90, E91, E92, E93, E94 Beko error code (communication error)

The control board is struggling with a communication problem during a cycle.

If the machine detects that the stage of the cycle is incorrect or not starting, the error code will be displayed on the LCD.

Usually, the only repair for this error code is to replace the printed circuit board. Sometimes, the PCB becomes faulty due to another electrical fault on the machine which will need to be investigated.

EA0, EAO Beko error code (drum sensor)

During the part of the wash cycle where the drum needs to move, the machine has detected that the motor can’t correctly set the drum position.

On the motor, the tachometer is responsible for balancing and positioning the drum when moving. Replacing the motor is the most likely fix for this error code.

For some Beko motors, the tachometer can be replaced which is a more inexpensive repair than replacing the motor.

Eb0, Ebo Beko error code (low power voltage)

The Eb0 error code points towards a problem with the power supply, specifically the voltage.

The first thing to try is unplugging the machine for 5 – 10 minutes and then reconnecting it to the power supply.

Changing the socket that the machine is plugged into can sometimes fix this fault which indicates a faulty wall socket.

If the problem persists, the fault could be one of the following:

  • Damaged power cable
  • Faulty mains suppressor
  • The printed control board (PCB)

EF0, EFo, EF3 Beko error code (detergent overflow)

Some machines can detect if there is too much detergent in the drawer before a wash cycle begins.

Normally, cleaning out the detergent draw and then using less detergent on the next wash will fix this error code.

Using washing machine pods can be a good idea as it mitigates the risk of overfilling the detergent draw.

EHO / EH0 Beko error code (power supply)

There is a problem with the supply of power to the machine. This can be caused by a range of faults including problems with the location the machine is plugged in.

Try removing the machines from the power supply for 5 minutes and then reconnecting it. If the error code reappears, try plugging the washing machine into another power supply.

Other faults that cause the EHO and EH0 error codes:

  • The mains filter
  • Faulty control board
  • A break or kink in the power cable
  • Faulty wiring from the mains filter to the control board

EH1 Beko error code (frequency of power supply out of range)

The EH1 error code means that the frequency of the power supply is out of range.

Test that the electrical sockets the machine is using are not faulty. Looks for any breaks or kinks in the cable, and try replacing the power filter suppressor.

Sometimes, the printed control board will cause the EH1 error code.

EH2 Beko error code (voltage fault)

The machine has detected that the power supply voltage is too high. This will be caused by faulty electrical installations within the building.

EH3 Beko error code (voltage too low)

If the voltage going to the machine is too low, the EH2 error code will display on the panel. This is caused by faulty electrics powering the machine.

EH20, EH21, C2 Beko error code (water not draining away)

The machine has detected that the water has not drained away within the given time. The drum will still have water in it after the machine has attempted to drain.

The first thing that you should check is the pump filter for blockages, which should be located at the bottom right of the machine behind a flap. If the filter is clear then check the drain waste pipe for any blockages.

If no blockages are present in the machine, the drain pump will most likely need replacing. On rare occasions, the wiring on the drain pump may have come loose or burnt away.